Andee Parker


photo of Andee Parker

Phone: 805-674-5516

Lessons Instructor / Parent and Me Instructor / Adaptive PE / Works with Special Needs

  • Swim/Group  Instructor
  • CPR Certified

Available Hours:
M/W 4:30pm-6pm / Some weekends

Hi, My name is Andrea (Andee) Parker. The kids call me "Teacher Andee". I have been a Red Cross certified Swimming Instructor and Lifeguard for over 15 years, with Parks and Recreation through the City of Paso Robles. I prefer to work with babies and young children. I believe that children should be taught swimming and safety skills at an early age, not only for safety but for their enjoyment! I like to instill a love for the water in all the children I work with! I tell them "When I was a kid, my 3 favorite things to do was go to Grandma's house, Disneyland and anywhere I could go swimming! " The children respond well to me and I hope I have made a difference in a lot of their lives, over the years. My class is easy-going and fun! We practice swimming skills, sing songs and enjoy being in the water!