Yoga Information


  • Mondays: Yoga/Sculpt – for all levels ~ 8:30am
  • Wednesdays: Yoga/Sculpt – for all levels ~ 10:30am
  • Fridays: Yoga - for all levels ~ 8:30am
  • Saturdays: Restorative Yoga - for all levels ~ 8:00am

Yoga 101

What is Yoga?

The word "yoga" literally means "union", referring to the union of mind, body, and spirit. Ancient yogi's devised different poses/postures to make the body more flexible, sound, and strong in preparation for meditation. What is commonly thought of as yoga (the physical poses) is actually referred to as "asana", which means "seat" or "posture". Although asanas are not intended to make muscles massive or bulky, they do help the body become more flexible, strong, and proportionate. Along with the asanas, we use meditation and breathing practices to enable the mind, body and spirit to work in harmony with one another.

What if I'm out of shape, inflexible, and/or injured - Can I still do yoga?

Absolutely! Almost anyone can do yoga. Just modifying the asanas to fit your personal needs will allow for the benefits of yoga. Your safety and health come first, so proper alignment and working with your current range of motion is imperative. Don't be discouraged if one day you are able to accomplish many of the asanas, and the following day or week you can barely attempt the same poses! This is common, especially for the beginning student.

What can I expect during a yoga class?

Come to class wearing lightweight, comfortable clothing (we will be practicing barefoot). If you own a yoga mat, bring it, if not they will be provided to you. The class will begin with gently stretching/warm ups, as well as focusing on breath awareness. You will gradually work into numerous seated and standing poses, again, to improve your overall strength, flexibility, balance, and stress management. Class wraps up with "Savasana", a deep relaxation segment enabling the mind and body to rejuvenate after practice.