Summer is just around the corner and we have some very fun aquatic activities for your kiddos!

-Summer League Swim Program-

July 13th- August 3rd M,T,W 10:00-10:30 & 10:30-11:00 sessions
Our Summer league camp is offered to children 4 & up who have the ability to go underwater unassisted but still need to learn basic water stroke and breathing techniques. This camp is a 30 min session held 3 days a week where our instructors aim to teach your kids while incorporating lots of fun & games! For more information on this program or to register your child contact Caitlin Neil at [email protected] or pick up a registration packet in the front lobby.

NCA Swim Team
North County Aquatics is a year round swim team offered to both competitive and recreational swimmers (requirements- swimmers 5+ who can float on their back unassisted and who can swim a length of freestyle.) Our swim team focuses on teaching proper stroke techniques, strength and endurance building, and providing a fun and safe environment for your kids to learn and play. Our beginner level group 'little dragons' is a great place for young swimmers who are too advanced for our summer league program, but who still want to participate in a fun water activity this summer. Our team currently practices in the afternoons, but we will be switching to mornings from June 13th- August 3rd. For more information on our swim team please contact Caitlin Neil at [email protected]

Parent & Me Swim Class

For Children 6 months- 36 months June 20th- July 18th Monday and Wednesdays 10:45-11:15
Our parent and me class is a fun and interactive course that teaches basic water skills(blowing bubbles, kicking, floating on the back) while helping your little one feel comfortable and safe in the water. For some new little swimmers water can be very intimidating, so having a parent or guardian in the pool with them can help them feel more at ease while providing a very special bonding experience. Contact Caitlin at [email protected] for more information or to register for this course.

Masters Swim Program- weekend mornings
If you have a love for swimming and would want to participate in a Masters swim program, please contact Caitlin Neil at [email protected].

This program is not yet organized, we are reaching out to our members to see if this would be something that would be of interest to you. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!