Massage News



A massage can be a wonderful way to treat ourselves or our loved one to some much needed relaxation, but did you know there are many other health benefits to receiving a massage? Massage therapy can reduce pain and ease muscle tension, it can also help to improve circulation, energy and alertness. It can be used to lower heart rate and blood pressure, improve immune function, and help with anxiety, headaches and insomnia caused by stress.

Massage Prices:
30 minutes: $50 members/$55 non-members
60 minutes: $85 members/$95 non-members
75 minutes: $100 members/$110 non-members
90 minutes: $110 members (Best value) /$125 non-members
Add Ons: $15 each
Ayurvedic Face Massage (+5-10 min) using specific face oils based on skin type
Hot Stone (+5-10 min)

For more information on the different types of massage therapy that we offer or to book an appointment, contact Caitlin Neil at [email protected]