message from General Manager

Let Freedom Ring!!! Happy July to the best club ever!!I had such an AMAZING time at our club's annual 4th of July Party. I'm so pleased with how our event turned out and It was so awesome seeing everyone there. We couldn't have done it without my amazing team's hard work and dedication in getting this event organized and for making it so successful!! Our biggest party of the year is launching us into probably our busiest month of the year and we have a ton more fun programs and events for all ages happening this July! I hope to see you guys there!

I'm also THRILLED to be launching our new Grille Menu! We have worked hard these last few months creating the menu, training staff, and getting the space prepared. I hope everyone loves the new options! More details and a copy of the menu will be down below!

Pool Safety Reminder:
I want to take this opportunity to remind parents to keep a close eye on their children while they are at the pools or spa. This summer there will be lifeguards at the pools during designated hours. There is no better precaution than a parent's watchful eyes. Another reminder: floaties, squirt guns, and balls not made of foam are not allowed in the pools. We are still experiencing issues with people using the emergency stop button to turn off the hot tub jets. This feature shuts off all spa functions (heater, filter, etc.). Please make sure you use the spa jet button to turn them on and off. Staff and other members appreciate your carefulness.

As always if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to me directly and I look forward to having a great summer with you all!

Travis Hawley
General Manager
Paso Robles Sports Club