message from General Manager

Yay for May!!! Summer is almost here and I couldn't be more excited! This month we plan to offer many fun activities as well as host our first Friday Night Live Music Event with special guests IMUA featuring our favorite bass player and very own, David Escamilla!! To learn more about this event keep reading below!

My team had a productive April doing some much needed spring cleaning, creating a new pathway to Kids Club, never ending weed pulling and making more of a dent in the landscaping project! I hope to wrap up more projects this month so we can be in the best condition for all the summer fun. I also want to welcome our new friends Turbo and Slowgo, the clubhouse and factory parking patrol. Sadly we still have many aggressive drivers that are apparently hopped up on pre workout and I really need them to slow down. Hopefully those two can serve as a good reminder to be careful in the parking lots and they are under 24/7 surveillance if anyone decides to try and take them home (Ha!)

It's been so great seeing the pools and club healthy with members enjoying our various amenities and I've had a blast getting to chat with everyone as I make my rounds! Seeing all the flowers blooming has been especially wonderful as It really makes me appreciate how truly beautiful our club is and how fortunate we are to be here in sunny Paso Robles! I hope to see you all on the courts, in the gym or at a class soon and as always if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly!

-Travis Hawley