message from General Manager


A message from General Manager Travis Hawley

Happy New Year!!! I'm so excited to bring in the New Year with the best team and club ever! I feel very optimistic about this year and all we hope to accomplish here at the club! I again thank everyone for the support and well wishes. On the January agenda we plan to finish the pickleball court project as we faced a variety of challenges along the way due to shipping, staffing and lastly weather! We also plan to fix all the lights on the tennis courts and finish trimming those large palm trees! I'm happy to announce that we have all three batting cages and machines up and running and have replaced quite a bit of worn out pads and equipment. If you ever notice something torn or broken please make sure to let our front desk or myself know! It's my mission to serve our members the best we can and I want our facility to always be in top shape! I'm also very excited to welcome some new team members to the housekeeping department and front desk. Cleanliness and landscaping will always be a top priority of mine and I believe we are moving in a positive direction. As always if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out and I hope to see you at the club soon!! A few important notes and reminders are below!

Club Hours Update:
We will be adjusting our operating hours at the club house for winter / spring. The club hours will remain the same overall but we do not have a need to staff both buildings all throughout operational hours and I would like to use those resources elsewhere in more needed areas. The pools and workout facilities will all still be available and as you may have noticed we have started relocating the workout equipment from the clubhouse to the factory so it's all in one area and more user friendly to get the best overall workout possible. The hours of our buildings are as follows..

The Factory
Monday - Friday 5am - 9pm
Saturday 8am - 8pm
Sunday 8am - 7pm

The Clubhouse
Monday - Friday 8am - 7pm
Saturday 8am - 7pm
Sunday 8am - 7pm

Notes & Reminders…

  • Please make sure to stop and check in at the front desk. Scan cards are available for FREE so if you would like one please ask our staff to make one for you.
  • Guests under 18 need a liability waiver signed by their legal guardian. Copies can be provided at the front desk or on our website.
  • Reminder children under the age of 14 need to be supervised at all times.
  • Members must be here with their guests. To make sure no one is improperly using your passes please make sure you arrive at the club with your guest.
  • Please drive slowly in the club and factory parking lots. We have many children around the club and want to ensure we have no accidents.
  • Please be careful when opening your car doors in the parking lots. We have heard concern about peoples doors being dinged.
  • Please make sure to put back your weights and wipe your equipment after use. This is just respectful to your fellow members.