Upcoming Events


Mom & Daughter Lunch

Saturday, May 13th

Mothers bring your daughter's for a fun tea party with games, crafts, and more. There will be lunch and kid friendly drinks. Also alcohol will be available for purchase. Welcome to all ages. Come connect and celebrate motherhood with other moms and make it a special day for you and your daughter.

Price for Individual
Member: $30
Nonmember: $40
Price for Mother Daughter Duo
Member: $50
Nonmember: $60

A reservation is a must!! For more information or to sign up please contact Krista at [email protected]. You can sign up online or the app.


Ultimate Sports Kids Night Out


Friday, May 19th, 5-8pm
Ages 3-10 years old

Bring your kids for a night of fun & games. We are going to have so many fun sports activities packed into one night. Relay Races, Obstacle Courses, Pickleball, Basketball, and more!! Dinner will be provided for the kids. Make sure to have your kids dressed in proper workout attire and shoes. Please bring a water bottle with their names on it. We are excited for such a fun night. For more information or to sign up please contact Krista at [email protected] or you can also sign up online or through the app. It is under classes and on May 19th.

1 Child = $25
2 Children = $40
3 Children = $50
4 Children = $60

For nonmembers there is an extra $10 guest fee per child.
*Please do not be late for pick up, there will be a $5 charge for every minute you are late*