A Message from the Leadership Team


Hello Club Family!

Visiting the club has been horribly challenging for me over the past three weeks. Not hearing the sounds of treadmills running, kids laughing, and workout partners pushing each other has left a big hole in my heart. I know this too shall pass, but getting energy from others has been my thing since I was young, so I have to admit this has been harder than I thought it would. I pray you are all finding a way to take care of your physical and mental health during this time. If you need someone to talk to, please email me at Sdobroth@caclubs.com and I can call you back.

We are working hard to get members up to date information. Hopefully everyone has gotten a couple of emails regarding dues. Please remember membership dues are on freeze until we reopen the club. No one is required to pay for April, May or however long we are in this situation. I am hoping that by mid May we will be able to open portions of our club up at least. I will keep you posted.

We also hope everyone is enjoying the staff videos on Facebook and Instagram. Please join our page for info and cool videos from our staff. I also hope everyone tries out the Les Mills link that was sent to you in our last email. It has over 60 classes for free to try and they are great!

Please know we miss you greatly and can't wait to get the club back open! Please be safe and stay positive. We will get through this and be better than ever!!

Sara Dobroth, General Manager



We had some members at the beginning of our closure email me stating that they would like to continue their dues if that meant we could keep paying our employees. It was something that we didn't first think of but we put our heads together and sent an email to all members giving them the option knowing it will go towards our staff. I'm so happy to say that with the help of members and California Athletic Club we are able to pay our entire staff a full salary for the entire month of April! I can't tell you as a GM how thankful I am that we can continue to help our staff as we go through this crazy event. Thanks again for all your help and please stay safe!