We are so excited to be reopening the Club and welcoming our members back. However, there has been quite a few policy changes and new restrictions we must have in place in order to open and ensure that we can stay open. These policies will need to happen in order to keep the club members and our employees as safe as we can. Members will need to adhere to these policies in order to be able to visit the club. Persons who don't, will not be able to be a member at this time. The Club has also made some changes in services and offerings due to safety and cleanliness. As with all small businesses during this time, we have experienced financial challenges and we will need to stage a slow recovery to make sure our members are protected and the business is able to stay financially stable. Remember, we are still in the process of returning and this may take several months to get back to a normal club. San Luis Obispo county's reopening orders have been evolving over the last month, and daily we are having to make changes. We will do our best to relay changes to you as we know about them, but we must stay fluid on changes as we are in unknown territory and many policies we do not have control over. What we do have control over is creating a safe and clean environment for our members to fulfill their fitness, social, and wellness needs. We are listening to your feedback and we are there for you!

-All staff and members considered high risk and/or do not want to attend should not come to the club.

-Any staff or club member with any symptoms such as coughing, shortness of breath, fever, chills, or sneezing with nasal discharge cannot come to the club. Anyone exhibiting these symptoms will be asked to leave

-The CDC highly recommends face masks are worn to protect the people around you. We ask you wear a mask as often as you feel comfortable, but we do understand the safety risks of wearing masks while exercising.

-PRSC will disinfect all rooms each evening after the club is closed and will actively be cleaning all surfaces of the club during the day. Please help us by making sure to wipe down the equipment you are using throughout the day as well. Disinfectant wipes are available.


Factory Parking Lot Hours
5 AM - 9 PM - Monday through Thursday
5 AM - 8 PM - Friday
The Factory will be available via the Club House from 8 AM - 8 PM on Saturday and 8 AM - 6:30 PM on Sunday.

Club House Parking Lot Hours

8 AM - 8 PM - Monday through Saturday
8 AM - 7 PM - Sunday


The Union Road construction is almost done. During construction please remember you may experience 5 to 10 minute delays. Please come early for classes to ensure checkin can be done with social distancing.

To ENTER use the doors on the right side and to EXIT use the doors on the right. We have installed TOE PULLS on all doors used at the Club House and Factory to ensure you do not have to touch doors with your hands.

At this time, it will be MEMBERS ONLY. Please do not bring guests at this time. We want to reduce the risk of transfer of Covid. As you walk towards the front doors you will see stickers on the floor (6 feet apart) . Please plan ahead, stay calm and allow each member to be checked into the club. We need to keep an accurate account of who is in the club and at what time they enter in case of any type of contamination issue. We ask everyone to use their scan card to enter (this is the safest, easiest, most accurate and fastest way to enter). If you have misplaced your card, please let us know and we will offer you a complimentary one for everyone in the family. Our front desk staff will be wearing masks. We will be asking you a few questions regarding your health. Please know we have been asked to do this by the County.


Before you pass the front desk area you will be asked to sanitize your hands. If you have a child with you, you must make sure they sanitize their hands. We have extended our sanitizing stations and you will be able to find sanitizing towels and spray bottles in almost every room. Please let us know if one is running low. We will also have wipes in the fitness area, cardio center, group fitness room, turf room, and lifting areas for your use.
Please wash hands with soap and water before, during if necessary, and after your workout for at least 20 seconds.

6 FOOT RULE - 6 Feet of separation in all directions
We are as excited to see you as you are to be here. No hugs, hand shakes, or pats on the back. Please know we love you all and will give you a wave and a smile through our eyes! You must keep a 6 foot distance between you and other members at all times.


Unfortunately both the saunas and jacuzzi will be closed until we are given the ok by San Luis Obispo County.


We are so excited to be able to open the pools at the same time as the gyms. With the pool, we need to ensure that everyone keeps a social distance of 6 feet apart while in the pool (outside of family units of course). There is a reservation system set up for you online, and you can reserve it the day before. Showers will be available, however, we ask you to limit time spent in the locker rooms due to the confined space.


Every locker room will be available, and we will be sanitizing them multiple times a day. Showers will be available, however, we ask you to limit time spent in the locker rooms due to the confined space. Please make sure to bring your own towel because we are not able to supply them now.


No basketball games are allowed at this time. You may shoot and use your own balls. No community balls will be available due to cross contamination. This will be available later.


Group fitness will be limited to only classes that are available outside. We have worked hard to creatively allow most of our classes to continue due to the unlimited outdoor space the club is blessed with. We have moved the Matrix Cycles to the veranda, and we know it will be a fun time riding with social distancing. You MUST clean your equipment before and after class. Please sign-up for classes on-line. Space is limited, so please make sure to check in at the front desk to ensure your spot isn't given to someone else who is waiting. Some classes will still be provided Virtually online. Yoga blankets and fitness mats will not be provided from now on. Please bring your own.


We need to keep our workout areas to a certain standard for members. We have created workout spaces by moving or closing certain pieces of equipment to adhere to social distancing requirements. Please do not move workout benches-they have been spaced to allow for 6 feet separation. Clean weights, med balls, jump ropes, etc. before and after each use. You will need to bring in your own mat as we are not able to provide these at this time. Workouts will be limited to 1 hour as others will need to participate in the fitness area as well. Keep your socializing to a minimum of 6 feet. YOU MUST CLEAN YOUR EQUIPMENT BEFORE AND AFTER USE, strictly enforced.

Remember some members absolutely need this for their wellness and mental stability. Do not ruin others' experiences by not taking good cleaning standards and practices into account. If the room is full, please remember there are two others to go to to get your fitness on. :)


We will be reserving the club side during the hours of 12-2:00 daily for our elderly and immunocompromised members to make sure that they have a safe and comfortable time to come and enjoy the gym without the added stress of worrying about being around the general public.


We will be putting some weight equipment for use on our blue turf area - this is to provide more room in the fitness center and provide members an opportunity to work out. Please continue to clean before and after use. Please sign-up for this space on-line as well, 1 hour time limit in this area as well please.

Fitness-Effect Class (F-Effect) -

Welcome back! We will be doing F-Effect outside to ensure we follow the guidelines given to us by the county. The class will be held on the Sport Court at 6 am Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and 8:15 am on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and 8 am on Saturday at the Club House outside the veranda south of the fitness room. Please keep in mind cleanliness is our biggest concern. Please clean your weights before and after use and stay in the 6 ft social distancing model. We hope to be able to expand the class schedule soon. Please reserve your spot online or on our app to ensure you can participate. Limited space is available.


Yeah! Our crew is back and in full force! Our regular schedule starts on Saturday at 10am! We will be sending the schedule out tomorrow.


One-on-one personal training is ready! Our trainers will be wearing masks and sanitizing your equipment before and after your workout. This is a great way to get back into shape and boost your immunity. Email Andre Acebo (aacebo@caclubs.com), our Fitness Director to set an appointment.


Tennis is on and has been since the first week of May. Please make sure to check out our tennis programming at www.pasoroblesclub.com. Private lessons, junior programming, and adults clinics are happening now! Please email Devin Barber at dbarber@caclubs.com.


We hope you understand that these times have been hard on all of us. We are blessed to have been able to pay our employees for the last three months. We will not allow anyone to access the club who has a balance from when we were open previously. If you know you owe money and would like to pay on your account before you arrive, please email Natalie at nhermanson@caclubs.com and she will be able to help you.


Towel Service: We will no longer be providing towel service due to Covid19 regulations. Please prepare and bring your own towels to the club.
Coffee - We will no longer be providing coffee at the Front Desk.


We recommend you bring your own pre-filled water bottle (marked with your name) or fill it up in our touchless bottle filling machine at the Factory. We will not have water filling stations available at the Club House or on the tennis courts due to this situation. Thank you for your understanding. You can purchase water for a nominal fee at either the cafe or deli if you would like or forgot to bring your own.


Please contact me, Sara Dobroth, with any questions you have about membership or your account. My email is Sara Dobroth at SDobroth@caclubs.com.
We will be starting to charge regular membership fees (at the pro-rated 50% monthly dues) starting on approximately June 15th.

WE HOPE THAT YOU ALL CAN COME BACK AND ENJOY THE CLUB AND FEEL SAFE AND CONFIDENT THAT WE ARE DOING OUR BEST TO KEEP YOU AND OUR EMPLOYEES WELL. We know how hard change can be and hope you can be patient as we make a slow recovery from our closure due to the Covid 19 Virus. We feel confident that if we start with this course of action and slowly add to our offerings over a period of time that we will have made changes that enhance the offerings and keep our members safe and well.