New Year New You with Bryan

imgWeight change is the #1 reason people start an exercise program. We all know how important exercise is. It builds strength and endurance. It makes us more mobile, fitter, more adaptable, more efficient, and improves quality of life. When it comes to changing body composition (losing fat and improving muscle mass), exercise is one part of a bigger equation. Amongst fitness professionals there is a familiar phrase, "6-pack abs happen in the kitchen." Wellness and nutrition is the other major factor in that body-change equation.

If weight change is your goal, start your program with an InBody230 body composition scan at Paso Robles Sports Club. The InBody is a two-minute measurement that goes beyond simply accurately measuring your weight. It breaks that number down into more useful data like: total body water, skeletal muscle mass, lean mass, and body fat mass. It also tells your basal metabolic rate, which provides accurate daily calorie needs.

Start your wellness program off right by having our wellness coach, Bryan Yates, do an InBody measurement, discuss your goals, and set your personal macronutrient targets. You can book a private one-on-one appointment or join our 8-week women's nutrition and wellness. Contact Bryan at today!