a 6-week Holiday Wellness & Habit Coaching Program at
Paso Robles Sports Club.

Holidays can be stressful, challenging, and filled with constant temptations. Our Paso Robles Sports Club expert lifestyle coach, Bryan Yates, has designed a six-week Wellness & Habit Coaching program to help you manage your holidays.

This is an accountability- and group support-focused program that will give you the skills to more mindfully respond to those counterproductive holiday patterns. One day at a time.

Program includes:
- Accurate starting and ending digital body composition tracking with an InBody230;
- Regular lifestyle, mindfulness, & nutrition tips to keep you on your wellness game;
- Participation in a private online support community with coach-facilitated strategies for staying healthy over the holidays;
- Weekly challenges to keep you inspired and engaged;

Strong support networks and frequent accountability are proven in creating and successfully sustaining personal wellness. This program with the Paso Robles Sports Club team help you maintain hard-earned 2019 fitness and gets you ready to tackle 2020 goals.

Cost: $195
Starts: Sunday, December 1, 2019
Ends: Saturday, January 11, 2020