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At Affinity Spa we offer a variety of massage methods to ease inflammation, reduce pain, calm nerves, and treat over-trained muscles and joints.

SPORTS MASSAGE - prevent strains and sprains and treat over-exertion. Reduce recovery time and increase performance.

ORTHOPEDIC METHOD - treat joint dysfunction and pain with gentle joint compression and minimal stretching. Reduce pain involving ligament and joint capsule structures.

MYOFASCIAL RELEASE - gentle and relaxing method that eases inflammation, nerve pain, and muscle spasming.

TRIGGER POINT THERAPY - helps to quickly resolve recurring pain patterns and increases flexibility.

PRENATAL MASSAGE - great for mom at any stage of pregnancy. Gentle, nurturing, great for exhaustion. We use lots of comfy pillows that fit every body-type.

30-minutes of a blissfully relaxing essential oil treatment. Combined with gentle massage, this treatment is perfect for tired feet, stress headaches, and a short (but sweet) escape from reality!

Basic pricing: (members)
30-minute massage ~ $50
60-minute massage ~ $75
90-minute massage ~ $100

Add-ons are $10
Non-member price is additional $10 per session, regardless of length.

At Affinity Spa, we aim to leave every client feeling a deep sense of relaxation, walking away with greater flexibility and reduced overall physical discomfort -- all at a reasonable price.

For questions, or to book your session, please contact Keri Keefer, Spa Director
Cell: 831.402.6632
In Good Health!