Updated Club Policies and Procedures to Ensure High Standards for Safety

When we reopen any parts of the Club please acknowledge and respect the new Club policies and procedures created as a result of the COVID pandemic. It is understood that any member or guest using the Club will follow the policies stated below. 

Updated Policies


I agree to partake in the Club's check-in procedure. The check-in procedure might change based on guidance that has been provided to us from the local authority. It is important that we check all of our members in at time of use.


I confirm I do not have any symptoms related to and have not been knowingly exposed to COVID-19. I confirm that I have not had contact with a person who has or is suspected of having COVID-19. If the above status changes, I agree not to visit the club.


 I agree to comply with all local regulations related to wearing a mask while at the Club. I agree to wear a face covering when entering the club, in common spaces and any place where appropriate physical distancing cannot be maintained.


I will use best efforts to keep 6 feet between myself and other members or staff while in the club and follow staff recommendations for maintaining safe distances. I agree to follow posted requirements regarding club flow, restricted areas, and room capacity.


I agree to disinfect all equipment before and after use. I agree to sanitize my hands upon entering the club and keep my hands washed/sanitized while at the club.


Some services will require members to make an online reservation. I agree to make online reservations in advance for my club visits where applicable. I will adhere to the start and end time for these visits.


Only respectable behavior will be accepted. I agree to treat other members and the employees with respect. 

Additional Policies

Guidelines from the local authorities change frequently. I agree to be flexible and abide by any changes in Club policies in the future deemed necessary to comply with local guidelines.

We reserve the right to deny access to anyone who does not comply with these policies.

Updated Procedures


While we have always prioritized cleanliness, we have used the time of our temporary closure to source advanced hospital grade cleaners, disinfectants and equipment and train our teams in the proper usage.

We will continue to grow our partnership with Hillyard, our partner in cleaning and disinfection because they have delivered products and processes to enhance the cleanliness and safety in facilities since 1907. They are there for us from product selection through proper training for our staff.

As a manufacturer and distributor of chemicals and custodial supplies, Hillyard meets all our needs for providing cleaning, disinfecting and hand hygiene products that meet E.P.A. guidelines to fight the Coronavirus Pandemic. 

  • All team members will continually clean and disinfect while in the club.

  • All high touch areas will be disinfected hourly and every surface in the club will be disinfected daily.

  • We ask that all members disinfect equipment after each use. Staff will be available to help and educate members on proper disinfection. We are also providing extra sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer.

  • All staff have completed our enhanced staff training to ensure they understand the cleaning expectations and have knowledge around all products used in our clubs.

We Will Follow All State And Local Orders For Reopening.

  • We will promote healthy hygiene practices for all employees and members such as hand washing and wearing a cloth face covering where applicable. 

  • We will Intensify cleaning, disinfection, and ventilation.

  • We will encourage social distancing and enhance spacing between employees and members.

  • We will train all employees on health and safety protocols.

  • We will follow the specific guidelines as they relate to the services that we offer.

We will develop and implement procedures to check for signs and symptoms of COVID 19 for employees and members daily upon arrival

  • Encourage anyone who is sick to stay home

  • Plan for if an employee or member gets sick

  • Regularly communicate and monitor developments with local authorities 

  • Be ready to consult with the local health authorities if there are cases in the facility or an increase in cases in the local area