Massage Information

Spa Services with Massage Therapist, Caitlin Neil

Swedish Massage

  • A full body Swedish massage is a great choice for those seeking a relaxing and rejuvenating massage experience. The techniques used in Swedish massage are helpful in relieving muscle tension, while simultaneously relaxing the body.
  • 30, 60, 75, 90 min

Deep Tissue Massage

  • Deep tissue massage is a technique involving deep, slow strokes while applying pressure, in order to target the inner layer of the connective tissue and muscle. This modality is a great option for those seeking pain relief due to extreme muscle tension or adhesions (knots), chronic pain or for those who enjoy a stronger deeper massage.
  • 60, 75, 90 min

Sports Massage

  • Sports Massage is a great option for those with physically demanding hobbies or lifestyles. For this type of massage, I use techniques from both Swedish and deep tissue massage, while also integrating specific stretches into the session. Sports Massage can help to prevent injuries, increase range of motion and alleviate pain.
  • This massage should not be done within 72 hours of an athletic event, such as a competition, game, race etc.
  • 60,75,90 min
  • If you are interested in a pre/intra/post sports massage (10-15 min each done right before, during and after an event) please contact me directly (805-952-5127) to discuss options and my availability. This massage is done at the event, not in a spa setting and therefore cannot be booked online or at the front desk.

Add ons

CBD oil/ balm

CBD helps to reduce pain, alleviate inflammation and aid in muscle recovery.

Hot stone

Hot stone therapy can be integrated into either a Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage. The heat from the hot stones can be very calming and relaxing while simultaneously helping to relieve pain.

Ayurvedic face massage

A massage treatment done by activating the marma points on the face (ayurvedic acupressure points.) With the use of specific oils and tools, an ayurvedic face massage is an incredibly relaxing experience that can help to bring down cortisol (the stress hormone) levels. This massage technique is a 5-10 min add on that is integrated into any of our massage services.


30 min: $50 members | $55 non members

60 min: $85 members | $95 non members

75 min: $100 members | $110 non members

90 min: $110 members. (Best value) | $125 non members

Add Ons: $15

  • CBD oil
  • Ayurvedic face massage (+5-10 min) using specific face oils based on skin type.
  • Hot stone (+5-10 min)

To ask questions about our services, please contact Caitlin Neil at [email protected] or call her at 805-952-5127