April Newsletter 2015

Yoga Brunch

img8:30am Check-in; get your goodie bag and prepare for class
9am-10am Yoga with Barbara
10am-11:30am Brunch*

*Brunch Menu:
Organic Veggie Quiche
Fresh Fruit Tray
Orzo Salad with Feta, Mint, Cucumbers, Kalamata Olives
Assorted Croissants and Pastries
Coffee, Tea, Water, and Mimosas

$20 members/ $25 non-members; must pay and register in advance, ages 12- adult welcome. Kids club is open for your convenience, regular charges apply.

Kids' Night Out!

imgFriday, April 10th 5:30 pm-8:30 pm
Pizza, games, and fun!
$25 per child 3-11 years old; $10 per sibling
$30 per child 8 weeks old-2 years old

Please RSVP by Wednesday, April 10th; Pre-registration is mandatory for this event!
Email [email protected] to make your reservation for this fun night!


imgFriday, April 10th
7:30pm Toy Story Movie (80 min run time).
Concessions available for purchase!
FREE to members and guests! Please feel free to invite friends and family! The movie will be play on the sport court, so make sure to bring low back chairs and blankets for warmth.


imgAs we enter Spring (though it feels like Spring has been here for most of winter!), being outdoors becomes even more attractive. Bringing your family to the pool in the afternoons and on weekends is a benefit of being a member of the Paso Robles Sports Club. Swim Lessons and Swim Team are becoming more and more busy!!! With these thoughts in mind, pool etiquette is important for both safety and fun!

PRSC provides an atmosphere for family time, with tennis and swimming all year long. And just as tennis is a sport, so is swimming! Our club specifically provides lanes available all day for our lap swimming members, who appreciate having designated lanes available for this purpose. Here are a few reminders of our Pool Rules that will help us all enjoy the pool respectfully and safely.
1. No running on pool deck.
2. No diving. There are no designated areas for diving.
3. No glass on pool deck.
4. Only coast guard approved personal floatation devices allowed.
5. No laying or climbing on lane lines. Children are not allowed in lanes especially during lap swim, unless participating in a swim lesson.
6. No lifeguard on duty; use pool at own risk.
7. Please take children to the restroom prior to pool use.
8. No changing of clothing or diapers on the pool deck. Please use locker rooms and restrooms provided.
9. Children under 14 must be directly supervised by an adult.
10. Follow directives of lifeguard and PRSC staff.
11. Proper bathing suit attire is acquired at all times. T¬-shirts may be worn over swimsuit, but not in lieu of swimsuit.
12. No climbing on rocks.
13. No rough play on deck or in the water (including wrestling, chicken fights and launching children).
14. When classes are in progress, please avoid designated class area.
15. Most of all; please be considerate of fellow members.
Management has the right to deny pool use at anytime. In case of emergency notify PRSC staff in club house and call 911.

imgI’d like to bring particular attention to a couple of things. First of all this is your pool and deck and we want you to thoroughly enjoy it. Please treat it like your own. Parents: It is important that you remember than NO CHILDREN UNDER 14 may be out at the pool on their own. It is for their safety and the well being of all. Lastly, not only when classes are in progress, but also when lap swimmers are present, please be respectful of their time and lane space. No children should be in the lanes designated for lap swim. Again, we want to provide an environment that is enjoyable for all! Thanks so much ahead of time for your attention to these guidelines.


Parent and Me Swim Program: **NEW PRICING!!!** Members and guests come to participate in a fun-filled group setting where swimming and water safety are fun! This ½ hour class consists of songs, games and creating confidence in the water, and is the perfect environment for our youngest future swimmers. Members $70/8 sessions; Guests $85/8 sessions. (That’s a savings of $30!) Classes are starting soon! Please call the club to sign up or email [email protected].
First Session begins: April 13th and will run Monday – Thurs. at 11:30am.


Adult Technique Class: We are wrapping up the first 3-month session of this class. Participants have made great strides in their strokes, breathing, and distance! We would love to continue this as a group course designed to give the adult swimmer a chance to learn new aspects of swimming, break bad habits in their stroke or breathing, and make swimming fun again ($60/month for members and $80/month for guests). Please let us know if you are interested in improving your swimming or learning for the first time! Call the front desk to be added to the interest sign up sheet!
Adult Technique Participants: Craig and Alicia Forrester and Emily Beebee

Advanced Adult Swimming: This will be an interest-based extension of the technique class. This course will allow the adult swimmer a workout-based approach, where they can come for stroke and breathing feedback while stepping through a more advanced workout, increase distance swimming and learn competitive technique where desired.

Swim Team: Led by Head Coach Spencer Sznejkowski Regular workouts available Monday thru Friday for swimmers who can swim a minimum of 25 yards (1 length of pool). Our coaches provide different levels of practice as your swimmer becomes more experienced. Competitive travelling team: AquaCats is also actively participating in meets! Our swim team functions as an extension of our lesson program.

Group Lessons, Private and Semi Private: A great place to start is with lessons for your child and summer is fast approaching! We will be scheduling larger group lessons for children who are comfortable with a back float and putting their heads under water as summer begins. These classes are not intended for the first time swimmer. Private and Semi Privates will continue to be available throughout the Spring

imgPlease contact Aquatics Director, Jodi McDowell, at [email protected] or call our Front Desk at (805) 239-7397 ext 104 to schedule your lessons. Group lessons for Youth and Adult Swim Technique classes are ongoing! Pre-registration for Spring and Summer sign-ups for Swim Lessons, Parent & Me Classes, and more coming soon!

SWIMMING TECHNIQUE TIP of the Month: Getting Started: ADULTS!!!

“I hear that swimming is great exercise, and good for mobility and strengthening, but …” What is the rest of the sentence for you?
Will others laugh at me? Am I going to be the least experienced? Why should I even try at this point? What if I CAN’T do what everyone else can?

Here’s the thing: you CAN. What we have found in the adult technique class these last few months is that it is nice to come and find out you are not the only adult who feels like swimming isn’t as fun as you think it should be. Or that swimming a lap is harder than you thought. The solution? Give a group setting a try. Just like our group fitness classes or our tennis clinics: it is wonderful to find camaraderie. We can customize the class to the individual swimmer, as we found in the past months: we had participants who were uncomfortable with how to breathe during freestyle... or a specific stroke...OR wanted to learn a flip turn but getting water in the nose when flipping was really not pleasant!!!! Suffice it to say that you can make fitness swimming an accomplishment. YOU can get in the water and learn new things even now!
All that being said; I realize group settings aren’t for everyone. If you are someone who feels like a group is just too intimidating: consider private lessons. Our team provides safety, fear conquering skills and technique to anyone at any age. YOU CAN BECOME A SWIMMER at any age.


LEARNING TO SWIM SAVES LIVES. Though we have mentioned this before and we have not performed the survey ourselves:

Approximately 10 people drown every day in the U.S. (Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)).

  • More than one in five fatal drowning victims are children younger than 14 (Source: CDC).
  • Drowning is also a silent killer—most young children who drowned in pools were last seen in the home, had been out of sight less than five minutes, and were in the care of one or both parents at the time (Source: Present P. Child Drowning study).
  • Participation in formal swimming lessons can reduce the risk of drowning by 88 percent among children aged one to four years. (Source: Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine 2009)
  • Seventy percent of African-American and sixty percent of Hispanic/Latino children cannot swim. (Source: National research study by the USA Swimming Foundation and the University of Memphis)
  • If a parent does not know how to swim, there is only a 13 percent chance that a child in that household will learn how to swim.


imgRed Cross Lifeguard Certification: May 29-31
at Paso Robles Sports Club
Lifeguard for a Lifetime or just for the Summer! Get officially certified to work as a Lifeguard through Red Cross programming.
$225 Members/$245 Guests
Call the Club to sign up soon! (805)239-7397

imgAre you interested in catching a match here and there with a new person? Effective April 1st, we will be assisting our members in coordinating matches. This service is included in your membership. Please allow us as much time as possible! To ask for play, please call the front desk at 805-239-7397 and give them the time of day you are interested in playing. We will then contact the players at your level that are interested in being called. If you would like to be add your availability to the roster, please email [email protected] with the times you would like to be available for other members, the level you play (USTA or A,B,C levels), and if you prefer singles or doubles. We look forward to helping you meet other new tennis members!

Mixed Doubles Mixer on Wednesday Nights!

imgCome one come all! The nights are getting warmer, so it’s time to start playing under the lights! Every Wednesday night at 6:30, meet on courts 3 and 4 for drop-in Mixed Doubles. If you don’t have a partner, please let us know, and we will attempt to find one for you. There is no fee…. Just fun! [email protected] or [email protected]

Congratulations to the following PRSC Tennis Tournament winners:

Women’s Doubles: Yolanta Kruszynska and Rose Galsim

Mixed Doubles: Regan Dobroth and Jared Hall

Men’s Doubles: Mariano Parris and Brian Terrizzi

Summer is just around the corner! This month we will look at the foods you should eat and foods to avoid:

Ideal foods:
Whole fresh fruit
Yams or sweet potatoes
Brown rice
Beans and legumes
100% whole grains
Low or nonfat dairy
Chicken and turkey breast
Lean red meat, game meat and fish

Terrible foods:
French fries and other deep-fried foods
Ice cream and milk shakes
Doughnuts and pastries
Candy and confections
Sugar-sweetened soft drinks, juice & teas
energy drinks and dessert coffees
White bread & white flour products
Potato chips & corn chips
Sausage and processed lunch meats
Hot dogs & fast food burgers
Pizza and fatty meat toppings
Sugary breakfast cereals

Shoot for gradual weight loss and strength train. Otherwise, you'll lose weight (muscle and water) but not fat! Look up "normal weight obesity"!

To help you, we offer a variety of training services. Get a jump start with our monthly Boot-camps. Our trainers can also write a plan for you and lead you through an effective workout.

Call me at 712-7769 with any questions,

Fitness Corner w/ Dr. Andre Acebo
Chiropractor and Strength Coach

Back by popular demand...Boot Camp returns!!

imgStarting April 14th and running for 4 weeks, this is an awesome, high intensity fitness blast!
Call the front desk to register. Classes will be offered Tuesday's and Thursday's at 5:30pm on the sport court. Be there!

Quest bars are back! Stop by the front desk to purchase this macronutrient balanced bar. We are currently offering: chocolate chip cookie dough, coconut cashew, cookies and cream and Quest’s newest flavor, S'mores!

The number of Tally Farm Fresh Harvest Box participants is growing! Bring towels from home in order to receive 3 tickets towards your chance of winning a FREE box of your own! You will receive 3 tickets per towel: 2 towels= 6 tickets!

Chris Silvius
Front Desk Manager
Membership Sales Representative

Here Comes the Sun! (Do Do Do Do)*

imgNot that we’ve pushed the clocks forward and we’re gearing up the longer, warmer days and playing more tennis, let’s take a look at these issues I see coming out of the “stagnant” winter months. Do any of them apply to you?

One of most common mistakes in tennis is being “comfortable” with your strokes. If you start playing and competing using flawed technique that you were comfortable with last time you picked up a racquet, you’ll never get better enabling you to beat better opponents that you want and wish you could beat. Repetition of the same “comfortable” mistakes can groove patterns or habits that are nearly impossible to break. Get into a learning mode early with some lessons or clinics with the staff – especially if you’re new to the club and you’re fairly early in your tennis career. Investigate how/why/where your technique is lacking and start making the adjustments now before you become “grooved” with a flawed technique.

A lot of players typically spend too much time on swing techniques, when you should be spending time on quick movement to ball, your body position and racquet preparation. Spend more time on "finding the ball" and "receiving the ball". How you progress with your game will be determined greatly by how quickly you recognize the incoming ball path, and how quickly you decide what shot to hit and how quickly you position yourself to hit it.

A lot of players think the only form of putting pressure on your opponent is power! Power is only one form of pressure. Angles and especially depth are equally important pressures you can apply to opponents, if not more important, because they’re typically safer shots to hit consistently at the club level, especially coming out of the less active and “rusty” winter months.

I see many players attempt to raise their level of game up to the level of a better opponent. It’s hard, if not impossible, to raise your game on a moment’s notice. You will have a better chance of winning by getting your opponents to lower their game, especially early in this upcoming season. While warming up and in the early stages of your match, take notice of what shots they don’t like to hit and, if you can, make hit a bunch of ‘em! Get ‘em out of sync’ and watch them become increasingly error prone by making them hit shots they hate hitting!

Tennis players will usually try for the big winner the moment they see an opening in the point and many times end up over hitting and losing the point with an unforced error. Instead, try taking your smooth controlled swing that probably got you into this offensive opportunity in the first place. Don't pressure yourself to hit bigger shots than you can hit consistently, create a forced error instead of big winner. They’re both only worth one point. Trust your normal stroke that got you to this point. This will create less pressure on yourself and more on your opponent and you’ll end up winning a lot more points, game and matches.

See You on the Courts, Gary

* For those of you not old enough to remember the lyrics of the Beatles!

imgCancer Well-Fit just finished their latest session and will start again after spring break. Congratulations to everyone who completed the program and came out stronger! If you are interested in Cancer Well-Fit please contact Paso Robles Sports Club at (805) 239-7397 for more information.