April Newsletter 2020

A Message from the Leadership Team at Paso Robles Sports Club


Hello Club Family!

Visiting the club has been horribly challenging for me over the past three weeks. Not hearing the sounds of treadmills running, kids laughing, and workout partners pushing each other has left a big hole in my heart. I know this too shall pass, but getting energy from others has been my thing since I was young, so I have to admit this has been harder than I thought it would. I pray you are all finding a way to take care of your physical and mental health during this time. If you need someone to talk to, please email me at [email protected] and I can call you back.

We are working hard to get members up to date information. Hopefully everyone has gotten a couple of emails regarding dues. Please remember membership dues are on freeze until we reopen the club. No one is required to pay for April, May or however long we are in this situation. I am hoping that by mid May we will be able to open portions of our club up at least. I will keep you posted.

We also hope everyone is enjoying the staff videos on Facebook and Instagram. Please join our page for info and cool videos from our staff. I also hope everyone tries out the Les Mills link that was sent to you in our last email. It has over 60 classes for free to try and they are great!

Please know we miss you greatly and can't wait to get the club back open! Please be safe and stay positive. We will get through this and be better than ever!!

Sara Dobroth, General Manager



We had some members at the beginning of our closure email me stating that they would like to continue their dues if that meant we could keep paying our employees. It was something that we didn't first think of but we put our heads together and sent an email to all members giving them the option knowing it will go towards our staff. I'm so happy to say that with the help of members and California Athletic Club we are able to pay our entire staff a full salary for the entire month of April! I can't tell you as a GM how thankful I am that we can continue to help our staff as we go through this crazy event. Thanks again for all your help and please stay safe!


Make Lemonade out of Lemons


Hi PRSC Members, It's time to "Make Lemonade out of Lemons"! Here's what we are working on for April 2020...
Many of our Group Exercise Classes will restart using Zoom and/or YouTube! Our Instructors are working hard to send in Modified Workouts for you to follow.


Virtual 5k Run: Group Fitness Director, Kathy Thomas is setting up a run that you can do on your own, then send her your results. Email her for more information and to sign up! [email protected]


Daily Workout videos by Kathy Thomas and myself. These videos are for all members, but have special applications for Tennis Players and Golfers!

Fitness Challenges: Each week, Kathy and I will issue 5 days of challenges. Members have 7 days to complete the challenges, and can do them in whatever order you choose. A point is awarded for each successful day. Winners will be recognized on our "Wall of Fame" and get 3 free Personal Training sessions when we reopen! Email me for more info and to sign up!

Well that's it for now. However, I would like to thank ALL of you for choosing PRSC! We don't take lightly your continued membership and trust during this time of separation. I am excited for the future and look forward to when we can all be together again.
Please call, email or text me with any questions or concerns you might have.

Dr. Andre Acebo D.C

Fitness & Operations Director PRSC
NASM - Corrective Exercise
Titleist Performance Institute
Certified, Golf Fitness
USA Weightlifting - Advanced
Sports Performance Coach
CrossFit Kids Trainer
[email protected]
(805) 712-7769



Hi all PRSC members and especially our group exercise attendees. I miss all of you so much and know this is such a hard time for all of you to not be able to see our fabulous instructors or your friends from the club. Please be on the lookout for videos uploaded on our Facebook page from some of our instructors.

Although you are not able to go to the gym right now, it's ok to walk, run or bike outside, as long as you keep a safe distance - ideally about 6 feet - from other people. If you're working out at home, now is your chance to get creative with things you already own if you don't have gym equipment. Use water or wine bottles as weights, dish towels for sliders, a sturdy chair for step-ups, sturdy bags filled with sand or cans of food for weights, and counters for tricep dips or modified push ups. There are plenty of no-equipment-required exercises you can do even in small spaces. These include squats, burpees, sit-ups, lunges, planks, push-ups and mountain climbers. You can get a great workout completing these body weight exercises by choosing five, doing each for a minute, then repeating the circuit three to five times.

Keep in mind that physical activity does not have to mean a gym-style workout. Everyday activities such as walking, gardening, playing outside with your dog or kids can also improve your overall health. Yoga and meditation are great tools for managing stress, and they can be done in a small space. Remember to check out our link to free online classes at this link.

During this unprecedented time, loneliness can compound mental and physical health issues so remember to use Facetime or video chats to stay connected with your family and friends. Consider hosting a group workout via Zoom or Houseparty to stay connected to your friends in a healthy way.

I am hopeful all of this will be resolved quickly, and we will all be back together at the club soon with a new appreciation of the beautiful area we live in. My best wishes are with you all to stay safe, healthy and active.

Take care,
Kathy Thomas
Group Exercise Director
Cancer Well-fit Director
[email protected]



Hello everyone,

We are doing our best to put out quality baseball content to help your children get better during these tough times. TJ and I have made videos with drills that are being posted on our both the club's instagram and facebook accounts (search: Paso Robles Sports Club) to help you get ahead of the competition and keep your skills sharp. We are looking forward to opening up soon so we can see our baseball family again. We miss you dearly and hope you are staying safe.

Peter VanGansen, Sports Specific Training Director


Booking now for Summer Now


Come celebrate your Special Event, Wedding, Shower or Party at our beautiful, richly landscaped grounds. Perfectly suited for any size event, we are an affordable and perfectly situated spot in the heart of Paso Robles. We know there have been so many celebrations, including weddings, that have had to be cancelled, so we are giving you the opportunity to look towards the future and book your summer events now. No deposit required until 30 days prior. We hope this will be our opportunity to celebrate life together once all of this is over.

For more information contact me, Gretel Crum, at [email protected].



Hello PRSC! I hope this newsletter finds you well as we are in the midst of unprecedented times. This newsletter update is mainly just to check in and to let you know that all of you are in my thoughts and prayers as this uncertain time continues. All of us at PRSC miss being at work, and I thoroughly miss being on court with you all. The Barber family is doing well, although a bit stir crazy as I am sure you all can relate.
Secondly, I want to shed light on our PRSC CCWTL teams as the season was unfortunately cut short. However, that can not take away the away year and showing our teams had! Amy and I are super proud of the effort and dedication that was put into your tennis this season, and the results were reflective of that.

Huge shoutout to our B Team (Volly Vixens) for finishing at the top! Once again they finish out their season in the first place. It has been an absolute pleasure to watch each of you improve and dominate on the court.

The CCWTL B+ division is awfully strong from the tennis that I was able to watch this year. Therefore, I want to acknowledge the Racq Pacq for their second place finish this year. You were right on the heels of a tough Avila team. Also, a message to Sugar and Slice in a year that I know was frustrating, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for persevering through and finding your stride at the end of the season. I can't wait to see what next year brings.

Next, our A- teams the Terminetters and Crush. Congratulations to you Terminetters for your first place finish! What a season for you ladies in a year where those top 4 teams were very contested. Which brings me to Crush for finishing right there in second. It has been a joy for Amy and I to be out on court with both teams and watching you take your practices into competing like you did this year.

Lastly to our A Team. Looking at the results of this season in the A division, it is clear that all teams were very even and there wasn't room for error in matches this season. Unfortunately you were down a match due to weather and didn't get the chance to make it up. Healthy and confident, this team belongs at the top!

I hope to see you all soon!
Devin Barber


Are You Practicing to Win?

I hope you, your families, and loved ones are all healthy and safe.This month's tennis article was written earlier last month before the club and almost everything else went on "lock-down", so when we come back to enjoying our game with a renewed vigor, I think the subject matter I had chosen is even more significant regarding how we spend our time upon our return to the court.

"As we march into Spring with better weather and getting ourselves ready for more tennis, I thought it might be appropriate to review some good (or new) practice habits to put into place in preparation for more match, league or tournament play that's right around the corner. We would probably all agree that the keys to winning in doubles is a quality and high percentage first serve, aggressive well-placed serve returns and playing well from the net are the typical keys to victory. But, how do we usually practice? Most tennis players hit countless forehands and backhands, grinding away from the baseline, a few volleys, then back to the baseline, no approach shots, a handful of first serves, then perhaps into some point or match play.

So, in real life, at every level of tennis, 70% of all rallies last 1-4 shots. Whether finished by an outright winner, a forced or unforced error, that's how long most points last. The reality of most doubles match play is: serve, return of serve and a groundstroke or two or a volley and it's over! The reality of most practice time is: perfecting groundstrokes from the baseline. The reality of practice time is devoted to long drawn out baseline rallies, the reality of match play is short rallies NOT taking place from the baseline! Now I don't want to diminish your satisfaction and the feeling of competence we all get from hitting the ball back and forth over the net consistently, I would not want to deny you that good feeling, however, especially in doubles, those shots do not win you matches.

Serves (especially second serves), returns of serve, approaching the net with quality shots and volleying, often get very little practice time, but they are the beating heart of higher levels of doubles play. For example, approaching the net can typically happen early in a point off of a short ball – and if it's a second serve – the whole nature of that shot is a shorter, softer hit ball into the smaller, targeted service box, just prime for attacking tennis, but think to yourself, how often do I really practice hitting penetrating approach shots from mid-court putting my opponents on defense, setting up weak reply and then coming forward into the net to hit a winning volley?

So, remember, quality of practice reigns supreme over quantity of practice. If you want to win, your training should be geared to what happens in a match. If you like to compete – if winning means something to you or your doubles partner - there is a good chance your practice needs to change.

Take some time and re-evaluate how you spend your practice time and adjust that time to focus on the key elements of match play, giving you a much better chance of bringing home the trophy!!"

See ya' on the courts when we can get back on, Gary