August Newsletter 2014

Are you planning a road trip during the month of August? Your membership at the Paso Robles Sports Club gives you access to 6 additional clubs (5 of which are in our beautiful state of California). You and your family may go to each of our sister clubs up to 2 times in a calendar month for free! Here is a list of our sister clubs and their locations.

Avila Bay Athletic Club and Spa~ 6699 Bay Laurel Drive, Avila Beach, CA 805-595-7600 Website:

Avila Bay Athletic Club and Spa is a full-service tennis and swim club which incorporates a 'state of the art' fitness facility. Our San Luis Obispo area gym is located on four acres of tropical grounds in the heart of the Avila Valley on California's Central Coast.

Ojai Valley Athletic Club~ 409 South Fox Street, Ojai, CA 805-646-7213 Website:

Located in the scenic Ojai Valley in Ventura County, California, Ojai Valley Athletic Club features a beautiful five acre tennis, swim and fitness facility. Our caring staff welcomes couples, families, singles and seniors alike to our club.

Westlake Athletic Club~ 32250 Triunfo Canyon Rd, Westlake Village, CA 818-889-6164 Website:

Conejo Valley’s premier tennis, aquatic, and fitness facility located on 6 beautiful acres in Westlake Village, near Thousand Oaks. Our gym offers an array of programs and activities for everyone. Enjoy a match or workout in a comfortable, friendly and relaxed environment that is designed to put you at ease the moment you walk through the doors of one of the premier Thousand Oaks area gyms. Your wellness is our objective and we strive to assist you in realizing lifelong benefits that result from a fit and healthy lifestyle.

La Madrona Athletic Club~ 1897 La Madrona Drive, Santa Cruz, CA 831-438-1072‎ Website:

Our resort-like facilities are nestled amongst Santa Cruz’s beautiful native lush landscape. We host an array of services and programs to enhance the well being and fitness needs of our members and community.
The Hills~ 2400 Manzanita Drive Oakland, CA 510-339-0234 Website:
Enjoy amazing scenic views of Mt. Diablo from our fully equipped fitness facility; the best Oakland swimming complex, tennis courts and pilates studio near Berkeley. The Hills, located in Oakland, CA is truly a hidden gem for its members and guests.

Ogden Athletic Club~ 1221 East 5800 South, South Ogden, Utah 801-479-6500 Website:

OAC is a premier full-service, private health club in South Ogden. OAC believes in the power of living a healthy life and strive to be far more than just a gym – they are a community filled with passionately health-minded members and staff. OAC tailors our approach to the needs of each individual, family and our greater community and in doing so create meaningful and long-lasting relationships that span generations.
Take advantage of the opportunity to travel our beautiful west coast and enjoy your clubs away from your club home.

See you at the club!
Sara Dobroth, General Manager

Dry Brushing- What is that?

imgThe idea of "brushing" your skin may not sound like the most inviting task, but let me tell you, it is amazing! Come fall we start complaining of dry skin, congestion- both of the skin and nasal, lethargy, and all those after summer sensations. Starting to Dry Brush now will help with that. So, what is it?!

Before your shower, with a bristled body brush (Rite Aide, Bed Bath and Beyond, Whole Foods all have them) you are brushing-NOT scrubbing- your skin in a circular motion always in the direction of your heart. The brush does make a difference; you want a vegetable based or cactus brush, a loofah from the 99c store will not be effective. What this does is release toxins at a cellular level through the skin and lymph nodes. Shedding skin like a snake is something humans do daily naturally so as far as sloughing off the dead skin you are just expediting that process. What we are looking for is aiding the lymphatic system in drainage as well as the circulatory system in delivering oxygenated blood to our organs. Some say this also reduces the appearance of cellulite (I said “reduces” the appearance not get rid of...calm down). This theory is based on the fact that some of those pesky dimples are stagnant toxins so in brushing them away you are breaking down those toxins from the connective tissue. I'm down for less of that nonsense!

I prefer and recommend performing your body brushing before a shower or bath. The reason being is that after you've brushed, your pores are open and ready to accept a healthy rise and soak up whatever goodness you are going to bless your body with. Be conscious of the product you're using making sure it's free of any parabens, sulfates, or alcohol. You've just eliminated toxic waste no need to add more!

Brush away friends!
Lindsey Taylor, Esthetician

imgCafe Summer News!

New item for a quick lunch! Our veggie pita is the perfect healthy thing. Wheat pita, filled with romaine lettuce, zucchini (grown in our garden), tomato, cucumber, red bell pepper topped with a Greek yogurt cilantro salad dressing.

Earn Cold-Hard Cash!


During the month of August, if you refer a new member to the club, we will credit your house account $50.00! Please call the membership department today to learn more about how you can share the club with your friends!

Fitness Corner with Dr. Andre Acebo

Chiropractor & strength coach
PRSC Fitness Director

imgIn the past I have written about youth sports and the need for general physical preparation (GPP). What often sticks in my head is the statistic that 75% of kids drop out of sports by 13 years of age! Injuries, burnout, and lack of GPP are among the top reasons for this sad occurrence.

I have coached or assisted with several high school teams in the last 17 years and have spoken to many parents and coaches about the lack of facilities and well trained coaches at the youth level. And although we have large numbers of participants in youth sports and fitness activities, there are few kids who excel beyond high school. That's about to change in our area! With PRSC, I'm committed to bringing experienced, well trained coaches and college athletes to our Youth Athletic Development Program.

There are several steps to this process:
1) We have been developing a coaching and training staff that is excited about raising the bar for our young athletes.
2) We put together a summer program that emphasized GPP with a high level of expectation and accountability.
3) We are expanding our already incredible facilities, specifically to improve sports and fitness performance for our clients and athletes. Exciting times are ahead! Here's what’s on the Paso Robles Sports Club Fitness menu...

Youth Athletic Development at PRSC

Fit Kids (included with club membership) 5-9, developing basic coordination & fitness, while learning and practicing many new skills. Play and game based activities as well as body weight challenges.

Speed, Agility, Quickness & Strength...learn proper sprinting, acceleration, deceleration, and change of direction mechanics. Reactive drills and competitive games, integrated with core and postural strength training. Great for athletes of all levels.

MaxFit... primarily a strength and conditioning class for older youth. Focus is on all around fitness, workouts can be intense!

Olympic Weightlifting...ideal for explosive athletes. The goal is to develop power throughout the entire body, especially the hips and legs. Vital for athletic success. Developed for ages 12 and up.

Futsal...court soccer, played all over the world! Games are quick and emphasize ball skills and passing. Lots of touches on the ball and great fun! Offered to children ages 8 and up.

Karate...traditional martial arts also develops confidence, character and self discipline. Offered to children ages 8 and up.

These programs are happening now! Come check them out for your son or daughter. Class times will change in the fall, accommodating the return of school. Call, text, or email me with any questions or concerns you may have, including pricing. 805-712-7769 or [email protected]

Raising the Bar,

imgPaso Club Tennis Tournament

August 2nd & 3rd, 2014

Mixed Doubles “A”
Mixed Doubles “B”
Men’s Doubles “A”
Men’s Doubles “B”
Women’s Doubles “A”
Women’s Doubles “B”
Men`s Singles “A”
Men`s Singles “B”
Women`s Singles “A”
Women`s Singles “B”

Each division play will be completed in 1 day
Entries close TODAY!

imgMembers cost is $15.00 for Singles and $20.00 per Doubles team.

Non members cost is $20.00 for Singles and $30.00 per Doubles team.
Please contact Mariano Parris at [email protected] to sign up for the tournament.

imgSoul Kitchen

Suggested donation $20

Music: “ROUTE 66” ~
Wine Tasting:
Sculpterra Winery, Opolo Winery

Food: Spaghetti & Turkey Meatballs
w/ Tomato Caper Sauce (Always Gluten & Dairy Free)

Today, Thursday, July 31st - 6pm-8pm

The Wellness Kitchen -1255 Las Tablas Rd, Templeton
Visit with our Community Partners:
Cancer Well-Fit, Cancer Connections, Jack’s Helping Hands, Hearst Cancer Resource Center


imgHow does that number relate to tennis? From the latest study I’ve read –it represents the percentage breakdown of tennis player errors caused by poor shot selection.

At the club level, most of us all have a good idea how to hit the ball pretty well when we are positioned correctly. I’ve talked ad nauseam about how ill conceived movement/footwork and preparation are the largest cause of errors, so this time around let’s focus on some practical tips for improving the second most likely cause of our errors -shot selection. So the questions are -What type of shot and or decision making process selection should I use when:

I’m in an Offense Position?

  • You can - position yourself inside the court to hit the ball sooner and reduce the opponent’s recovery time on your next shot.
  • You can - apply proper movement and spacing to contact the ball at the desired optimum strike zone – typically the waist-level to arm-pit zone, increasing the opportunity to hit with controlled accuracy and power.
  • You can - change the angle of the ball or attack the opponent’s weakness relentlessly.

I’m in a Neutral Position?

  • You can - simply match the incoming ball speed and return direction – tennis is a game of errors, not winners, consistency should be your ally from a neutral position.
  • You can - apply secondary “building” shots that start applying pressure to compromise the opponent’s position.
  • You can - Use proper heights above the net to maintain good depth to shorten your opponent’s preparation time and minimize your errors hit into the net.

I’m in a Defensive Position?

  • Elevate your shots with heavy topspin and depth whenever possible to buy recovery time.
  • Get the point back to neutral instead of going for an offensive shot from a weak position which will usually draw many more errors than winners.

How do we determine whether their next shot should be offensive, neutral, or defensive? One way is to make the decision based on our position on the court. As a general rule, the farther inside the baseline a player can play the ball, the more offensive options become available to them. In addition to positioning on the court, take special note of your balance, the ball height, and preparation time that will either benefit or adversely affect the type of shot that can be produced.

Put some extra time in on your decision making process for your shots when practicing and see your winning percentage rise in your match play!

See Ya’ on the Courts – Tennis pro Gary

imgEvery Drop Counts

Help Paso Robles Sports Club as we all team up to conserve our limited city water. Please keep your showers to a five-minute max. Also, do your part to keep the pool deck clean since we can no longer hose down the concrete. We appreciate your help as we strive to use less water!