August Newsletter 2017

Fit Kids

Fit kids is now Monday - Thursday 10am - 11am
Fit Kids is a free class for members! Parents must be on the premises for the duration of the class.


3 one hour sessions for $202.50

$10 off 60 minute SPORTS MASSAGE
INCLUDES: ice therapy/hot towels and biofreeze ointment to soothe inflammation, muscle strains, and excessive soreness due to overexertion.

This includes one-on-one with our Tai Chi instructor, George. Learn the fundamentals for moving stagnation out of your joints and tissues to improve energy, stamina, mental acuity, and flexibility. These sessions are approximately one hour in length and you may bring a friend at no additional charge. Relax your mind and strengthen your body with this ancient method.
$360 for 6 sessions

services are coming soon to AFFINITY SPA!!

For more information, to make an appointment for massage, or to purchase a Tai Chi package, please call
Keri Keefer @ 831.402.6632

Fitness Corner with Dr. Andre Acebo

imgChiropractor and Strength Coach
PRSC Fitness Director

This month, I will discuss the roles of proper posture, core stability, and normal range of motion for efficient and safe human movement.

The human movement system (kinetic chain) is made up of the nervous, muscular, and skeletal systems. Basically, nerves tell muscles to shorten or lengthen and muscles move bones at their joints. Muscles and joints also tell our nervous system "what they are up to". This feedback loop allows us to walk, run, and move smoothly and beautifully, not like robots!

If our frame (skeleton) is not aligned properly (poor posture) or key muscles aren't strong enough to hold us in proper posture (weak core) then our joints are subject to added stress, eventually leading to loss of their normal range of motion (ROM). Long hours of sitting and inactivity cause muscle weakness and imbalance. The posture starts to collapse and stiff joints can follow. This is an all too common problem, but what about active people who work out regularly? Certainly they’re better off for their efforts, but they should purposefully maintain full ROM, core activation, and balanced posture in their athletic training and other daily activities.

Where to begin…
Get a posture & movement assessment! As a chiropractor and corrective exercise specialist, I perform these on patients and fitness clients regularly. We also have a personal training staff that can assess you and teach you how to train around injuries. If imbalances are discovered, there are several massage, exercise, and treatment strategies that can be very effective for pain relief, improving, or even maintaining good posture and movement patterns. And let's not forget pregnancy and sitting posture either!


To get the most out of your training and to decrease the risk of injury, start with your posture and core stability. We are happy to be of service, pick up any of our cards at the front desk and call us anytime. Keep training but train smart!

To your health and fitness,
Dr. Andre Acebo D.C

Fitness Director PRSC
USA Weightlifting - Senior Coach
NASM - Corrective Exercise Specialist
CrossFit - Level 1 Trainer
[email protected] or (805) 712-7769


Tennis Update



Backhand Slice

There’s so much to it, it's almost impossible to start writing about it without having a never ending article.
However, I will do my best to keep it simple and not get into too much detail. It’s important to know that detail is what separates a good pro from an average pro. If you feel that when reading this there are things that are hard to understand, please come find me and I will explain it more in detail, or we can schedule a lesson.

Number one: grip should be continental, any variation will sacrifice feel and limit a lot of benefit from the shot.

Continental grip
Two: take back or preparation (there are two main kinds of slice backhands). High ball and low ball and they are so different that most people have one or the other and only the pros are capable of doing both.

High ball slice
img img
Low ball slice

Three: check your backhand volley. I could easily say the backhand slice and your backhand volley are sisters and your serve and overhead are brothers. if you can’t do one it would be hard to get the other one to work for you. However, working on one would help the other.

Pat Rafter’s backhand volley
Four: don't use two hands on the grip. It’s very hard to have a decent slice if you have both hands on the grip, ideal is to let go right before contact. Two hand will slow down your racket head speed and your slice would likely float and make it hard to create your own pace.

Five: no body rotation. Everything you know about your two handed backhand topspin is not gonna help. It’s a completely opposite approach to working on this shot. Your non-dominant hand needs to go back as you make contact to help you stay sideways as you hit and follow through.

Six: motion is high to low. Your topspin motion is low to high but the slice is the opposite. Trying to go low to high will sail and float your slice. Ideally, you want to knife the shot, or stick it and make the ball bounce really low and have minimum net clearance.

High to low motion
Seven: hit it flat or as flat as you can with minimum slice, because it’s called the slice doesn't mean you should cut it. Most people are guilty of overdoing it and then you wind up with not enough ball speed. You want slice motion but with a clean kinda flat contact sort of impact.

Eight: there are all kinds of slice variations. They are all correct as long as they are executed in the right situation under the shot selection that calls for it. You should strive for having all of these types of slices. Managing them all is the hardest thing but once you master the slice it makes you very hard to beat. With a good slice you become a nightmare to play against. It will almost make you impossible to be beat by a weaker player. Slice gives you superb placement and consistency. Most shots have one or the other but the slice has the best of both worlds. Also, slices are the most effortless shots to use, when you are tired or injured or just having a bad day, your slice will not let you down.

By Mariano Parris

How to Serve Smart In Doubles

As we get into the meat (and heat) of summer and hopefully our time on the court increases, I thought I’d touch again on the one stroke that’s the most important shot in our game and can really start the point in our favor and go a long way to winning the point, the game and eventually, the match. Players who dominate in doubles often share one common skill: they serve smart by mixing up the speed and placement of their serves.
Mixing up the serve is a great thing in doubles. You have to be aware though of how and where you place your serve because it can help (and alternatively hurt) your partner at the net.

Serving Out Wide
Serving out wide can put your doubles partner in a vulnerable position if you use this serve too much. Your opponent may start to anticipate this serve and it’s tough to poach the ball as the net person, because you have to respect the returner has a large target area behind you to hit into: the alley and the space you just vacated to poach. Also, remember, when we hit the ball with a full swing across our body, as we do with our forehands, we can develop much better cross court angles as well. So, a serve to a right hander’s forehand out wide in the deuce court just might be your opponent’s best return with the most options. You may be freezing up your poaching partner’s movement and their ability to help you, to a great extent, when serving out wide.

Serving Down the Middle
By serving down the middle of the service box or, even better, closer down the “T”, especially to the deuce court, will typically produce a backhand with a slower, higher return with little angle, that your partner can either anticipate to poach proactively, or react to quickly, as they see the return “sit up”. With even moderate volleying skills, your partner will able to finish the point quickly.

Another advantage of serving down the middle of the box with a “body” serve is, a lot of your opponents won’t have great footwork and movement skills to get in a good position to return well and will only be able to block the ball back with little power or intended placement. Another excellent time for your partner to use their poaching skills to finish the point right away.

Serving down the middle of the box will also increase the size of your target area with a larger margins of error and a lower net, which will help eliminate faults and double faults. You’ll typically have a higher percentage of good first serves down the middle, a huge factor in doubles, which will go a long way to winning your matches. Attempting to serve into to the smaller, more difficult to hit target areas out wide, especially later in the match when you might be more fatigued, may result in an “aimed”, weaker, slower paced serve, giving your opponent an immediate advantage towards winning the point.

Consider Your Partner
Finally, consider your partner and communicate what and where you might be serving. Although I don’t see a lot of this, it can be a big factor in your game. If you want to start, once in awhile, let your net person know where you plan to serve, so they can position themselves correctly and learn to anticipate where the returner’s shot placement will most likely be. It’s an integral part of higher level doubles and discovering/learning this strategy is challenging, but will reap big rewards.

Aces are fun and make us feel good, but learn to be a better server by being smarter, getting a higher percentage of first serves in, and utilizing better placements and you will: win more, have more fun, increase your understanding of our game and enjoy your time out there on the courts even more.

See Ya’ on the Courts, Gary


Aquatics Update

August 9th
Swim Meet

NCA Summer League, NCA Lesson Groups, PRSC Lesson Groups, and PRSC Members all welcome to this event!

NCA will hold a swim meet, which includes ages 3-12 and all abilities welcome to participate. We will have 12 yard races and 25 yard races, with fins & without, with kick boards & all the strokes offered. You will be paired up with kids your age and ability level to race for ribbons! Swimmers may enter any three events.


WHEN: 9-10:25AM


To register:
All Summer League Swimmers are automatically registered. All others need to inform their instructors that they want to sign up.
COACH JACKIE #235-4920 COACH HEATHER #286-6982

NCA at Junior Olympics!

imgThree girls represented NCA at the Jr. Olympics in Clovis, Ca. Between the three girls they brought home 11 medals! Kendall Moffitt brought home 7 medals in all- Gold in the 1500, Silver in the 200 Fly, 400 free, 800 free, and Bronze in the 400 IM. Emma Severson brought home 3 medals- Bronze in the 1500 free, 4th in the 800 free, and 8th in the 200 Breast. Elyse McIntyre received 5th in the 200 breast. Congratulations ladies!


July was an amazing month of events here at the club. We had some great times and a ton of fun.

PAST EVENTS: Some things you may have missed.

July 1st, Independence Day Celebration: Our Independence Day Celebration was a huge success, thank you to member Chad McNeill and his family for helping get this event underway. If you missed the photos of the event, hop on over to the PRSC Facebook page to peek at the fun, and while you are there, please remember to follow our page so you can stay up with all the new posts and activities.
Wine Tasting Event: We had a beautiful night and many thanks to our member Kim Morelli of San Marcos Creek Vineyard for bringing such amazing wines for us to sample at our first tasting event of the year. In addition, we want to thank our new café manager Caitlin Ward for making wonderful churro bites and cheesy bacon breadsticks for us to enjoy. Kim also left tasting cards at the front desk so if you missed our event you can still enjoy her fabulous award winning wines. Thanks So Much Kim!
We plan to offer more of these events, please feel free to call or contact Ranay at [email protected] if you have a business that you would like to showcase at an event, we would love to promote the businesses of our wonderful members!

Kid's Night Out: If your child joined our large group of attendees for Movie and Lizard Night and was not able to finish their lizard, please ask your parents to let you come visit Miss Allison in the weekday afternoons at Kid's Club where she can help you put the finishing touches on your project.

FUTURE EVENTS: We still have dates in August for individual parties for any occasion, inquire with Ranay. Here are the group events that you may want to be involved in that are coming right up!

August 26th, 10:00 to 3:00, join us poolside for scrumptious tacos to raise funds for the Junior Samaritan's Tacos for Baja Fundraising Event. They are a wonderful group that reaches out to help the less fortunate and we love to support their efforts!