August Newsletter 2018


Meal Prep is BACK!


Do you have a hard time sticking to a plan? Is meal prep inconvenient for you? Are you ready to stay on track or just get ON the track!? We are here to help you!

We will work with whatever macros you are needing to hit in a more personalized plan or choose from our menu to help you stick to your calorie deficit while getting a balanced meal. Some of our members have had some great success with our meal prep program!

Below is our menu. All food is made here at PRSC by Lindsey Taylor.
Lindsey has a culinary background as a private chef catering to special dietary needs with an emphasis on a Macro based lifestyle.

Pre-packaged meals and Meal Prep

-Based off of given Macros, custom meals can be made daily/weekly for the client for optimum health and weight loss results.
-All customs can be made according to your dietary restrictions such as food allergies and preferences, etc.
-Pre-packaged meals are available in a general 300-550 calorie range offering the convenience of a well balanced meal ready to be heated and consumed- breakfast, lunch, dinner, or bulk proteins, starches, or vegetables.
-Order for the week or singles. There are no discounts for bulk orders. 4 meal minimum order.
Pickup only. Sorry, no deliveries at this time.
Email Lindsey at


Paleo, Low Carb, Gluten Free-
Ground Turkey Spaghetti- Lean Ground Turkey, LF Marinara, Roasted Spaghetti squash- $8 280 Cals, 9g F, 24g P, 19g C

Chicken Breast, Green Beans, and Diced Red Potatoes $6
264 Cals, 2g F, 28g P, 34g C

Turkey Meatloaf- 4 oz Lean Ground Turkey with Shredded Carrots and Zucchini mixed in, Diced sweet potatoes, Steamed Broccoli
320 Cals, 2.2 g F, 34.6g P, 43.3g C

Roasted Sweet Potatoes, marinated Kale, Curried Lentils $6
535 Cals, 21g F, 63g C, 21g P

Breakfast Tacos (2)- corn tortillas, eggs, turkey Bacon $7
337 Cals, 17g F, 21g C, 26g P

Protein Pancakes (3) $5
88 Cals, 2g F, 10g C, 4.8g P

Veggie Egg Cups (4)- eggs, spinach peppers, mushrooms, garlic $6
192 Cals, 10.8g F, 14.8g P

Ala Carte
16 oz Chicken Breast $9
4 oz serving, 120 Cals, 2g F, 0 C, 26g P

12 oz Extra Lean Ground Turkey $2
4 oz serving size, 120 Cal, 2g F, 0g C, 26g P

16 oz Lean Ground Beef $10
4 oz serving size, 130 Cal, 5g F, 0g C, 22g P

Cilantro Lime Rice $4
½ C serving size, 160 Cal, 0g F, 36g C, 4g P

Diced Red Potatoes $4
⅔ C serving size, 110 Cal, 0g F, 26g C, 3g P

Mashed Sweet Potatoes $5
1 C 114 Cal, 0g F, 27g C, 2.1g P

Fitness Corner with Dr. Andre Acebo


Chiropractor and Strength Coach

As we continue to grow, I am pleased to introduce are two newest Personal Trainers. Both come with loads of experience, working with all kinds of clients.


Jessica Myracle is a Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Women’s Fitness Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She is also Certified Massage Therapist since 2006. Jessica uses an integrative approach to training by utilizing NASM’s Optimum Performance Training model, Corrective Exercise Continuum, client’s unique anatomy, and their fitness goals to help them move better. A firm believer that, “if we move better, we feel better, and if we feel better, we want to move more”. When she’s not training or teaching, Jessica loves to hike, practice yoga, study jiu-jitsu, and spend time at home with her husband and two boys.

Jessica can also be found weekly on Fridays at 10am, teaching our "Factory Express" class. This small group training is perfect for those wanting a little more hands-on help by a qualified trainer, but at 1/3 the normal cost.

Here's what Jeremy has to say:
My name is Jeremy Layport, MA. I’m a certified strength and conditioning specialist and senior instructor for StrongFirst. I’ve been a collegiate strength and conditioning coach for 13+ years and personal training part time for over 3+ years. Everyone's an athlete in my eye, it is just to what degree do you need to display that athleticism. To enhance most people's’ overall resilience they need high levels of movement competency, strength, and aerobic capacity. After that, you are almost built proof. No matter the age, if you would like to become more "superhero-ish" and less ”mortal," reach out to me and lets chat (805) 610-8900

Jeremy also has advanced training with unique stretching techniques as well as KB, Barbell and Bodyweight training. Check out his small group "Functional Range Conditioning" class on Fridays at 9:15am.

Our trainers have business cards at The Factory or you can text / call me anytime and l'll set you up with one of them.

To your health and fitness,
Dr. Andre Acebo

Fitness Director PRSC
Strength Coach

•NASM - Corrective Exercise Specialist
•Titleist Performance Institute Certified, Golf Fitness
•USA Weightlifting - Advanced Sports Performance Coach
•CrossFit Kids Trainer or (805) 712-7769



We encourage all Paso Robles Sports Club junior members to participate in Swim Team activities regardless of level of experience. Learn to swim with our supportive and fun-loving coaches and develop swimming skills with our organized practices. And do not forget about our Master’s Program for the adult swimmers.

Tennis Corner


Ball bounce in Slo vs Paso?

Did you know playing in the heat of the day in Paso is completely different in how the ball bounces and how it travels through the air compared to cooler areas? And also playing in slo in the morning cold will totally change how fast the ball will come and and how high it will bounce.
Also the balls play an important role in this. Balls are priced differently for a reason, some cost more because they have more quality felt and have more quality controls, most, if not all, are now made in Asia, China, Taiwan (the same is true with rackets). The amount of pressure inside the ball will affect the bounce. Also the ball size and weight changes. In fact, if you wonder why the men and women don’t play with the same ball its because it can radically affect the way the game can be played. Balls back in the 80’s and before were heavier, had less pressure and didn’t bounce very high and they were very hard to hit. It took a lot of strength and muscle to generate power. Now balls are more lively and faster. All of this seriously affects the game to where it can benefit your style of play or complicate it.

Here’s a good example on how things change even for the pro players:
At the end of March and beginning of April, every year the pros go to Palm springs, CA and then they go right after to Miami FL. Some pros like one more than the other, so much so that some players just show up to collect a check because they hate how the weather destroys their game. Some players hit flat and prefer low balls; some like high bounces and hit a lot of topspin. California is dry and hot, allowing guys like Nadal to generate a huge bounce on the ball, making them a nightmare for a guy like Berdych, who hits with a lot less spin. But, if you have them play that match in Miami at night with 100% humidity, Rafa would have a hard time trying to hit the heavy high spinners over Berdych’s strike zone. Rafa would probably still manage to win, however, he would use different strategies and change into a game plan that he might not like, but would be more effective in the given conditions.

Another thing about pro players, the men’s ball and the women’s ball is not the same. The men’s is heavier and bigger than the women’s ball. This is made to promote longer points and less aces. This way you can see more play in the men’s matches. The women’s ball is lighter and smaller to provide a more explosive game with more winning and powerful shots.

Anyway, back to playing in Paso. My advice to you is, if you play in SLO try to take the ball early, hit a little more through the ball, or drive the ball, hit a little harder, and turn a bit more sideways. Since the ball will sit lower on your strike zone; this will allow you to hit the ball better and cleaner. Balls won't be the same after a few games. They will get heavier due to the humidity and become teddy bears very quickly, making them slower and making it harder to hit winners or big shots. Be more patient, keep the ball in play a little more, stay in the point and don’t try to hit aces or hard serves; they will come back.

On the flipside, if you are playing at our beautiful Paso Robles Sports Club, I suggest you play with a very different strategy. First of all, the altitude is 800 feet. That doesn’t seem like much but the ball somehow knows that. It will bounce higher and will stay up in the air longer before it falls. I think it even affects the toss on the serve, the ball stays up just a little longer. It might not be a significant amount on the toss for the average player but for a pro is enough to feel the difference. So hitting more spin is very necessary or your flat shots will sail out, you will have to cover the ball better, and you will have to backup a little more since the ball bounce will be higher. The courts’ temperature will also increase the bounce height; most of the time getting over your shoulder and over your head. It’s easier to hit winners because the balls are much faster in the air, with less humidity resistance and less humidity on the ball itself. You can go for bigger serves and feel like you can crack some aces or hit some really high bouncing second serves.

If you are the type of player who likes Paso conditions when is 100 F, then I think you can maximize that by using some balls that are known for being very bouncy, like the Penn ATP. Or try different balls that have a lot of pressure and that maintain the pressure throughout the match and that the ball fuzz will hold up without getting hairy. That will guarantee you really fast conditions of play best suited for a heavy spin style of player.

Now if that same player had to go to SLO and it felt like it was 50 F and humid, then you want to make sure you do all you can to bring your Penn ATP balls with you, and after two sets you can try to ask your opponent if they want to start the third set with a new can of your bouncy balls. In fact a lot of tournaments enforces you to play with new balls in the third set. If you are on the other side and you like to hit with SLO balls because you hit kinda flat and you don’t cover the ball very much but like to hit the ball at hip height then you need to find the right ball for you. Penn also makes a cheaper ball, called the Penn championship ball. They come out of the can already kind of soft, with little pressure to begin with and after a few games the ball fuzz is really fuzzy, they are slow and bounce low, promoting to drive the ball clean and flat in order to get any ball speed. But if you use this balls in the 100F Paso weather, this balls feel really good because it is a perfect blend of both the right true bounce that allows both players to feel evenly matched, regardless of their style of play.
Mariano Parris
Tennis Director, Paso Robles Sports Club

Attacking that “Bunny” Second Serve

I think a tactic we all can work on is taking advantage of our opponent’s often weak second serve. Second serves can deliver non-challenging speeds and middle of the service box placement with perhaps little or no spin and should be ripe for controlling the point in your favor right away.
And "attacking" the serve does not mean you have to hit the ball hard or even hit a winner. Take a look at some of these tactics and see if you can’t incorporate them into your game.

Chip and Charge
This is a dying art of tennis because there are not too many serve and volley players anymore. However, this does not mean this form of attack cannot be effective. Chip and charge is when you take the serve on the rise and slice your return and come in behind it. This tactic is effective because it keeps the ball low and puts immediate pressure on your opponent. Most everybody likes a topspin bouncing ball right into their waist-high strike zone. A slicing return that stays at knee height or below; not so much!

Immediate Attack
Hit a hard approach shot off of the serve and come to the net. Even though this sounds similar to the chip and charge it is different. This allows your opponent less time to get to the ball and hit their next shot since you did not slice the shot. You can hit with tons of topspin to make it bounce high or just hit the ball flat. With good depth, you’ll take time away from your opponent and either way it will present immediate pressure, while putting you in a great put away position!

Hit to Their Weaker Side
Be sure to pick on their weaker side. Once you hit to their weaker side and take control of the point look for the next opening and put the ball away.

Use Angles
Hit a short angle. If you can hit the ball with a short angle and move your opponent off of the court you may be able to take your next shot and easily punch it into the open court for a winner.

Run Them Around the Court
Start the point by hitting heavy high topspin to one corner then start to really move your opponent side to side. By hitting so much topspin you may force them back behind the baseline and help to open up the court.

Go for the Winner Off of the Return
This is probably the least consistent, but probably the most fun! If your opponent's serve is really so bad that you can consistently go up the line for winners, you will most likely be done with your match quickly.
So….if you do not attack a weak second serve and try to put pressure on your opponent you are wasting a great opportunity. Remember, you do not have to hit winners each time to be effective. Move your opponent around the court, hit to their weaker side or any of the other options listed above.

Mentally, there is a large advantage as well. When your opponent knows you are going to attack their second serve, it puts more pressure on them to get their first serve in and they’ll most likely to hit more first serve faults, which.... allows you to hit more “bunny” second serve returns.

It also may force them to try and hit too much on their second serve and force some double faults, especially on the big points. This makes it much harder for your opponent to hold serve and can help you to have more confidence when trying to break serve.

Either way, if you can attack the weak second serve and create winning opportunities with your shot selection, you’ll be the player taking home the trophies!

See Ya’ on the Courts, Gary


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