August Newsletter 2019

Tennis Hub update with Devin Barber!


Our junior tennis programming is thriving and in a very healthy position. When I took over at PRSC we had essentially 0 junior players or programs, and we now have close to 60 juniors across all ages and levels participating in a full schedule of programs. A huge thank you to all of you that came alongside me in the vision we had in making junior tennis a vital part of our club. We will soon be moving back to our after-school schedule beginning the week of August 12th. I am hopeful junior tennis will continue being a favored sport in the fall. Our North County high school teams have plenty of room for players that have experience. Junior players not in high school will have opportunities this fall to be on a PRSC Junior Tennis Team which will compete against other clubs on the Central Coast. It is my goal to educate our community that tennis is, and can be a year-round sport, not just weekly lessons. Contact Devin at [email protected] for details or drop by the front desk for updated flyers.


Fall Junior Schedule (starts August 19th):

Young Ballers: 3:30 - 4:30 (Member: $15; Non Member: $20)
Rising Stars: 4:30 - 6:00 (Member: $20; Non Member: $25)

JV/Varsity: 3:30 - 5:30 (Member: $20; Non Member: $25)
Private Lessons

Young Ballers: 3:30 - 4:30 (Member: $15; Non Member: $20)
Rising Stars: 4:30 - 6:00 (Member: $20; Non Member: $25)

Challenge Ladder Matches
Private Lessons (Contact Devin for pricing information)

JV/Varsity: 3:30-5:30 (Member: $20; Non Member: $25)
Private Lessons (Contact Devin for pricing information)

Saturday's With Leanne:

9:00-10:00 am (Member: Free!; Nonmember: $10)

Class Descriptions:

Young Ballers:

  • Recommended ages for this group will 5-11 years. This class is meant for beginning tennis players where the emphasis is on learning a love for the game, all while learning basic techniques (ball control, eye hand coordination, grips, footwork, etc)
  • Any players within the age recommendation that are clearly ready to be put into the next class up will be evaluated by our coaches and placed appropriately

Rising Stars:

  • Recommended ages for this group is 12-14 years. This class will have a healthy balance between improving technique and footwork. Beginning strategy in point play and games will conclude each session. The Rising Stars class is meant for players who want to take the game seriously enough to work towards set and match play

Junior Varsity:

  • Our Junior Varsity or JV class is meant for high school players who are playing on their school JV team and are looking for an improved skill set to help take them to the varsity level. Classes emphasize strategy through point and set play as well as fine tuning specific technique required to become and all around solid player.
  • Players looking to be in this class that are not in high school must have consent from the coaches at PRSC before attending.


  • Our varsity class holds our highest expectations. This class is for advanced players who are taking the game very seriously and wanting to improve in a more competitive environment. Expectations are players practice/train year round and play outside of the class and multiple days a week.
  • Age varies as there may be a few players outside of high school that qualify (by pro approval only)

Saturday Class:

  • Saturdays are for juniors on an introduction to tennis basics only. After a few sessions players that have found tennis to be worth pursuing will be recommended for our weekday sessions

Private Lessons:

  • Private lessons are recommended for jr. players who are looking to improve parts of their game outside the group clinic setting. Private lessons are a great opportunity to narrow down specific things a player can work on in their clinics.

I want to thank Gary Amadio for taking on the role of trying to increase our men's doubles participation. Gary is looking to help me organize and coordinate consistent men's doubles play on weekdays and mixed doubles on Saturday mornings. We understand this is a need some of you would like filled, however, this is where you gentlemen need to step up and communicate with us, so this can become a healthy, growing program at our club. Please contact Gary at [email protected] for more information if this is something you want to happen.

I also want to thank Amy Barber and all our Central Coast Women's Tennis League (CCWTL) ladies for working through all the forming of teams for the upcoming season. We now have a B, two B+, two A-, and an A Team at the club! I know this time of year was difficult getting all the details worked out, but I have come to see that our women work so hard to include everyone and work together. We are thankful for such willing attitudes. If you are interested in playing in the CCWTL, please contact myself at [email protected].

Devin Barber, Tennis Director

Obey The Doubles Laws!

As we're in full swing for our summer tennis season, I thought it might be helpful to review some of our strategies for the game most of us play.

Don't Play "Heart Attack Doubles" Law
This happens when the net person is constantly watching the ball travel back and forth past him/her to their baseline partner and back; getting a relaxing suntan while the partner has a "heart attack" running everything down. Be active, move, it's much more fun at the net to get involved and be crushing the winning volley than to watch the ball sail past you constantly. Don't lose tennis matches by standing still! Show your opponent you're here to play and you won't just be hanging around as an observer all match. Oh, and by the way, your odds of winning the point go up dramatically with whoever strikes the first volley.

"Serve Smarter, Not Harder" Law
Determine your opponent's weaker side for returns and direct most of your serves there. Constantly trying to return serve from the weaker side, which typically elicits a softer, weaker return, and with an opposing server's partner stationed right at the net can be very intimidating. If they return well off both sides, serve down the "T" limiting their angles of return. Also, when serving down the "T" to the deuce court, you'll make your opponent attempt perhaps the hardest shot in doubles tennis - the inside-out backhand return while attempting to keep the ball away from the net person. Take some speed off your first serve if necessary and maintain a first serve percentage of at least 60%.

"The Three Poaching Laws"
Always poach when: 1) your team's shot is returned from behind the baseline – this should allow you time to cover the ball that is hit cross-court. 2) When the ball is hit low to your opponent's feet – they will have to hit up and allow you an opportunity take the higher, weaker return and crush it. 3) When your opponents are constantly beating your partner in baseline rallies - it's up to you to mix it up and throw off their steadiness.

"Close to Close/Deep to Deep Law"
When your formation is one up, one back; the basic strategy is to hit the ball to the opponent who mirrors your position on the court. If you're up at net – hit it to the net person to rob them of time to react; if you're in the  backcourt near or behind the baseline – hit it to your counterpart on the opposing baseline, wide enough as to not allow the net person to cross and hit a winning volley. The exception on this one – if you're at net and have to volley from the below the net tape, hit it to the deep opponent if possible. Hitting a low, soft volley up and high to your opposing net person will most likely reward you back with a "fuzz sandwich".

Obey these few doubles laws and be prepared win a lot more matches!

See Ya' on the Courts, Gary
USPTA Elite Professional

Fitness Corner

with Dr. Andre Acebo

Summer is almost over! Parents get a jump start on your back to school fitness goals!
We have Personal Trainers, Nutrition Counselors and Exercise Classes to help you reach them.


Here's our newest Personal Trainer...
Timothy Schmitz. a Paso Robles native who has an active outdoor lifestyle. He grew up riding bikes and racing motocross. He trains his clients in a circuit style fashion for strength/endurance. He works towards a strong cardio base, so those he helps can push through long hard days. His training is good for endurance sports, fat loss and daily life.

Tim says, "My ideal client would be someone who wants to push themselves and test their limits and see what they are made of while still having some fun while being challenged."

So, is your workout routine needing help?
Schedule a complimentary introductory session with Tim now!

Join our North County Aquatics family at Paso Robles Sports Club today!


• Monday-Wednesday 4:15-4:30pm NO appointment required.

Pre Competition- Lesson Groups

Little Dragons - Comfortable in deep water where feet cannot touch/ Water safe under Coach's supervision / Ability to float front and back, a minimum of 10 seconds / Ability to kick with board independently (2 laps) / Beginning Backstroke

White Dragons - Swimmer has good listening skills, and is confident in deep water / Beginning Freestyle with face in the water, some side breathing (2 laps) / Beginning Backstroke with arm pull (2 laps) / Correct flutter kick, some knowledge of dolphin and breaststroke kicks / Willingness to learn diving


Blue Dragons Refining stroke techniques racing starts and turns, set goals for competition.
• MTWTh 4:30-5:30 pm $75 per month.

Silver Dragons Stroke techniques racing starts and turns, set goals for competition, training with intensity and purpose, Dry Land, increase in yardage.
• MTWThF 4:30-6:15 pm / Sat 8-10am $90 per month.

Platinum Dragons This group is designed to meet the needs of experienced competitive swimmers who have a desire to reach the top level of the sport. These swimmers are skilled athletes who still need to improve their overall level of swimming. This group focuses on how to train correctly.
• MTWThF 4:15-6:15 pm / AM 5:15-6:45am T/Th / Sat 8-10am $100 per month.

Special Events at Paso Robles Sports Club


Do you have a special event coming up that you need a fun venue to throw it? Paso Robles Sports Club is the place to do it! Our Event Coordinator Azlynne Smith will take care of your every need! We offer parties for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, baby showers, bridal showers, weddings, and more. To schedule an event, contact [email protected].



Are your muscles feeling sore, tired, worn-out, over-worked? If so, then it's time for some quality recovery with massage therapy.

Getting a massage isn't just a treat, it's a TREATMENT! Massage therapy reduces the effects of emotional stress, physical stress (like awesome workouts or too much play-time) and helps the body to eliminate toxins more quickly. This expedites the recovery process and helps you feel better, move better, and even LOOK better. Yes! By reducing the toxic load of physical and emotional stressors, our skin and our lymph clear out the puff-inducing muck build-up that makes us appear tired or bloated.

Treat yourself to a thoroughly relaxing and inflammation-reducing massage by booking your appointment with Keri Keefer, our in-house therapist.

Member pricing:
60 mins - $75
90 mins - $100

(For Non-members, please add $10 per session.
Note: Full use of our facilities for the day of your appointment are included in this extra fee)

To book your appointment:
please call Keri Keefer
Or email
[email protected]


Meet Xavier Galsim!

PRSC's New Front Desk Manager

Hello PRSC Community,

My name is Xavier and I am here to help. As your Front Desk Manager, I am excited to continue to innovate and strive towards making the member experience the best it can be.

I am very proud of our current staff and all the things they do to be present, aware, and make PRSC the best it can be. As members, if you would like to lift up an employee, have constructive criticism for our staff, or have any new ideas to improve your club experience, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at [email protected]

I am excited for this new journey and I look forward to seeing you around the club - please say hi!


Pitter Patter,
Xavier Galsim

Group Exercise News

with Kathy Thomas

Junior Basketball


Every Tuesday and Thursday, have your kids join Jordan Richter at 4 pm to learn the game of basketball! The class is free for members, and a blast for the kids!

Aquafit is now on Sunday's too!


Every Sunday at 10am, join Carrie Fiel at the pool for a fun hour of cardio and weight resistance!

Time Change for Pilates on Tuesdays and Thursdays!


Pilates is now on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:30 (instead of 10:30) with Malinda Chambers in the Factory Turf Room. Malinda would love to share all of the benefits of Pilates. Please join her!


Note from the GM's Office

I hope you have been enjoying the beautiful weather we have been having. I am excited to share we will be sprucing up the Club House Locker Rooms tentatively the first week of September. During that time, the outdoor locker rooms and Factory locker rooms will be open and available for our members.

We have been working hard together as a team to improve your experience at the club and listen to your feedback. Thank you to all who give us such positive feedback! You make all of the hard work worth it! We LOVE adding sparkle to your day.

If there is anything we can do to improve things here, please send me an email at [email protected] or stop by my office.

Sara Dobroth