December Newsletter 2016


imgSanta Is On His Way To Paso Robles Sports Club!

December 3rd, 2016
10am-12pm Pictures with Santa
10am-3pm Holiday Bazaar

Holiday Hours

Sunday, December 11th, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Staff Holiday Party
Saturday, December 24th, 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
No Group Fitness or Kids’ Club
Sunday, December 25th, CLOSED
Saturday, December 31st, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
No Group Fitness or Kids’ Club
Sunday, January 1st, CLOSED

December Event Dates to Remember:

*Christmas Craft Bazaar, Saturday December 3rd, 10:00am to 3:00pm, Crafters will be at the club to sell their holiday inspired creations. In addition Santa will be at the club to take photos with the kids from 10:00am to 12:00pm. Please call or email Ranay if you are interested in selling items at the Bazaar. [email protected] or 239-7397

*Talley Farms Wine and Veggie Box Sampling, Tuesday December 13th, 5:00 to 7:00pm, free event, Talley Farms will be at the club with sample veggie boxes to raffle, answer questions, and to sign up

*Bubbly, Blooms and Botanicals, Thursday December 15th, 4:00 to 6:00pm, Come join us for a fun holiday centerpiece workshop taught by Ranay Schmandt, special events florist. Enjoy each other's company and some bubbly while learning tricks to help you transform regular blooms into your best centerpiece design ever! $40.00 includes flowers, foliage, centerpiece containers, tools needed, light snacks and champagne. There will be free corking services if you want to bring your own wine as well. RSVP Tuesday by 5:00pm.

img*Christmas Cookie Exchange, Tuesday December 20th, 6:00 to 8:00pm (bring same number of cookies that you want to exchange), free hot chocolate and gift bags for cookie exchanging.

Don’t forget to bring in your new unwrapped toys for the Toys 4 Tots bin in the front lobby. Thank you for being charitable and helping the less fortunate in our

Tamale Time!

img$20 per dozen
Must pre order in the cafe or email Lindsey at [email protected]
Order now through December 16th*!
Available for pick up December 22nd

Your choice of Red Chile Chicken, Green Chile Pork, or Veggie (black bean, corn, and cheese)

*orders cannot be placed after December 16th

Union Cafe

imgNew Breakfast Menu in Union Cafe! Served 6am - 11am

Ala Carte
Eggs $3
Bacon (3 Strips) $3
Hashbrowns $3
Veggie Patties (2) $3
Bagel w/ Cream Cheese $3
Breakfast Burrito $5

Any two items $5
Any three items $7

Just ask Lindsey or Kaden to make a tasty breakfast for you!

PRSC Holiday Sports Camp

Completion of the full registration packet is required before the start of program. Please go to our website, to download, print, and complete the packet. Registration packet and payment must be turned into the front desk to reserve your spot in the program(s).
December 26th - December 30th
January 2nd - January 6th

PRSC Sports Program Details

Hours: 8 am – 4 pm
PRSC Sports Program is an activity-based day that will keep your child moving and excited! Each week includes tennis instruction, swim instruction, soccer, Fit Kids classes, yoga, obstacle courses, and a weekly adventure. All of our instructors have been background checked, and we will have certified lifeguards on deck ensuring your children are safe.
Lunch and Snacks
Lunch may be ordered from our Union Café for only $7.00. Daily snacks will be included. Please sign your child in and out each day on the sheet provided at the front desk of the club.
What to Bring
Campers should bring a backpack with bathing suit, towel, water bottle and sunscreen every day. Campers are advised to wear non-marking soled tennis shoes (no sandals or flip flops). Campers are encouraged to bring a second change of clothing.
Swim Test
All campers must complete a swim test prior to entering the pool. Campers must be able to swim one length of the pool without touching the side or the bottom. If a child is unable to swim the length of the pool they will be required to wear a life vest or stay in the shallow portion of the large pool.
5-Days: $180 (Member), $220 (Nonmember)
Daily: $45 (Member), $55 (Nonmember)

For more information or to register, contact Sara Dobroth at [email protected]

Program Highlights
Tennis & Swim Instruction
Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer
& Healthy Eating!
Lots of Outdoor Fun!


Fitness Corner with Dr. Andre Acebo

imgChiropractor and Strength Coach
PRSC Fitness Director

10 Ways to Improve your Attitude
1. Work on relationships: They’re our best source of happiness and biggest source of problems and frustrations. Develop good relationships and improve or end poor ones.

2. Develop routine activities: An early morning walk, exercise, meditation and quiet time, are effective in getting the day off to a positive start. It is easier to stay positive, by starting positive.

3. Monitor your mental state: Being aware of the cause of your negative mood makes it easier to return to the positive. If in a negative state, learn from it and then take action.

4. Create an energizing physical environment: Invest time and money to make your surroundings pleasing and energizing. Small items make a difference in how your space affects your moods. Lighting can provide a mood improvement. Mood improves by cleaning up the bedroom or dirty dishes as clutter is de-energizing. A water fountain can create a feeling of energy and music can offset feelings of isolation.

5. Monitor your negative self-talk: This is a source of low moods, be alert to negative messages. Focus on getting a truthful message, then shifting out of self-defeating criticism. We are usually our own worst critic. Refrain from making judgments ~ instead think positively.

6. Deal with problems effectively: Problems are a part of life and we can learn from them.
Ask yourself:
How am I contributing to this problem?
What life lesson am I missing here?
What is the worst that can happen and how can I improve on that?
What am I doing right?
What am I going to do differently?

7. Attract what you need: Time and energy is best spent pursuing desirable goals. Ask others for what you need. On Monday make a list of goals for the week.

8. Be a positive energy source: Negative energy attracts negative results. Keep your own mood positive and suppress negative behavior in others. Pay it forward. For every kind deed offered to you, do a kind deed for someone else.

9. Avoid using negative energy as an energy source: Negative people create busy-ness; use deadlines, crises and problems to keep them going. Serious burnout is the eventual result of becoming dependent on negative energy.

10. Ease up on the internal life commentary. If you want to be happy, stop telling yourself you’re miserable.

PRSC is a great environment to foster the right kind of attitude. Having the right attitude makes for a more successful, happier life.
Remember too that a fit, healthy, and active lifestyle not only helps with our mood, but a positive attitude is necessary to attain health and fitness in the first place. Our Club is geared for it and our trainers are ready to help you get started or push you to the next level.

Call,text or email me anytime: 805-712-7769 or [email protected]

Dr. Andre Acebo D.C
Fitness Director PRSC
USA Weightlifting - Senior Coach
NASM - Corrective Exercise Specialist
CrossFit - Level 1 Trainer

Tennis Corner

Free Kids’ Tennis Clinic For Boys & Girls in Grades 4th through 8th

December 17th
Noon – 2 pm
Games will be played and prizes given!


How to Become a Great Net Rusher

Many players I observe tend to take too long to make a decision on when to come in to net and tend to play it safe by staying put and staying back (which really isn’t that safe!). Over analysis leads to paralysis, and these players struggle to instinctively to recognize a short-ball opportunity.
The most successful net-rushers, both in singles or doubles, can sense when one of their shots will leave an opponent vulnerable and the point is advancing in their favor. The first step in developing an effective approach sequence lies in anticipating when to attack, trusting your instincts and taking off to the net and going for it.

Applying informed decisions for coming to net comes from the art of paying attention to the small details. Successful net-rushers are mindful in their attacks and base their approaches from successful past ventures to the net and clues they get from their opponents. To help you accelerate the art of coming to net, practice spotting these “broad vision” clues and see if you don’t become more successful at this often overlooked tactic.

1. Notice the court zone in which your ball is going to land – deep, short, mid-court. This can often dictate an opponent's options and probable shot responses. Offensive, neutral and defensive shot selections are greatly influenced by an opponent's court position. An inverse relationship generally exists between a player's location on the court and their level of successful aggression. Players responding to your deep, close to the baseline shots tend hit a defensive or at least a neutral shot with a safer/higher/slower response, allowing you time to rush to the net and pound a winner!

2. Notice their body position. Is your opponent balanced or unbalanced? Are they comfortably set or jammed? A jammed or unbalanced opponent will generally hit a short/weak reply, be ready for it and come on in!

3. Notice the incoming strike zone (i.e., knee, waist or head level) and be mindful of where an opponent contacts the ball, it will usually make a difference in the resulting shot. Higher/head or lower/knee contact points take players out of their optimum strike zone and may elicit weak responses, be ready to pounce!

4. Opponent's arrival time. The timing of when an opponent reaches the ball makes a huge difference. A forced wide, late arriving, or lunging opponent is pressed for time and will be forced to hit any shot they can to continue the point. Usually a weak/soft shot is their only answer, be ready, come in and finish the point!

Developing anticipatory skills is a mind-set. Approaching the net requires attitude as much as aptitude. By having an offensive frame of mind, a hesitant player can achieve quicker responses to an opponent’s weak shot and become the player in control of the point. Spotting when an opponent is vulnerable and taking advantage of it is one of the most important aspects of becoming a great net rusher and will lead you to opportunities to finish off the point in your favor!

And don’t get discouraged when trying these new strategies if you aren’t immediately successful with every rush to the net! Have a reasonable expectation of the time to develop and hone your new skill. Becoming a great net rusher will take time, but will allow you to reap all the benefits of becoming the quality all court player you know you can be!

See Ya’ on the Courts, Gary


We have a beautiful pool and it is the perfect setting for relaxing or taking in an awesome sunset. Our eight-lane pool is open year-round and is maintained at 80-82 degrees or enjoy our therapy pool that is maintained at 86 degrees. Our members enjoy workouts by lap swimming and/or taking one of our awesome AquaFit classes. Afterward, you can relax and socialize with other members in our beautiful Jacuzzi.

New Programs: Masters Swimming

Masters workouts are developed and coached by Heather Moffitt, Head Coach of North County Aquatics. The Coach remains on the deck while workouts are being conducted. She will adjust your techniques in order to improve your strokes. Swimmers of all levels are welcome as participants.

A typical master’s workout includes the warm-up, the main set, and a cool-down. A sufficient warm-up is essential to help fight fatigue and sore muscles. A typical workout lasts for an hour to 1.5 hours. Currently, Masters is available on T/Th 5:30 a.m. -7:00 a.m. and most Saturday’s 8-10am. If you are interested in other times frames, please contact Heather Moffitt at #805-286-6982 as we want to grow this program and offer more Master swimming.