January Newsletter 2014

Happy New Year!

imgThis is the time of year when many of us wake up on the first of January feeling full of energy for the year to come. It is also the time of year when we seem to focus more on what direction we want to put that energy. The best thing you can do is write down your goals and then share them with the people you love. We hope that the Paso Robles Sports Club can help you with your direction as well. We are starting an accountability program this month that will run for 8 weeks (it only takes 6 weeks to build a healthy habit). We will weigh and measure you if you like, or just help you fine tune the steps necessary to get you to your goal. The best part is the program is included in your membership! If you have a friend who is not a member, but has shared with you that accountability is needed in their life, please let them know they are invited to participate for free as well. For more information, please call or register at the front desk - 805-239-7397.

In Good Health!
Sara Dobroth, General Manager


imgWe will be offering two tennis tournaments this month:

The Resolution Tennis Tournament January 11th and 12th, 2014
Mixed doubles levels A or B
Menís doubles levels A or B
Womenís doubles levels A or B
Menís singles open
Womenís singles open

imgEach division play completed in one day. Double elimination format so you are guaranteed at least two matches! Everyone is welcome. Cost is $20 for singles and $38 for a doubles team. BBQ lunch included. Entries close Wednesday, January 8th. Please email [email protected] to enter or call the front desk at 805-239.7397.

Juniorís Tennis Tournament January 18th, 2014
imgSingles Divisions available
Boys under 14 years old
Girls under 14 years old
Boys ages 14-19
Girls ages 14-19
Each division play completed in one day. Double elimination format so you are guaranteed at least two matches. Everyone is welcome! Cost is $25 per player and BBQ lunch is included. Entries close Wednesday, January 15th. Please email [email protected] to enter or call the front desk at 805-239.7397.

Win the Mental Game!!

imgTennis is a mental game for any competitive player. You must use your mind to handle adversity during play. We actually spend way more time between points than we do actually hitting the ball. Here are some strategies you should use between points to give yourself the mental advantage during match play:

Focus on just the one point
Playing one point at a time means focusing only on the current point, not the previous point. You don't want to carry thoughts about missed shots or unforced errors into the next point. If you do, you're dwelling on the past and thatís already over. The inimitable Vic Braden emphasizes: ďFocus everything on the shot youíre on, itís probably the last shot of the pointĒ.

Relax your mind between points
A three-set match can last for hours. You want to use that downtime on changeovers and between points to relax your focus for a brief moment, so you can focus at peak levels on the next point.

Strategize, don't analyze
One method to help you put the last point behind you is to process the prior point (or evaluate your strategy) before you start the next point. How can you improve your tactics? What are your opponent's weaknesses you can exploit? You should have a strategy starting the match to play your best, but often you have to adjust your match strategy based on how your opponent is reacting to you.

Stay confident, avoid self-doubt
Do you engage in self-doubt or lose confidence when behind or when a match is not going as expected? Confidence is your number one friend in tennis. Without a healthy dose of confidence between points, you simply will not perform your best. Remind yourself, no matter what the score is, you've earned the right to believe in your strokes and tennis abilities.

Mentally prepare for the return of serve
If we canít get our serves in, or our opponents serves back, tennis becomes a very boring game. We all practice our serve, but returning serve is the shot that gets the least amount of practice time, if we practice it at all! ďIf you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.Ē Have a clear plan for the return of serve. If itís wide to my backhand Iíll do this, if itís down the ďTĒ Iíll do that. Of course, it may not always work out to your prearranged plan, but your likelihood of success and getting the ball back in play somewhere where you want it, goes up dramatically. If you can accomplish some of these mental game tips between every point, you'll reduce mental errors and improve your consistency during points!

See Yaí On the Courts! Gary

Safety Matters

imgGoing into the New Year, we would like to remind you that safety at the club has always been and will always be a priority. As a member or guest, please, if you see something that is a safety concern; say something to anyone with a name tag! Also, as we continue to strive for excellence in customer service, I would love to hear any comments, concerns, or questions. There will be comment cards at the front desk; please feel free to fill one out and drop it in the suggestion box.

Welcome to 2014! I hope you have a healthy and blessed year. Cheers!

Lindsey Taylor
Front Desk Supervisor

imgGet Fit Open House!

Please join us January 25th for our Annual Open House from 9 am to 3 pm. We will be offering a Free Guest Day, BBQ, bouncy house for the kids, Complimentary Tennis Clinic, and new Fitness Class Demonstrations.

Fitness Corner with Dr. Andre Acebo

Chiropractor and Strength Coach

Well folks, the New Year is upon us! Hopefully you know that health and fitness is a lifestyle not a new year's resolution...unless youíre RESOLUTE about sticking with a practical, personalized exercise and a clean eating ROUTINE.

imgThe secret to fitness is that there is no secret! There are many effective ways to eat and train. The key is consistency of effort. Within the framework of daily exercise and purposeful eating, there is room for lots of variety.

Here are some New Yearís opportunities to help you with your "lifelong" fitness goals.

The new group exercise classes starting in January are Cardio Burst, Pilates on the mat, and Cardio Kickboxing. Check out the new schedule!

Join us for this 8 week, personalized opportunity to get in shape!

Challenge includes:

  • Initial Personal Trainer support to establish current fitness level and goals
  • 8 week follow up testing to measure progress
  • Program log book, including healthy eating and living advice
  • Join-in anytime during the month of January
  • No extra charge for club members or their non-member guests


  • Purchase two personal training sessions and receive your third for free
  • MaxFit and GetFit small group training class, up to 25% off

Sign up at the front desk or call "Doc" at 239-7397 ext.-108 or cell 712-7769 for more information