January Newsletter 2015


Dear Members,

This is the time of year when many of us wake up on the first of January feeling full of energy for the year to come. It is also the time of year when we seem to focus more on what direction we want to put that energy. The best thing you can do is write down your goals and then share them with the people you love. We hope that the Paso Robles Sports Club can help you with your direction as well. Did you know that included in your membership is the Carey Fitness Challenge? For no more than your dues, you can have us hold you accountable to your fitness goals. We will weigh and measure you if you like or just help you fine tune the steps necessary to get you to your goal. For more information, please call or register at the front desk - 805-239-7397.

As a special New Years gift for you…. please pick up your 12 1-day guest passes at the front desk. We will have you sign for them when you pick them up. This will allow you to share the club with family members when they come to town. As for friends who live locally, we would love to offer a trial pass for them to try out our beautiful facility. Did you know you will receive a $50.00 credit to your Club Account if they join and tell us they were referred by you? Just email me at [email protected] and I will set up the pass for them.

Save the Date! Get Fit Open House!

Please join us January 24th for our Annual Open House from 9 am to 3 pm. We will be offering a Free Guest Day, BBQ with complimentary Wine Tasting, Bounce House for the kids, Complimentary Tennis Clinics, and new Fitness Class Demonstrations. Please join us and bring your friends to enjoy the day and start off your year right! We will be sending another email with all of the scheduling details.

January Billing Note:

Billing will occur on Monday, the 5th of January due to the holiday.

Here is to a successful and bountiful 2015!

Sara Dobroth, General Manager

imgStrike a pose!

Don't forget to stop by the Front Desk and have your Membership Profile picture taken!


Let us help you with your Fitness "Quest"!

Stop by the front desk and pick up a delicious and MACRO balanced Quest Bar. Filled with protein, carbohydrates, and only 1 gram of sugar; this bar will fill you up and keep you moving!



We are now proudly serving delicious coffee and coffee drinks from Dark Nectar. Dark Nectar coffee beans are roasted locally in Templeton providing many Paso Robles establishments with tasty coffee. We also now have Tazo Teas in Zen (Green Tea), Calm (Chamomile), and Organic Chai. Stop by the Café to get your drink!

Hot Drinks

Coffee $1.00
Tea $2.00
Latte 12oz $3.95, 8oz $2.95
Hot Chocolate $2.00

Cold Drinks

Coffee/ Tea 20oz $2.50, 12oz $2.00
Latte 20oz $4.20, 12oz $3.20
Extra Shot $0.50
Flavored Syrup- Vanilla, Sugar Free Vanilla, Chocolate, Sugar Free Chocolate, and White Chocolate (additional) $0.50
Almond Milk (additional) $1.00

Happy New Year to All!!

imgAs we all make our New Year resolutions to ourselves and our families, I thought it might be fun to give ourselves our top Tennis Resolutions for 2015. In no particular order here we go:

In the New Year, I resolve to work harder on my footwork. I know it isn’t the coolest way to work on my game, (‘cause what I really want are Milo’s serve and Roger’s forehand, those are cool!), but I truly know that the easiest and the fastest way to get better at this game is to have better footwork.

I resolve to spend more time on practicing my serve and especially my return of serve. Because I know those are the two most important shots in tennis and if I don’t get my serve in and my return back consistently, it doesn’t matter how good my other strokes are because I’ll never get a chance to hit them.

I really know that at the club level, good tennis is about reducing errors, not hitting winners, so I’m going to adopt the “Refuse to Miss” attitude on the court. I resolve to reduce my errors by making sure I clear the net by a good margin, hit the ball away from the lines, and whenever possible I’m going to hit the ball cross-court over a lower net and a longer court, because I know that’s the strategy to win.

I know I’ve been trying to groove my baseline ground strokes for years (decades?), but I will resolve to work on my transition game and get to the net more in doubles, because I know it’s more fun up there and that’s where the doubles points are really won.

I know it’s easier to win by making my opponents lower their level of play than me trying to raise my level of play all the time, so I resolve to think more out on the court, have a usable strategy against my opponents and take them out of their game by making them hit shots they don’t want to hit.

I resolve to take myself out of my “comfort zone” level of tennis and into the “learning zone”. I will take more lessons and attend more clinics this year so I can learn new skills, shots and strategies to help me enjoy this great game even more.

I know a lot of my enjoyment from tennis comes from it being a hard game and I love the challenges it presents. But it can be frustrating too! So this year I resolve to have more fun out there while I’m playing, enjoy the competition more and don’t take either my wins or my losses too seriously.

I wish all of you and your families a great 2015! See you on the courts! Pro Gary Amadio



imgHappy New Year! Are you ready to get started with those New Year’s Resolutions?? As 2015 rolls, planning towards your New Year’s resolutions is important. Good organization can help with a successful workout experience as well. Here’s a great check list of items to have with you when coming for a workout in the pool followed by a basic swim workout to get you started!

Swimmers Check List:
-Eat a good hearty meal before swimming.
-Choose a water-proof bag
-Pack a few towels
-Bring a bathing suit and clothes you want to wear afterwards.
-Grab your goggles and swim cap (and any other swim tools you want to bring)
-Any toiletries you may want (deodorant, lotion etc)….don’t forget that we provide shampoo and conditioner.
-Hydrate! Bring water. We need to re-hydrate after a swim workout as well.

Basic Workout:
-4 laps front crawl (freestyle) warm-up (rest between laps if needed)
-4 laps front crawl counting strokes per length (try to keep an even number of strokes); Focus on breathing as well every 2-4 strokes
-4 sets of 2 laps: front crawl 30 sec rest between each 50 meters; check your time
(try to hit the same time on each lap)
-4 laps with kick board, 30 seconds rest between laps try to keep an even kick, arms fully extended holding kickboard in front of you.
-2 laps warm down (swim slowly and relax)

Upcoming Events

Group Adult Swim Technique Class

imgJanuary - March 2015!March 2015!
Tuesdays and Thursdays: Instruction 9:00-9:30am; Independent Practical Application 9:30-10:00am

If you have always wanted to learn to swim, feel more comfortable in the water, or if you could simply use work on your stroke, this class is for you! ANYONE CAN LEARN TO SWIM AT ANY AGE!

All in a group setting and customized to your personal needs. Each month will focus on a different aspect of swimming technique:

  • January: Breathing and Stroke Work
  • February: Buoyancy and Stroke Work
  • March: Kicking; Putting It All Together

This class will include basic necessities for solid swimming: water safety, breathing, floating, and arm & leg movement. Participants can come for ½ hour or the full hour! Cost is $60/month.

Sign-ups available at the front desk; Stop by, call (805-239-7397), or email Jodi McDowell (Instructor) [email protected].
$60/Month; Beginning January 6th** Minimum of 5 attendees to hold class; invite your friends!

Mommy and Me Swim Classes

10-10:30 am Tuesdays and Thursdays; 11-11:30 am Wednesdays

Classes have begun, and we are so excited to see our future swimmers in the water with their parents! Winter classes will continue to be provided for interested participants, Ages 6 months to 4 years. Call to sign up today!
Private and Semi Lessons: For all ages continue to be available for ages 5+ to adult!

Swimming Fun Facts: Did You Know?

img img

  • 10,000 year old rock paintings of people swimming were found in the Cave of Swimmers in southwestern Egypt!
  • These paintings showed evidence of breaststroke or a dog paddle like stroke.
  • The first book on swimming and reducing the dangers of drowning was written in 1539.
  • The Art of Swimming by was written in the 1600s
  • 1896: Swimming debuts as part of the Olympic program with freestyle and breaststroke, men only.

Fitness Corner with Dr. Andre Acebo

Chiropractor and Strength Coach


Trainers often tell clients that our appearance (body composition or muscle:fat ratio) is 80% diet and 20% exercise ! Here's why…. Up to 70% of the calories we burn are through normal body processes like breathing, circulation, hormone production, tissue repair, and thermal regulation, processes that keep us ticking. About 10% of our calories are used in the digestion and storage of the food we eat. So 80% of our calories are spent before we even step in the gym!

Even though these percentages vary between individuals, and there are other factors involved in body composition, the take home message is this: 1) We can't out train a poor diet. The right nutrients in the right amounts are fundamental to a healthy, fit body. 2) We should maximize the benefits of exercise, by training often (at least 5x’s/week) and by strength training to increase our (calorie burning) muscles.

PRSC is committed to helping you use nutrition and training to achieve your health and fitness goals. There are two great tools we have available to you at the Club. The first tool is the Carey Fitness Challenge (a free monthly fitness assessment done by our trainers) utilizes!. Use this to set your "own" goals and keep yourself accountable. Doing the Challenge with friends is fun and will likely give you more success.

The second tool, starting in January, is our new Boot Camp program. These classes are run 2 times per week for 6 weeks. They focus on full body exercises, using mostly your own body for resistance, along with some small implements such as jump ropes, kettle bells, medicine balls and more. This is a "jump-start" program, intended to fire up your fat burning furnace. It is not an easy workout, nor is it right for individuals with orthopedic issues or cardiovascular illness. The price is a super low $59 for members ($89 for nonmembers). That is 12 sessions for under $60 or $5/session! Sign up today and tell your friends of this great opportunity! Boot Camp will run on Tuesday & Thursdays at 5:30 pm outside on the Sport Court; rain or shine! Sign-up at the front desk by calling 805-239-7397 or email me at [email protected]

Lets Do It!
Dr. Andre Acebo


Skincare and Make-Up Trends for 2015

imgJumping into 2015 we will start to see some changes in trends when it comes to skin care, wellness, health and beauty. Here are a few skincare and make-up tips for 2015:

1. Pale is the New Tan- America has seen a significant decline in indoor tanning via tanning beds and artificial light tanning methods. With a rise in skin cancer cases, we have since said no to that concentrated, damaging method and said yes to the porcelain, creamy look. When spring is coming to an end and summer is upon us, we will surely see a rise in the sun-kissed look utilizing bronzers and a healthy dose of natural Vitamin D from the beautiful sun. Until then… embrace the pale*. Give your skin a break!

*"Pale" will vary with skin tone.

2. Minimal Make Up- If you are hitting the town or have been wearing "foundation" every day for your whole life PUT THE BOTTLE DOWN! This year on the runway we saw a bevy of natural faces. A bit of sunscreen (because we should always) and that is it. Here's a fun fact: when you apply concealer, foundation, CC/BB creams, contours, highlighters, blush and whatever else you find in your bag to even your skin tone out, all you're doing is confusing your skin. “But Lindsey! My skin is so uneven I need that stuff to look like a human!” You are a human, a beautiful human; drink water, eat your fruit and veggies and your skin will even out. I promise. Let your skin breathe!

3. Rosy, Just Bitten Lips- You know when you have a bit of a chap to your lips and they get that great rosy color? Rosy, Just Bitten Lips are what we are looking for; without the chapped part of course. Benefit Cosmetics has a great "stain" for your lips. It's made from rose water to get that deep red concentration. Burt's Bees and Maybelline have lip stains as well. We aren't looking for a major gloss look, just a little tint.

4. Bold Eyes- OK, the 80's are over and the 90's were 20 years ago! Get that blue eyeliner out of your make-up bags ladies! Be bold! Be daring! White, Blue, Purple, Green, Black. Since we are down playing the face and the lips, we can go big on the eyes. Don't get crazy with a tri-shadow blend, just a liner and mascara. Done!

5. Pantone Color of 2015: Marsala- The choice color of the year always makes a big influence in fashion, beauty, design, and so much more. This year is Marsala; a robust, earthy wine shade. This sophisticated shade goes with any skin tone. You will see this shade influence the beauty industry in lipsticks/stains, nails and eye make-up. It is definitely versatile throughout the seasons! Source: Pantone LLC

Happy New Year! :)

Lindsey Taylor
Skin Care Therapist
Director of Hospitality
Dance Instructor
Paso Robles Sports Club
2975 Union Road
Paso Robles, Ca 93446

Teeth Whitening with Shelly Shafer

imgWednesday January 14th and Sunday January 25th
Teeth Whitening is now available in our relaxing spa! The cost is only $95 (compared to $225 in other spas)! If you enjoy red wine, which most of our adult population in Paso Robles does, this is the perfect answer to your yellowed teeth. The appointment is just a short 45-minutes. The treatment consists of 2 sessions under a LED light lasting at most 15 minutes. The small cheek retractor allows for total relaxation during the treatment. Beaming White products are all organic and made in the USA. This system is designed to lift the stains from your teeth leaving you with a cleaner more natural confident smile. It is also safe to use with bonding and crowns. Spaces fill fast! Make sure to reserve your spot today by contacting the front desk staff. Our three dates for this month are January 14th and January 25th. To reserve your spot, you will be charged for the session due to limited space. Please call the Front Desk at 805-239-7397 to get signed up today!