January Newsletter 2019

The Factory


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What makes any program work? Consistency.

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Fitness Corner with Dr. Andre Acebo

Chiropractor and Strength Coach

Well Folks, 2018 is in the books! We had some challenges and successes last year. Our biggest being the opening of the Factory... It’s been a bit like holding a tiger’s tail! Thank you all for your patience and patronage as we work through our growing pains.

Another success has been our Max Athlete Strength & Conditioning Program. The daily training is built around big compound movements, especially the Olympic Lifts of the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. An extension of this program is our Iron Factory Weightlifting Team. Olympic style weightlifting has long been a stable for power athletes. Many other members are discovering the general fitness benefits of a stronger, leaner body, gained through this oldest of training methods.

For some, weightlifting has lit a competitive fire in them, especially among women (of all ages). Since the inclusion of women in the 2000 Olympic Games, women in weightlifting has grown to rival and in some cases surpass the number of men in the sport!

We held our 1st ever weightlifting competition in December 2018! One beauty of the day was the support of friends and family for the athletes. People can somehow relate to their struggle with the weights and determination to overcome. For a small, 1st time meet, the excitement, energy, camaraderie and willingness of folks to jump in and help was amazing! Thank You Lindsey Taylor, Sara Dobroth, Jeremy Layport, Marcel and Terry Acebo…. and all our Iron Factory weightlifters & supporters!
Check out a few videos of the meet and the "Future of Strength is Female" below... maybe you'll want to join us?


Call, Text or Email me Anytime!

Dr. Andre Acebo D.C
Fitness Director PRSC
NASM - Corrective Exercise Specialist
Titleist Performance Institute Certified Level 1
USA Weightlifting - Advance Sports Performance Coach
CrossFit Kids Trainer
[email protected] or (805) 712-7769



Happy New Year,

Every year at this time people reflect on the past year and look ahead at the new with fresh expectations. I believe this is front and foremost for a Tennis Club as amazing as ours. We concluded 2018 with a great turnout for our First Annual Ugly Sweater Mixer. As we walked (or danced) around the courts, I could feel a tangible positive energy, and it encouraged me in our programing for 2019.

My goal for PRSC in 2019 is to build excellence in our facility, programming, and performance. Establishing an atmosphere and environment that each of you want more and more of, is of the utmost importance. When we provide a clinic, mixer, or tournament, I want you to know it will be well planned, attended, and run. On my end, I will strive to communicate pertinent information to you as early as possible. On your end, I will need your help. As events sound fun to you, PLEASE RSVP and attend. When you RSVP, we can prepare for your arrival appropriately. I know not every event will be desirable to every player, however, I’d ask you to begin the new year with an open mind to continuing to build a great culture and community feel to PRSC.

I will be offering a few night lessons to accommodate working members. These have not been attended in the past, but every club I have ever seen has a vibrant evening session. My hope is we can make this a new way to blow off some steam, laugh a bit, and close down a work day. I would love to see this happen but obviously I cannot do this without willing players. I am excited to bring Juniors back on the courts as well so our youngest members can grow in the sport we love. As we begin to advertise the new tennis programming, please feel free to assist me in any word of mouth promotion of the programs. Detailed information for the programs are on our website and posted around the club.

Lastly, in February we will host our First Annual “Love-All Doubles Tournament” on February 8th and 9th. Friday the 8th will be reserved for a women’s tournament with two flights (as sign ups warrant). You choose your partner and your division. Saturday will be our marquee event with Mixed Doubles competition. I am excited to bring mixed doubles to the club in this fashion, and hope we have enough interest for two divisions. Entry fee is $30/player and includes a specially designed t-shirt, and tournament play (two rounds guaranteed). For the men, I am giving you notice to find a partner for a March Men’s Doubles Tournament with two flights. Details to follow.

I am excited for the possibilities, will you consider joining me in our growing goals for 2019?

All the best,

Devin Barber
Tennis Director
[email protected]


My New Year In Tennis

As we look forward to another fantastic year of tennis at the club led by our new Tennis Director, Devin Barber, I thought I’d reflect back on some of the important highlights of our game I wrote about in 2018. Take a look and see if any of them you took to heart.

I find that most tennis players tend to over-exaggerate the importance of how they hit the ball, and overlook the importance of how they play the game. Good strokes and footwork are important ingredients in winning tennis matches, but using sound strategies and tactics makes the task infinitely easier. Take some lessons, go to some clinics; understand our game better and enjoy it more!

Learn to mix up and have a variety of serves like a good baseball pitcher does. Placement may be the most important way to mix up your serve. With good placement, you can pull your opponent wide off the court, you can jam your opponents with a body serve, or direct the serve to their weaker side, all usually eliciting a short, weak reply enabling you to control the point right away. And take the time to work on and improve your second serve skills to have the confidence to use it effectively.

The game of tennis is not won by hitting screaming winners inches over the top of the net. We all want to be proficient from the baseline. So… be sure there is plenty of room over the net when your ball passes over. High clearance while keeping the ball in the court will allow your ball to travel deeper and quicker into the court and rob your opponent of time to react to it, so develop a “lifting element” to your groundstrokes. A simple drill to develop that skill goes like this: while hitting your groundstrokes, as the incoming shot drops to the court and bounces in front of you, you lower your hips, bend your knees and drop down slightly with the bounce and “shadow” the flight of the incoming ball; as it bounces up, you again “shadow” the flight of the ball and rise up with the bounce as you prepare to strike it.

Practice Good Shot Selection. After poor footwork, the most common type of error is low percentage shot selection. Understand the benefits of hitting offensive, defensive or neutral shots at the correct time will help immensely in reducing your error count; the bane of all club players.

Focus on the Now. It’s impossible to play solid, great-winning tennis every moment you’re out on the court. Staying in the moment and focusing on your next point is key to your success. Don’t get caught up in what happened the last point or the last game or look ahead to what could happen in the future. To be consistent, keep in the moment. As one of most distinguished and ground breaking coaches in tennis, Vic Braden wisely once said, “The most important shot in tennis is the one you’re hitting right now”.

I wish you, your families and loved ones, all a Happy and Prosperous 2019 and may your tennis game be everything you want it to be!!

See Ya’ on the Courts, Gary

SPA and THERAPY at Paso Robles Sports Club


Happy New Year from all of us in
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