July Newsletter 2013

New Tennis Programming


Adult Clinics

Beginner Doubles Clinic
Tuesday 6-7:30 pm
$15.00 members/$20 nonmembers

Advanced Doubles Clinic
Thursday 6-7:30 pm
$15.00 members/$20 nonmembers

All-Levels Doubles Clinic
Friday 9-10:30 am
$15.00 members/$20 nonmembers

Morning Mimosa Clinic
Saturday 9-10:30 am
Complimentary members/$20 nonmembers

Junior Clinics

Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays
3:30 – 5p Top Guns (Intermediate)
5 - 6:30p Academy (Advanced)

Day: $20.00 members/$25 nonmembers
Weekly: $50 members/$65 nonmembers
*Best Rate*
Monthly (4 weeks): $150 mem/$195 nonmem
Only $8/hr!

Saturday Morning Junior Program

9-9:30a PeeWees (3-5 year olds)
$9.00 members/$12 nonmembers
9:30–10:15a Shooting Stars (Ages 6-11)
$12.00 members/$16 nonmembers
10:30–11:30a Rising Stars (Ages 12+)
Day: $14.00 members/$18 nonmembers
11:30-12:30p Junior Stars (Advanced)
Day: $14.00 members/$18 nonmembers

Tennis Camp

Monday through Friday
8:30-10a Superstars (Ages 6-11)
11-12:30p Rising Stars (Ages 12+)

Day: $20.00 members/$25 nonmembers
*10% off if purchasing the week in advance*
*15% discount for siblings*

Tennis Tips from Gary Amadio


Obey The Doubles Laws!

As we’re in full swing for our summer tennis season, I thought it might be helpful to review some of our strategies for the game most of us play.

1.) “Close to Close/Deep to Deep” Law–
When your formation is one up, one back; the basic strategy is to hit the ball to the opponent who mirrors your position on the court. If you’re up at net – hit it to the net person to rob them of time to react; if you’re in the backcourt – hit it to your counterpart on the opposing baseline, not allowing the net person to cross and hit a winning volley. The exception – if you’re at net and have to volley/hit up from the below the net, hit it to the deep opponent. Hitting a low volley, high, to your opposing net person will most likely reward you back with a “fuzz sandwich”.

2.) Don’t play “Heart Attack Doubles” Law
The net person on the team is constantly watching the ball travel back and forth past him/her to their baseline partner and back; getting a sun tan while your partner has a “heart attack” running everything down. Get up to the “launching position” – whenever the ball passes your opposite net man and you know they can’t hurt you,
close to within 6-8 feet of the net, ready to poach on a soft or slightly high return. Be active, get involved, it’s much more fun to hit the ball than to watch it sail past you constantly and your odds of winning the point go up dramatically with whoever strikes the first volley.

3.) “Serve Smarter, Not Harder” Law
Understand your opponent’s weaker side for returns and direct most of your serves there. Constantly trying to return serve from your weaker side with an opposing server’s partner stationed right at the net can be very intimidating. When serving to the deuce court, hit most of your serves down the “T”, making your opponents attempt perhaps the hardest shot in doubles tennis - the inside-out backhand return. Take a little off your first serve if necessary and try to maintain a first serve percentage of at least 60-65%.

4.) “Butts and Elbows” Law
Whenever you see those body parts of your opponents, close the net as quickly as you can. They’re retreating quickly with their backs to you and they don’t have any chance of hitting an offensive shot.

5.) “Three Laws of Poaching”
Always poach when: your team’s shot is returned from behind the baseline –this allows you plenty of time to cover the ball that is hit cross-court; Second - when the ball is hit low to your opponent’s feet – they will have to hit up and allow you an opportunity take the higher, weaker return and crush it; Third - when your opponent’s are constantly beating your partner in baseline rallies, you have to mix it up and throw off their steadiness.

Obey these few laws to enjoy and win more in doubles.

See Ya’ on the Courts,

New Group Fitness Schedule is out!


We are changing things up to ensure we have something for everyone. Please visit our website today to download your exercise schedule! New to the schedule is Cardio Kickboxing and Cardio Tennis!

Cafe News


Taco Tuesday: Join us all summer long! Our cafe is open to the public!

Every Tuesday 3:00p-6:30p

$1.25 tacos
$2.00 chips and salsa
$2.00 Corona and Bud Light
$3.00 805 and Sierra Nevada

Call ahead to pre-order 805-239-7397



imgPaso Robles Sports Club is offering both group, private, and semi-private lessons all summer. Group lessons are only $60.00 for a two week session. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

Swim Team is available for all kids over the age of 6 that can swim 25 yards. For more information, contact Spencer Sznejkowski at 805-423-2271 or email him at [email protected]

Fitness Corner


Please welcome Laura McMahon, the newest addition to our Personal Trainer team!

Laura grew up hiking, horseback riding, skiing, and camping with friends and family in beautiful Ojai, California. She was a competitive swimmer for six years, and now enjoys the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. She is looking forward to meeting you as a personal trainer and helping you reach all of your fitness goals!

July 4th

imgThe Club will be open on the Fourth of July from 8:00am to 4:00pm!

Mariano will be offering a tennis Round Robin at 9 am, and then the café will be selling an old fashion barbeque at 11. Lifeguards will be on pool deck from noon to 4. Bring the whole family and enjoy the day at the Club. Guest fees apply for all nonmembers.

Fourth of July Menu

Served 11am-3pm

Cheeseburger with Chips $5
2 Hot dogs with Chips $5
Nachos $7
Large Pizza (Cheese or Pepperoni) $7

Green Salad $3
(Mixed Greens, Cucumber, Tomato, Shredded carrots)

Red Potato Salad $3
(Red potatoes, Olive Oil, Shallot, Crumbled Bacon)

Grandma’s Pasta Salad $3
(Tri color Pasta, Mayo, Chicken Breast, Black Olives, Artichoke Hearts)

Baked Beans $2

Want an event but without the summer heat? Try a morning event with a beautiful and delicious brunch catered by us! We can do everything from pancakes to omeletes to quiche. Book today by calling our Front Desk at (805) 239-7397 or sending an email to Terry Acebo at [email protected]