July Newsletter 2016

Special Fourth of July Hours:

11 am to 4 pmThere will be no Kids Club or Classes. Enjoy the holiday!


CARDIO TENNIS, for the sake of it.....and the health of it!!

imgCardio Tennis is a way of training for Tennis that focuses on improving your cardiovascular fitness. The class is all about being active the whole time and getting a great workout. In a lot of tennis clubs it is a very popular class .The teacher usually does not give any advice on how to hit the ball but instead functions more like a motivator during the class.I think Cardiovascular Tennis is a great way for people to get an excellent workout on the tennis court and have a ton of fun at the same time! It is only important to remember what it is good for and what not.

If your primary goal is to improve your fitness and have some fun while at it, then this is the right class for you!

If on the other hand you seriously want to improve your game, then working on your tennis technique as well as the other areas of your game will most likely lead to better results.Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of cardio classes!


  • A great workout
  • Takes the pressure away from making mistakes
  • Lots of fun, hit a million shots
  • Trains your hand-eye-coordination
  • Burns more calories than regular tennis classes
  • Great for losing some weight and maintaining overall health

The general idea is that the fun factor makes it a lot easier to continue going with aerobic activity when you are already tired and it certainly works!

The Class

Classes usually go for about an hour and consist of a warm-up phase, a cardio exercise phase, and a cool-down phase. The cardio exercise phase takes somewhere between 30 and 50 minutes and it can best be described as non-stop action!


Oftentimes music is used to make the class even more fun. Music can be a great tool to motivate people and get them moving and therefore I think this is a great thing. Feel free to bring your own playlist to the class.

Heart Rate Monitors

Heart Rate Monitors are often used to make sure that students work in their optimal heart rate zone. The basic idea is to work for longer periods of time in your optimal heart rate zone which provides the greatest health benefits.

The optimal heart rate zone is usually 65 to 85 percent of your maximum heart rate. Your maximum heart rate can roughly be calculated by calculating your age off of the number 220. So if you are 20 years old, then your maximum heart rate is 200 and your target heart rate for your cardio workouts is between 130 and 170.

Typical Exercises

During the class the coach will put up a lot of stations so that everybody is always active. Oftentimes agility ladders are used where some people can work on their footwork while others are hitting balls.\

Transition balls are also used often because that way it is easier to keep the rally going for longer. Generally there will be a mix of hitting balls and doing tennis-related cardiovascular exercises in-between.
The class is all about motivating people to get moving.


I believe that Cardio Tennis is a great thing for the tennis industry. First and foremost it is a lot of fun even for players who are just beginning with Tennis. Learning Tennis is a difficult task and anything that motivates people and lets them enjoy the learning process is great in my opinion!

So if you want to get a great workout and have some fun on the tennis court go for it and sign up for a class. Just be aware that you will not learn proper tennis technique and become a great player in these classes, you would require some private lessons for that.

All levels are encouraged, a brand new player can enjoy the class with an advanced player because they don't play against each other but rather hit the coaches ball feed.

Cardio tennis is free on Mondays at 6:30 pm and it`s $10 for Thursday's at 10:30 am

If you don't have a racket we will lend you one!!!
To read this article or others like it visit: http://www.onlinetennisinstruction.com/cardiotennis.html


Are You Practicing to Win?

What's the real winning strategy on winning a doubles tennis match? Most of us would agree that: serving with a high first serve percentage, aggressive service returns putting your opponents on the defensive and playing well from the net are keys to victory.

But how do we usually practice? We typically hit endless forehands and countless backhands, grinding and grinding from the baseline. If we do come to the net, it's for a coupla' quick volleys and then we retreat again to the baseline. We may serve a dozen or so serves before we start to keep score and that's about it. But here's a recap of the findings of the professional tennis tours head statistician regarding length of points; length of points by shots hit: 0-4: 70%, length of points by shots hit: 5-8 shots: 20%, length of points by shots hit: 9 +: 10%

Yes, you read that right. At the professional level 70% of all points last 4 shots or less. Whether they're finished by an outright winner, forced or unforced error, that's how long the points last. We all tend to remember the long drawn out points that may end with a screaming winner that makes the fans in the stadium (and maybe us watching on our TV's at home jump to our feet and applaud), but those points are the exception, not the rule! I have found in charting matches over the years, those numbers ring even truer (read shorter points) at the club level as well.

So what does that mean to us? It means quality reigns supreme over quantity in our sport. The quality of our practice is key. Training exactly what happens in a match is the ideal pathway forward if you want to start winning more matches!

Understand This: points where the players only hit four consecutive balls in the court accounts for 70% of all rallies; typically - a serve, a return, and maybe a coupla' groundstrokes. BUT - 70% (perhaps more) of typical practice is focused on everything past those four balls. The reality of practice time is devoted to long rallies trying to keep the play in play from the baseline, however, the reality of match time is short rallies.
There are 6 shots typically competing for time on a practice court; forehands, backhands, serves, returns, approaches, volleys. Which two of these six do you spend most of your time hitting and practicing? Ohhh yes, I bet forehands and backhands. Now, of course, there is a ongoing satisfaction and feeling of competence of hitting the ball back and forth over the net consistently with your hitting partner(s), I would not want you to deny that feeling, however, especially in doubles, those shots do not win you matches.

Serves and returns get basically ignored on the practice court, (hopefully if you are kind enough to read my articles once in awhile and my description of how important these two shots are, you DO practice them quite a bit), but they are the beating heart of our game. And if you play doubles, as most of our members do, volleys and especially approach shots may get even less court time.

Approaching the net on a short ball typically happens early in a point, but you have to think to yourself (and be honest), how often do I really practice hitting a penetrating approach shot from mid-court putting my opponents on the defense, setting up a finishing shot from the net?

Don't spend 80-90% of your time on the practice court focused on something that probably happens less than 10-20% of the time in a match. If you like to compete - if winning matters - there is a good chance that your training needs to change. Take some time and re-evaluate how you spend your practice time on the court and perhaps adjust that time to focus on those key elements of match play giving you a much better chance of carrying off that trophy!!
See Ya' on the Courts, Gary

Tennis at PRSC

imgSummer Mixer

Tuesday, July 12th at 6:00 pm, all levels doubles men and women.
Match play organized by Mariano.
$7 corkage fee
Pot luck, bring your favorite dish to share!

Tennis Tournament

August 6th and 7th Saturday and Sunday
All levels, men and women, singles and doubles
Pick up a flyer/registration at the front desk!

Family Tournament

Sunday, July 17th 8:30 am start.
$20 per team for members.

Things are shaping up for a super fun summer full of events here at the club!


In June, we hosted a successful Color Fun Run benefiting the Kayla Peach Memorial Foundation. A great time was had by all who volunteered, participated, or cheered on the runners. We are currently transitioning into the warmer summer months with pool and patio parties. Contact Ranay about reserving a date for your special celebration or “ just because” occasion. We provide catering if you are interested in hassle-free hosting. Bringing your party to the club is a great way to share the Club with your friends who aren’t members yet. We help your party run as smoothly as we can, assisting you with set-up, providing service options, and helping with clean-up. Weddings and events are also available to non-members so you can recommend our facility to your friends.

Call the club and ask for Ranay or email, [email protected] to inquire or to get something going this summer!

Union Cafe

imgCool off with a healthy and delicious Smoothie!A healthy option for your whole family! There is something for everyone!

Lg $6.50 Sm $5.50
Matcha Banana
Matcha powder, Vanilla Whey Protein, Banana, Spinach and water

Green Machine
Spinach, Banana, Vanilla Whey Protein, Crushed Pineapple

PB Cup
Chocolate Whey Protein, Peanut Butter (Sub Almond Butter for $1), water

Strawberry Banana
Crushed Strawberries, Banana, Vanilla Whey Protein

PB& Jelly
Crushed Strawberries, Peanut butter, Vanilla Whey Protein



img img

Get your different strokes on.

Jump into a pool and enjoy an exhilarating yet low-impact water workout. Our aquatic center caters to every type of swimmer. Private, Semi Private, and Group Swim Lessons are available for all ages and abilities, as are Aqua Fitness classes, Lap Swimming, Mommy and Me classes, Masters Swimming, Summer League, and NCA Swim Team.

Aquatics Hours of Operation

The aquatics center is open for use during the following hours.
Monday-Friday Saturday Sunday
5:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. 8:00 a.m. - 8:30 p.m . 8:00 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.

Safety Comes First At Our Swimming Facility

Paso Robles Sports Club always takes the safety of its members seriously as we have a lifeguard and pool attendant on duty to facilitate a secure environment at the times posted below.


Monday-Friday 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Saturday –Sunday 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Please make every effort to keep your eyes on your children at the pool, as no one does a better job than you!


Fitness Corner with Dr. Andre Acebo

imgChiropractor and Strength Coach
PRSC Fitness Director

Lifestyle and facing the truth:
Most of us know we should eat our veggies, get plenty of rest, move and sweat daily. We know that "down time" and family dinners are good for us mentally, emotionally, socially and physically. We know eating should be natural and for building health into our bodies. Connecting with others is often around food and has been since we took down that first mammoth together! ...Good times, good times. So what happened!

That debate is long and contentious, with lots of blame to go around! There are many reasons for the current state of poor health, lack of strength or fitness in many, if not most Americans. But for today, I want to convey a couple of ideas that may help you build a strong, lean, and healthy body for yourself and your family.

The first is individual choice and responsibility. We may be social creatures, but never follow the herd mentality. Nobody owes us anything; never take the "victim" road, even if you literally are the victim of a circumstance, i.e. major bodily injury or illness, dysfunctional family etc., only a "pick yourself up by the bootstraps, can do attitude" will move you forward. By all means, accept any help that comes your way and be quick to help others whenever you can, but don't wait for someone to solve your problems, you'll be waiting forever! Admittedly, if you are a member of this club, you may already have this right "can do" mindset. But, examine yourself in all areas of your life. Many people, who are successful in one area, are sorely lacking in another. I know many well educated, financially successful people who cannot get a handle on their overeating and find no time to exercise.

The second is…Simplify. America is 1% of the world’s population but we use 50% of the world’s resources! There is a saying, "The more you own, the more it owns you." We are a consumer driven society. "Have more, get more, do more" and on it goes. But there is a price, and that price is often peace of mind and lack of time. When asked his opinion about the biggest health problem facing Americans, a well known physician said, "lack of margin." That's the space between the available time in each day, and the amount of things we have to take care of. We are over scheduled. Things to do and our stuff can create clutter and no room for rest and unwinding. So we self medicate and overcompensate, often with refined, tasty, not-so-good-for-you food. Many life and wellness coaches are now advising clients to "de-convenience” their lives! Walk more, cut your own lawn, get rid of the microwave, cook as a family, turn off the TV, the computers, tablets and those little hand held electronic communicators that everyone is looking at when they're sitting at the same table talking! Why that's downright un-American. So, if technology works for you, great. Use it, but watch out! Don't let it use you! Our time, peace of mind, close relationships, health and fitness should be guarded closely.

The Paso Sports Club is here, so you can achieve this balance in your life. Use the pool, tennis and fitness equipment, use it daily! If you need help, with what to do or how to do it, call me. We have trainers with many different backgrounds, approaches, and personalities. One thing we all have in common is a love for health, fitness, and a desire to help others. Put us to the test!

Dr. Andre Acebo D.C
Fitness Director PRSC
USA Weightlifting - Senior Coach
NASM - Corrective Exercise Specialist
CrossFit - Level 1 Trainer
[email protected] or (805) 712-7769