July Newsletter 2017

Fitness Corner with Dr. Andre Acebo

Chiropractor and Strength Coach
PRSC Fitness Director

In recent articles, I've discussed Long Term Youth Athletic Development. You may remember the pyramid illustration where the foundation layer is optimum nutrition, to fuel the demands of training. Upon this we build endurance with cardio-respiratory work, followed by strength, then power with body weight exercises, progressing to external resistance movements (weights) and finally sports mastery. Keep in mind this process can take several years and should NOT be rushed.

When done properly, weightlifting is not only safe but extremely effective in developing the all important quality of power. Power or explosiveness (particularly in the hips and legs) is what allows athletes to jump higher and sprint faster or move an opponent. One cannot overstate its importance in sports like football, volleyball, wrestling, tennis, basketball, track & field, baseball, swimming, and so on.
So when is the right time to start weightlifting? Let’s go back to the Pyramid; has the young athlete (or adult, returning to exercise) built a base of endurance, can they move and control their own body weight with good posture and mechanics doing things like pushups, sit ups, pull ups, handstands, bear crawls, tumbling, and the like? And is there a qualified coach in close supervision? Physiologically, a child as early 10 years old can start to learn weightlifting technique, usually starting with a PVC pipe. Of course there are other factors to consider as well, such as mental maturity, motivation, and parental involvement.
At the Paso Robles Sports Club, we start working with kids as young as 5 years of age. Balance, running, jumping, throwing and tumbling are the first steps of lifelong fitness. As they progress up the pyramid, we play games with fun challenges to develop their growing bodies. By 12 to 14 years old, they can enter in to more formalized training. Unlike many other activities, weightlifting (aka Olympic lifting, due to its worldwide participation and inclusion in every Olympic Games since their inception!) is both a training tool and a widely enjoyed sport for both men and women of all shapes and sizes. Boys, Girls, Men & Women of any age or weight can compete in USA Weightlifting sanctioned meets from the local level, all the way up to the national level and even be selected for our Olympic team!

When to start? How about now! Call or text me with your specific questions, regarding your fitness or athletic goals, or that of your son or daughter.

To your health and fitness,
Dr. Andre Acebo D.C
Fitness Director PRSC
USA Weightlifting - Senior Coach
NASM - Corrective Exercise Specialist
CrossFit - Level 1 Trainer
[email protected] or (805) 712-7769

Kid’s Night Out

Movie Night
Friday, July 28th, 5:30pm to 8:00pm

Sign up the kiddos to join us from 5:30 to 8:00pm. We will be crafting bead lizards, eating pizza, watching the movie UP.

You can enjoy a couple of hours to yourself or join us on the patio for a separate wine tasting event.
Sign up @ Kids’ Club, @ front desk, or @ [email protected]

$20.00 for first child
$30.00 for two children (same family)
$10.00 additional per each child (same family)

Advance (24 hours or more) reservation is required to hold your spot, non-refundable charge will be charged on Thursday.

Children ages 2 and under will be charged an additional $10.00 per child

Wine Tasting, Bocce Ball, & Food Sampling

Friday Night, July 28th, 5:30 to 8:00pm
We will be sampling wines graciously supplied by one of our member’s winery, the San Marcos Creek Vineyard and Winery, Thank You Kim Morelli!

2014 San Marcos Creek Estate Grenache Rose. It has essence of Raspberry, and Vanilla. It pairs well with a quiche, frittata, or a salad. It’s the perfect Sunday Brunch wine.

2014 San Marcos Creek Estate Cabernet Sauvignon. It just scored a 95, and received 2 gold medals at the Los Angeles International Wine Competition.

2014 San Marcos Creek Estate Zinfandel. Strawberry jam, pepper notes, and allspice, very smooth.

We will also have some tasty appetizers provided by our very own
Paso Robles Sports Club Cafe.

We need to know that you are coming,
To RSVP call the front desk, 805.239.7397
Everyone is welcome! Questions, please ask for Ranay, Events Manager
or email [email protected]
2975 Union Road, Paso Robles, CA 93446

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Central Coast Women's Tennis Teams- 2017-2018 Season

We have been blessed with huge growth in our tennis community at Paso Robles Sports Club this season, and we look forward to having another successful year on the courts with our women’s teams. Please let Tennis Director Mariano Parris ([email protected]) know if you are interested in playing competitive tennis this fall (the season goes through May of 2018). We are forming our A, A-, B+, and B teams now and need our rosters finished before the end of July.

Union Cafe



Personal Cheese Pizza $6
Marinara Sauce or Pesto Sauce with mozzarella cheese
*add pepperoni or chicken $1

Garden Salad $6
Lettuce, Carrots, Tomatoes, Red Onions, Croutons
Choice of Ranch, Caesar, or Balsamic dressings
*add chicken or gyro for $2

Gyro Pita Sandwich $8
Lamb or chicken, Tzatziki sauce, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Red onions

Nachos $6
Tortilla chips, Mexican cheese blend, Refried beans
*add chicken or gyro for $2


Cheese Quesadilla
Chicken Nuggets
Hot dog
Grilled cheese

*combos come with chips and a drink

imgSummer is calling you...

Come join us, lay by the pool, soak up the sun, and sip that sweet Mango IPA!


Where well-being meets you-time

imgAddress pain and joint dysfunction with Orthopedic Massage, or prevent and manage injuries with Myofascial Release and Sports Massage.

Did you know you can increase flexibility and reduce workout recovery time by getting regular therapeutic massages? Your workouts and daily living activities will only get easier if you take good care of your joints and muscles.

Keri Keefer has been doing massage for nearly 20 years. She has worked mostly in the clinical setting in addition to running her own business. A newer transplant to the area from up north, she is now solely focused on PRSC members.

For questions or to book a session, please call Keri Keefer at 831-402-6632 or email her at [email protected]

imgJunior Life Guard

JULY 10-13th
11:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Contact Heather Moffitt at [email protected] for more information or to sign up!

The Most Important Number In Tennis - Revisited

If you’re kind enough to read this column once in awhile, you might remember the number 55 that I have discussed on occasion. It’s the percentage of points won in a tennis match that will win you 90% of your matches. Say that to yourself again, 55% of your points won translates into 90% of your matches won! The stats speak for themselves – we’ll get to those later, but I thought a more mental perspective this time around might give you a different take on how to evaluate these numbers and how to apply them to yourselves.

So, think of your own game. You simply love tennis! It’s fun for you, you enjoy competing, you love to run around and you love playing with your tennis buddies. But, here’s the deal.

  1. When you win the point, most of us are glad/happy/smiling.
  2. When you lose the point, most of us are sad/not happy/frowning.You try and win every point they play.

You want to win every point you play. You want perfection. That’s fine, that’s great; but, obviously, it’s not reality. You have to understand tennis is a game of very small margins: tennis is not a game of perfection, it’s a game of percentages.

Once you learn and accept that it’s OKAY to lose 45% of all points you play (and still win 90% of your matches), you get off the “happy/sad” rollercoaster that destroys you mentally between the points and exacerbates your perception of futility at playing this game. You learn that competition means losing a lot of points. You learn to lose a point, and now say to yourself “It’s okay. That’s just one of the 45% (or more) of points I’m gonna’ lose.” You freak out less. You put less stress on yourself and/or your partners. Smile when you hit a winner and smile even bigger when you make an error; it’s all part of the game! You’ll enjoy yourself a lot more. And I’m willing to bet, you’ll win a bit more as well with this new relaxed perspective.

To revisit the hard core data: here’s some of the most stats that verify that 55% number for you:

Here’s an example from 2016:

No. 1 in the world = Andy Murray: Matches Won = 90% (78-9). Points Won = 55%. Murray finished No. 1 and lost almost 6,000 of the almost 13,000 points that he played… think about that for a minute or two.

Here’s some even bigger picture statistics for you.

2017 Australian Open Men’s Draw - Match Winners = Won 10,500 points (55%), Match Losers = Lost 8740 points (45%)

Here it is again: the average amount of points won by the No.1 player in the world from 1991-2016.

  • 55% = 12 years, 54% = 7 years, 53% = 4 years, 56% = 3 years,

So, next time you go out and play again, put your game into a realistic perspective of how the game is won. Don’t blow up at a single point lost or even a couple of points in a row. Know that consistency and reduction of errors is the way to the top of our game. Play within your skill limits, always get the ball back and never give up. Remember, tennis is a game unlike any other I know of, where you can have less total points than your opponent does and you still can win the match!

See Ya’ on the Courts, Gary