June Newsletter 2013

Fitness Corner: PRSC Trainer News


Fitness Director & Strength Coach, Dr. Andre Acebo with Conner Truhitte after signing his national letter of intent to play football at the University of La Verne.

Welcome our two new Personal Trainers, Kathy Thomas and Sigrid Alakel! You have probably seen them working hard every morning out front. Come say hello to all our trainers; Doc, Amber, J.J, Kathy and Sigrid!


Dear Members,
Summer is just around the corner which means the weather will be heating up!  So, before you play, drink enough water to ensure that you are well hydrated.  During your match or work out, drink a carbohydrate/electrolyte drink to restore calcium lost due to sweat.  After you’re done playing, drink a carbohydrate/electrolyte drink to restore fluid loss.

While playing during the hot summer weather, be smart and safe by drinking plenty of H₂O!

All four of our women’s teams wrapped season play in the Central Coast Women’s League.  

Our A- ladies team finished in second place with 28 points to Arroyo Grande’s 31 points in a long season battle back and forth.  Joan Jordan & Sherri Wallace led the team with 10 wins.  Neetlje Crossland and Marla Clay combined for 8 wins.

Our two B+ teams, the Gold team and the Racquettes finished in third and fourth place respectively with 31 points & 29 points, just barely missing out on second place where Avila Bay closed with 33 points.

The Gold team was led by Tina Goldman with 13 wins, with 12 of those wins partnered with Cindi Small.  Jan Brugge and Angela Mitchell combined for 9 wins together.  Jill Backer contributed 9 wins as well.

The Racquettes were led by Andrea Hobbs’ 8 wins, with 7 of those victories partnered with Penny Schnabel.  Kathleen Snyder and Suzanne Martin finished with 7 wins during league play.

Our B team came away with fifth place in league play.  Cheryl Gordon, Coralie McMillan, & Sara Dobroth won 5 matches during the season.

I know next season will be even better!  Way to go, ladies!

Junior Camp

We will be offering an early morning session from 8:30-10:00 and a mid-morning session from 11:00-12:30, Monday through Friday beginning June 3.

Upcoming Events

Friday social tennis & barbecue.  We are looking to bring back this Friday tennis social once a month during the summer. 

July 4 - Woodies & Whites event.  This is a chance to bring out those old wood rackets.  And wearing whites is to commemorate the time when it was the only color players could wear at Wimbledon.  Save the date!  Start time will be 9 am!

Often I am asked by players, “What can I work on to improve my game?”
This is a loaded question.
Talking from my own experience, this is how I have always approached it.

My college coach said that #1, I needed to always be ready to go the distance in the best of three set match; #2 I needed to work on all technical aspects of my game so that my strokes would not break down in a close, tough match; #3 I needed to work on my mental approach to the game, to have the right mindset to play tennis.

So, this is what I recommend to improve your game:
#1  Work on your conditioning & fitness.  By being able to get to the ball quicker and to go physically longer in a match will increase your chances to play your best tennis.

#2  Work on your technique which will improve your consistency.  

#3  Work on your mental approach and tennis mindset.  

Have fun with your tennis!


A word from Gary:

How Important Is One Point?
As the French Open is now underway, I wanted to start by looking back at Rafael Nadal’s astounding record  there and a close look at the statistics as the man who will retire as the greatest clay court player in history.
Rafa’s record at the French reads: 7 championships in the last 8 years. A 52-1 won-loss record. In eight years he’s won 98% of his matches, 89% of his sets, 65% of his games and 57% of all his points. Statistics that will never be matched at any one tournament. However, the one I would like to focus on is the last, 57% of all his points.

Tennis statisticians will present the following numbers to you. If you win 50% of your points, you will win 50% of your matches, 51% points won will win you 60% of your matches, 52% will win you 70%, 53%/80%, 54%/85%, 55%/90% and so on, you get the picture. Over eight years and 53 matches, Nadal’s dominant statistics essentially mirror that study. These percentages have astounded most of the tennis players I have brought these up to over the years. So what does that mean to us?

If you play a full three set match, let’s say an average of 150 points are played. If you win 55% of the points played or 82 points, that means your opponents will win 68 points. So after 1 ½ - 2 hours of playing, 150 points, three bottles of Gatorade, two bananas/energy bars, 5-8  peeks at your cell phone to view your missed calls and e-mails, you only have to win 14 more points than your opponent in that entire time and you will win 90% of your matches!! Most of us would like to play opponents that present more of a challenge than for us to whack them 90% of the time, so let’s take a look at a more realistic statistic.

You’re playing your comparable opponent in your weekly match, that always goes three sets, for fun and/or profit (if you make a friendly side bet). If you win 79 points and he/she/they win 71 points, eight points difference, you will beat them 75% of the time, a statistic I think I most us would be completely content with playing our arch nemesis! EIGHT POINTS in 1 ½ - 2 hours and you’ll win every three out of every four matches you play against them!

So, what does that mean to us? Develop your game built around consistency and high percentage tennis to lessen your errors. Strengthen your SECOND serve so you just don’t hand your opponents easy points.  Play to your opponent’s weaknesses as often as you can, making them lower their level of play to   create more errors. Don’t give away a lot of free points and expect to win!! Try a coupla’ these tips to tilt the statistics in your favor and see your winning percentage rise.
See Ya’ On the Courts, Gary

Yoga Stress Relieving Workshop:


Saturday, June 22nd
11:30am to 1:00pm
This workshop will include breath work, meditation and restorative yoga. It is free for members and only $20 for non-members. Space will be limited, so sign up early!

Summer Sports Camp:


Monday June 3rd to Friday August 23rd
Drop Off Time: 8:30am
Pick Up Time: 4:00pm

This camp is geared towards children ages 5 to 12 years old. It will include a 45 minute tennis clinic, an hour and a half swimming session, two healthy snacks, and educational activities and crafts. Registration forms are available at the Front Desk or you can download the registration form here off our website.

Our camp starts Monday, June 3rd and ends Friday, August 23rd. It is very flexible and can work around any summer schedule. It will include a 45 minute tennis clinic, swimming, healthy snacks, educational activities, and fun! Please download or stop by our Front Desk to pick up your registration packet today! Space is limited, so sign up early! For any questions or for more information please contact our Camp Director, Victoria, at [email protected].

Swim Lessons

imgFor group, private, and semi-private lessons, please contact Spencer Sznejkowski at [email protected] or call the front desk at 805-239-7397.  Our first session starts June 3, 2013, and costs as low as $60.00 for a two week session.

imgFourth of July at PRSC

Sadly, we were informed by the city that there will be no fireworks this year at Barney Schwartz.  We will however be opened for your family’s enjoyment from 8 am to 4 pm.  We will be hosting a Whites and Woodies tournament starting at 9 am, and also an old fashioned family barbeque at noon.  Please come and enjoy the day at the club!  

Kids Day at the Club

We will also be offering Parents’ Day Out on June 9th from 1:30 to 5 pm.  The price is $25.00 for your first child ($10 off for additional siblings).  Reserve your spot today, so you can get a much needed break!

Wine Tasting with Wine Wrangler


On June 9th from 1:30 to 5:00 pm there will be wine tasting with the Wine Wrangler.  The bus will pick you up at the club.  The price is only $35.00 per person, though there may be tasting fees at the wineries we visit (mostly waived with purchase).  To sign up please contact the front desk at 805-239-7397 or for questions about the tour, email: [email protected].