June Newsletter 2018

Save the Date:

June 16th- 2 to 6 pm, Wine Tasting with Eberle Winery,
Complimentary Wine Tasting of their summer wines under the veranda. We will be serving light bites paired with tastes of the following wines: 2016 Estate Chardonnay (5 -Time Gold Medal Winner), 2017 Viognier (Best of viognier & Gold Medal Central Coast Wine Competition), Rose, 2016 Cotes-du-Robles (Gold Medal Winner, Best Rhone Red - Winemaker Challenge). Summer is here and we want to celebrate with you.


Taco Tuesdays are BACK!

And better than ever... if we do say so ourselves!

Starting Tuesday, June 19th 11-6pm

$3 Tacos- Carnitas, Green Chile Chicken or Black bean
*All Tacos Come with Cilantro, Diced Onion, Queso Fresco and a side of Salsa*

20% off Pitchers of Beer
20% off Bottles of wine
$1 off Beer by the can or pint
$1 off wine by the glass

Enjoy our DAILY Happy Hour 3-6pm

20% off Pitchers of Beer
20% off Bottles of wine
$1 off Beer by the can or pint
$1 off wine by the glass

$2 Chips and Salsa
$1 popcorn
$7 Pizzas

Summer Sports Blast

imgHave your children join us this summer! Camp hours are 8 am to 4 pm Monday through Friday starting June 11! Tennis, Swim, Soccer, Baseball and Softball! $49 for members ($196 per week) and $59 for non-members ($246 per week). Contact Regan Dobroth at [email protected] to reserve your spot!

Summer Baseball Camp

imgCamp Dates: 6/25-6/28, 7/12-7/15
Time: 9am-12pm
Cost: $150 members, $175 non-members (All Four Days)
$100 members, $125 non-members (2 of 4 days)
Ages: 7-12 years
Sign-up Deadlines: 6/18, 7/5

Camps will focus on some variation of:
- Infield/Outfield
- Pitching/Catching
- Hitting/Baserunning
- Competitive Play (Scrimmage)

Fielding & Hitting Clinics

Be on the lookout for our baseball and softball clinics this summer!

Factory FC Soccer Academy


Preseason Soccer Academy
U8 - $45/mo ($50/mo Non Member)
U10+ - $60/mo ($70/mo Non Member)

Factory FC Mini

Every Wednesday, 3 pm, at the Factory

Perfect for ages 4-6, this class is for beginner athletes new to the game of soccer. Athletes are asked to bring turf safe shoes, shin guards, and their own ball. Reservation is required and can be made at the front desk. Max: 12 players per class.

imgPrivate Coaching

We now offer private coaching instruction for Baseball, Softball, & Soccer! If you’d like more information or to be set up with a coach, please email our sports programming director, Nick Reyes at: [email protected]

Our Coaches:

Cole Saucier
Robert Berns

Lindsay Campana-Franklin
Billy Tidwell

Orlando Sabi
Leo Martinez
Matthew Vaughn
Susan Atwell



HIGH FREQUENCY FACIAL PACKAGES ~ single, 4 pack or 8 pack!

Prepare yourself for the heat with our amazing self-care packages or single session treatments. We have it all! And we also have treatments for men. YES! Even the tough guys like pampering.
We have beard treatments, skin treatments specifically for men, and full body waxing services, too. Men and women can both feel polished and fresh with these luxury treatments. Starting at $9

Pregnant? MAMA, WE'VE GOT YOU! We offer soothing massages designed just for pregnancy at any stage. Supportive pillows allow for you to be on your side or even face-down! BELIEVE IT! Upgrade with aromatherapy and cool or warm towels, and you have a recipe for total relaxation. Add on a skin treatment or waxing service and you will feel light and glowy. 60/90 minutes ~ $75/$100 *upgrade additional $10

Don't forget! We also have 30 minute scalp and feet massages
Aromatherapy and hot towels make this simple treatment a quick vacation. Float away while headaches disappear and seasonal allergies and rough dry feet are given the royal treatment. 30 minutes ~ $50

~ SPORTS MASSAGES take care of the sorest muscles and prevent injuries and help you to recover 2x faster!
~ MYOFASCIAL RELEASE is a gentle but effective method to reduce general inflammation, overall aches and pains and even helps with depression and insomnia.
~ ADD ONS are a great way to add luxury to any massage. We have hot/cold therapy, muscle ointments and aromatherapy to choose from. Only $10

Check us out on our PRSC Facebook page for deals, specials and other updates about our growing department.

Fitness Corner with Dr. Andre Acebo

Chiropractor and Strength Coach
PRSC Fitness Director

This month's newsletter is an update on "The Factory" and Free Motion Cable Equipment. It's hard to believe, but our new fitness and performance facility has been open for almost 6 months! I'm pleased to see so many of you using this state of the art training. Still, I know many more of our members need an "Introduction to the equipment", particularly to the Free Motion Cable Resistance Machines.

Two ways to Go...

1) Give me or any of our Certified Personal Trainers a call or shoot us a text and we will be happy to show you how to use any of the new equipment, including the Free Motion and the Functional exercise tools on the athletic development side (Blue Room). These 2 sessions are included in your membership, so make the most out of your investment and contact us.

As always, we will continue to reach out to you through "welcome calls" , social media and by highlighting our many Group Exercise classes (also, included in your membership).

2) Free Motion Express. This is a small group exercise class (limit 6) that offers substantial savings and yet gives you direct assess to one of five different Qualified Personal Trainers. Although it starts on the Free Motion cables, the trainers regularly expand your use of varied and challenging equipment. This is a hands-on, Trainer lead program that you can participate in, indefinitely.

Just come by the Factory to see the Trainers, Days & Times that work for you. Here's the line-up!

Monday 12pm: Taryn Stuart PT
Tuesday 12pm: Lisa Brownie PT
Wednesday 12pm: Malinda Chambers PT
Thursday 12pm: Jake De Shon PT
Friday 10am: Jessica Myracle PT

Once you pick your best date & time, just show up! As this program gains traction, we will need to stick to the sign-up system, but for now there's plenty of room.
If you have any questions about these or any other of our Fitness Programs, I am happy to help you!

To your health and fitness,
Dr. Andre Acebo

Fitness Director PRSC
Strength Coach

•NASM - Corrective Exercise Specialist
•Titleist Performance Institute Certified, Golf Fitness
•USA Weightlifting - Advanced Sports Performance Coach
•CrossFit Kids Trainer
[email protected] or (805) 712-7769



We have a beautiful pool and is the perfect setting for relaxing or taking in an awesome sunset. Our eight lane pool is open year round and is maintained at 80-82 degrees or enjoy our therapy pool that is maintained at 86 degrees. Our members enjoy workouts by lap swimming and or taking one of our awesome aqua aerobic classes. Afterward, you can relax and socialize with other members in our beautiful Jacuzzi.

New Programs:

Masters Swimming

Masters workouts are developed and coached by Heather Moffitt, Head Coach of North County Aquatics. The Coach remains on the deck while workouts are being conducted, your coach will adjust your techniques in order to improve your strokes. Swimmers of all levels are welcome as participants.
A typical master’s workout includes the warm-up, the main set, and a cool-down. A sufficient warm-up is essential to help fight fatigue and sore muscles. A typical workout lasts for an hour to 1.5 hours. Currently, Masters is available on M/W 5:30-7:00pm and some Saturday’s 8-10am. Mornings will be available in later May T/Th 5:30-7am. Member cost $20 per month / Non-member $35 per month. If you are interested in other times frames, please contact Heather Moffitt at 805-286-6982.

Summer League Starting

June 18th- August 15th
Come Make A Splash!
NCA offers three days per week, Summer Recreational Swim Team/ Lessons! Athletes must be between the ages of 3-17. This program is offered Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday for 8 weeks. Summer League program runs from 9:30am to 11:30am. 30 min. lessons $195 members/$215 guest. Weekly Group Lessons available all Summer $45/$55Guests.
5 lessons / 30 mins each lesson.

Parent and Me

4:15 pm Mondays and Wednesdays with Andee Parker
Sign up at the front desk!




Steps to Consistency

As we approach summer and gear up for more match, league and tournament play, I thought it would timely to cover how to win. Don’t be lured by the dreams of pummeling opponents by blasting aces on your serve or ripping forehand and backhand winners from the baseline match after match, week after week. Honestly, winning typically doesn’t happen that way at any level, even the pros. Winning is born out of developing consistency with your shots while making less errors than your opponents.

Take a look at these steps to consistency and see if you can utilize some of them to raise your winning match percentages.

Great Shot Selection
After poor footwork, the most common type of error is low percentage shot selection. Understand the benefits or hitting offensive, defensive or neutral shots at the correct time will help immensely in reducing your error count.

Match the Speed of the Incoming Ball
Better players are comfortable matching the ball speed. Fight the compulsion to always increase the ball speed and hit the ball harder than your opponents. Hit the ball back near the incoming speed and in the same direction it came to you is a sure fire way to be more consistent and greatly reduce your errors.

Net Clearance
The game of tennis is not won by hitting screaming winners inches over the top of the net. Be sure there is plenty of room over the net when your ball passes over. High clearance while keeping the ball in the court will also allow your ball to travel deeper and quicker into the court and rob your opponent of time to react to it. This is a crucial factor in beating better players.

Proper Form
Forms includes grips, backswings, follow-throughs, balance and keeping her head still through the strike zone. Analyze, work on and clean up your flawed strokes (yes, you do have them!), is an easier road to consistency and winning than trying to perfect more complicated strokes perhaps out of your immediate reach.

Master Spin
In all levels of tennis, spin is used as a consistency tool. The key ingredient in hitting the ball hard, and in, is spin. As an example, as the ball speed increases in a rally and you find yourself in a defensive position, you must slow down the ball with spin to re-gain a positioning and time advantage. Controlling the point consistently is done with spin.

Repainting the Line
It is not your job to aim for and hit the lines on the court. Keep balls down the center when you aren't feeling it’s your best day and then still aim 3-4 feet from the lines when pressuring your opponent with a confident shot. Players who gun for the lines make boat loads of errors.

Focus on the Now
As I’ve mentioned before, it’s impossible to play solid, great winning tennis every moment you’re out there on the court. Staying in the moment and focusing on your next point is key. Don’t get caught up in what happened the last point or the last game or look ahead to what could happen in the future. To be consistent, keep in the moment. Vic Braden wisely once said, “The most important shot in tennis is the one you’re hitting right now”.
See if you can incorporate any of these keys to consistency this summer and see if you can’t start beating opponents you’ve lost to in the past.
See Ya’ on the Courts, Gary


Do you love playing tennis? We have a great opportunity for you. Paso Robles High School is looking for a Junior Varsity Tennis boy’s and girl’s coach for the 2018-2019. If you are interested, please email Sara Dobroth at [email protected].