June Newsletter 2019


Summer Sports Blast!


Have your children join us this summer! Camp hours are 8 am to 4 pm Monday through Friday starting June 10! Tennis, Swim, Soccer, Baseball and Softball! $49 for members ($196 per week) and $59 for non-members ($236 per week). Spots are filling fast, so take advantage of calling early so your children (and you) don't miss out on your summer fun!

Contact Regan Dobroth at [email protected] to reserve your spot!

Guest Policy Reminder:

All individual guests are limited to 2 times in a calendar month. Guest fees are $5.00 for children and $10 for adults. Please note, all guests must have a signed waiver on file with the club to use the facility (all children must have a signed waiver by their parent or guardian) before allowing them to use the club. Waivers are available online at www.pasoroblesclub.com.

Fitness Corner with Dr. Andre Acebo


Chiropractor and Strength Coach

Recently, I wrote about 4 keys to successful fat loss: Tracking, Sustainability, Community & Mindset. Notice "how you train" and "what diet you follow" are not on the list! That's not to say nutrition and exercise are not important to health and fat loss; they are essential. However, there can be a variety of diets and training programs that will work. Consistency and progression are what's important with those two. Let's take a brief look at the big 4.

Tracking - The more the better! You can track what you eat, how much protein, fats, carbohydrates and calories you take in. There are great Apps that make this easy to do. Even a simple food diary or log will work. Note things like, what good things you've eaten and what junk you have dropped. Also, how you feel after certain meals (bloated, sleepy, etc.). You can track your workouts and improvements in strength and endurance. And of course track improvements in body composition, for example, weight, circumference measurements, and Body Fat %.

Sustainability - This means whatever you do, you best enjoy it or at least can tolerate it for the long term. Most diets work, but they also end. That's when the problems happen! Slower metabolism, binge eating and rebounding can happen after most diets, especially ultra restrictive ones.

Community - The value in community is mainly accountability and support. This may be the strongest key and yet most difficult to find! More on this later...

Mindset - How we think! Things like planning, time management, emotions, self-image, stress and self-talk etc. Success at anything, including fat loss and healthy living, start in the mind!
Master these 4 keys, and you'll master yourself! And a lean, healthy body will be sure to follow. If you need help, implementing these keys into your life, please give me a call. Over the years, I have developed a program that is built around these 4 principles. I have helped many of my athletes and clients embrace these concepts and they changed their bodies from "flabby to fit" and "fit to superhero" status!

As always you can call or text me with any of your chiropractic, fitness or sports club questions.

In your corner,
Dr. Andre Acebo D.C
Fitness Director PRSC
NASM - Corrective Exercise Specialist
Titleist Performance Institute Certified Level 1
USA Weightlifting - Advance Sports Performance Coach
CrossFit Kids Trainer
[email protected] or (805) 712-7769



Summer is Here!

It is always exciting to see the activity at the Club start to pick up when it gets warm. Families, kids and sunbathers are flocking to the pool. As usual there are going to be a lot of new faces at the Club during the summer, either as summer members, tennis/swim campers, and swim lessons. While at times it may be an inconvenience to regular members, we need to remember that we need to make every effort to make the Paso Robles Sports Club as welcoming as possible to our summer friends. We are always looking for new long term members and saying "hello" and smiling is great way to make everyone know the Paso Sports Club is a great place to be.

Summer programs have started at the pool and certain times of the day are especially busy. Everything from water aerobics, private and semi-private lessons, Summer League, and NCA Swim Team are all utilizing the pool. Time frames that the pool is the busiest and location:

  • Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday = Summer League 10am-11am (Duck Pond full and two swim lanes)
  • Monday – Friday Water Aerobics = 10:30-11:30am (six lanes)
  • Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday= NCA Swim Team 8am-9:30am (Fridays until 10am and five lanes)
  • Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday= NCA Swim Team 4pm-6:15pm (six lanes & part of Duck Pond)
  • Saturday= 8am-10am NCA Swim Team (five lanes) / Water Aerobics 10am-11:30am

One thing to please remember, is that Paso Robles Sports Club has the pool available for family swim each and every day of the week, for all hours of operation. Therefore, we must share the time frames with all our groups.



LIFEGUARDS Starting June 8th, we will have lifeguards on duty just on weekends from 11am – 4pm. Reminders: Children under the age of 14 years of age must be occupied by an adult in the pools and or the spa.

SWIM DIAPERS We ask for your consideration by remembering that swim diapers are ONLY allowed in the pools! Each summer, our pool is closed numerous times due to "accidents", which are a big inconvenience to our members and also a significant cost to the Club.

LAP SWIMMING Lap swimmers, please be aware that in our summer months, the lane lines will be very full with family play. The lap swim lanes will also move from time to time. During the AM the far two lanes will be available for lap swim and during the PM the first two lanes (closest to duck pond) will be designated as lap swim lanes.

SWIM LESSON Offered here at the Paso Robles Sports Club. We have a new binder with all our instructors' information at our front desk. Please check it out if you're interested in any type of swim lessons or you can contact the Aquatics Director, Heather Moffitt @ #805-286-6982.


Tennis News

Why Your Serve Lacks Power

As we gallop full force into our summer months and spend more time on the courts, I'd thought it would be appropriate to focus on the shot we all want to improve and the most important shot in our game, the serve.

As we all want to have a powerful first serve and start the point in our favor, if not as an out and out winner, we are also tormented by the fact we don't want to double fault and give away points either. So consciously or unconsciously we start to control - which usually means we slow down - the racquet head, so we are not really letting go. So we're not really learning how to serve at maximum velocity, but rather creating "muscle memory" of a slower serve that you can control/aim into the service box. So, you're kind of starting the point playing not to lose the point, instead of trying to win the point with a powerful serve that will put your opponent on the defense right away.

The following two drills - one with no target and one with a large one, should help you to overcome the stigma of just aiming your serve into the box. You should start to feel what it means to swing at full speed and hit the ball hard. In time, these new quicker "muscle firing programs" will be stored in your service motion and when you start aiming your serve into the service box as well during match play, the two will work in unison achieving your full serving potential.

Serving to the Back Fence

If you really want to develop a powerful serve, you need to work on developing racquet head speed. When you work on this drill, you must NOT work on placement too. Your goal is to teach the muscles of your upper arm, forearm and wrist to fire faster, so do NOT worry about where your serve lands.

You goal here is to simply hit the ball with a loose arm, really let go without any worries about control and see how close you can come to the back fence. Look for the less and less effort it takes to hit the fence as you are not tied to hitting for control. In time, you should realize that you can hit the ball that far without much tension and in fact, the less tension you feel, the faster the ball will fly. And don't forget about using your legs to achieve greater racquet speed. Testing has consistently proven that using your legs more in your serve motion (a deeper knee bend) tends to drop your racquet head farther at the start of your swing and keeps the racquet head speed up longer at the end of your swing enabling a more powerful stroke as well.

Serving from Close Up

The next drill allows you to let go of controlling your serve is serving from close up - namely your own service line. From this position, you can feel that it's not that difficult to hit into the opposite service box - it becomes a rather large target when you're that close, and you can really lean into the ball and let it fly since that area is easy to hit. You can then back up in small increments as you progress in the drill, while gaining confidence and keeping the same feel of a relaxed arm and relaxed mind for maximum racquet speed.

Take some time to learn how to unlock the power in your serve that's already there, waiting to be unleashed, watch how your winning percentage soar!

See Ya' on the Courts, Gary


June 2019

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