March Newsletter 2015

Sports Camp


It’s that time of year again at PRSC! Spring Break and Summer Camp 2015 sign-ups have started! This year, we are pleased to announce Spring Break Camp available March 30th through April 10th. The Summer Sports Camp starts June 15th and runs through August 22nd. We have many fun activities planned for the kids this year, including daily swim sessions and tennis lessons. We will also be incorporating our Fit Kids program led by our personal trainers during the camp week and much more. Pricing is $180 per week for members ($220 for guests) or $45 per day for members ($55 for guests). The weeks are non-transferable. You may purchase lunch for your camper for $5.00 per day.

Please make sure to call us early to reserve your child’s spot due to space being limited. To do so, you may stop by the front desk, call 805-239-7397, or email Sara Dobroth at [email protected]

Paso Robles Sports Club is so excited for this upcoming spring and summer and hopes to see your kids here!


Sign up today for Boot Camp! Classes begin March 3rd and will be run at 5:30pm Tuesdays and Thursdays for 4 weeks. These classes focus on full body exercises, using mostly your own body weight for resistance, along with some small implements such as jump ropes, kettle bells, medicine balls, and tires.

This is a "jump-start" program, intended to fire up your fat burning furnace. The price is a super low at only $59 for members ($89 for guests), that's 8 sessions for under $7.50 per session! Due to the low price, we need a minimum of 6 participants to run the class. Make sure to tell your friends!
(*Boot Camp is not an easy workout, nor is it right for folks with orthopedic issues or cardiovascular illness.)

Held outside on the basketball court, class is available rain or shine! Think of the fun you had playing in the rain as a kid! Sign-up at the front desk or email Dr. Andre Acebo at [email protected].

Wine Night!

imgJoin us at the club for a fun night of wine tasting, live music, and great food!
Thursday, March 19th 6:30 pm-8:30 pm $10 per person, member or non-member. Kids Club will be available for your little ones if you would like to have some adult time.

Unwind after Boot Camp or the Advanced tennis clinic with a bit of wine and live music from a local favorite, Kenny Taylor. We will also be serving an assortment of appetizers to go along with your wine tasting. Please feel to bring friends and family!

Fitness Corner with Dr. Andre Acebo

Chiropractor & Strength Coach

imgThis month’s newsletter is for the ladies! It concerns "the 10 biggest mistakes women make in the gym".
Women get curves by building muscle; you show those curves by losing body fat.

How do you build curves and lose fat?
1) Use heavier weights, where the most you can do is 8-12 reps
2) Increase your intensity! Go ahead and make a face and grunt
3) Stop focusing on your abs
4) Use lighter weights with abdominal training (15-20 rep range)
5) Use ground based exercises like squats and dead lifts (you don't need the Bosu ball to challenge stability)
6) Do less aerobics
7) Change your routine. Some women do the same workout for months and even years!
8) Change your workout every 4-6 weeks
9) Eat a good protein/carbohydrate post-workout meal. Try one of the protein shakes offered at the Café! Perfectly balanced for your muscle rebuild after a good workout!
10) Do less juicing, EAT the whole fruit and veggies. It is better for controlling your insulin response (for the full article, go to "10 mistakes women make in the gym")
And… take advantage of our knowledge and experience. Our trainers and I are here every day, helping members achieve their weight loss and fitness goals. We can help you too!



imgDuring March we get a mix of weather that can begin with cold, foggy mornings giving way to warmer afternoons. Just because the weather is unpredictable, doesn’t mean our workouts have to be! Exercise is fun and our pools are WARM! Our Aquatics Programming continues to offer:

AquaFit: a fun, aerobic-based workout to music using body resistance, pool “weights” and swim noodles for all ages (Included in your membership).

Adult Technique Class: a group course designed to give the adult swimmer a chance to learn new aspects of swimming, break bad habits in their stroke or breathing and make swimming fun again ($60/month for members and $80/month for guests).

Advanced Adult Swimming: Coming Soon! This course will allow the adult swimmer a drill based approach, where they can come for stroke and breathing work while stepping through a more advanced workout, increase distance swimming and learn competitive technique where desired.

Swim Team: Regular workout available Monday thru Friday for swimmers who can swim a minimum of 25 yards. Our coaches provide different levels of practice as your swimmer becomes more experienced. Competitive travelling team: AquaCats is also actively participating in meets! Contact Jodi McDowell for pricing information.

Ready for Swim Lessons?

imgWe are! Please contact Aquatics Director, Jodi McDowell, at [email protected] or call our Front Desk at (805) 239-7397 to schedule your lessons. Group lessons for Youth and Adult Swim Technique classes are ongoing! Pre-registration for Spring and Summer sign-ups for Swim Lessons, Mommy & Me Classes, and Stroke School! READ ON for more PRSC Aquatics information!


imgEven though it's one of the slower swimming strokes, the breaststroke can be difficult to learn and requires focus and effort to perfect. Because the breaststroke uses a frog kick and not a straight leg kick (unlike other swimming strokes like freestyle), exercising the muscle groups that are breaststroke specific can help build strength and encourage proper coordination for a stronger, better, faster breaststroke.

imgThere are three steps to the arm movement: outsweep, insweep, and recovery. The movement starts with the outsweep. From the initial position, the hands sink a little bit down and the palms face inward, and the hands rotate outward and move apart. During the outsweep, the arms stay almost straight and parallel to the surface. The outsweep is followed by the insweep, where the hands point down and push the water backwards. The elbows stay in the horizontal plane through the shoulders. The hands push back until approximately the vertical plane through the shoulders. At the end of the insweep the hands come together with facing palms in front of the chest and the elbows are at the side at the body. In the recovery phase the hands are moved forward again into the initial position under water. The entire arm stroke starts slowly, increases speed to the peak arm movement speed in the insweep phase, and slows down again during recovery. The goal is to produce maximum thrust during the insweep phase, and minimum drag during the recovery phase.

Muscles Used and Proper Form
All swimming strokes make use of muscles in your back, abdomen, legs — especially the glutes — arms and shoulders. However, the frog kick in the breaststroke emphasizes your adductor and abductor muscles as well as your chest and trapezius muscles because of the different movements required for the stroke. It's essential to keep your head and torso in a straight line for proper form in the breaststroke. You use your shoulders to power the movement that brings your torso out of the water to breathe, maintaining spinal alignment throughout the movement and enabling a faster swim. To reduce the risk of knee or groin injuries, do not over kick — extending too deep or wide than necessary. This will also help reduce drag.

SWIMMING Workout for Breaststroke:
Breaststroke workouts in the pool should include a warm-up and cool down session of five to 10 minutes each, with the main section of your workout split into two distinct sections. It can depend on the length of your pool and the duration of your workout, a 25 yard pool may require more lengths of the pool than a 50 meter pool. It is also dependent on your level of swimming. For example:

Practice only the kick using a kickboard in your hands for the first three to six laps. For the next three to six laps, practice only your arms, using a flotation device between your knees to stay afloat. For the second half of the primary set, do the full stroke, swimming 10 to 15 laps. You can use this second half to concentrate on improving form in different elements of your breaststroke, including the turn between intervals.

There are also land exercises you can do for breaststroke that can supplement specific muscle training and leg positioning. (Thanks to websites:


~ Water’s buoyancy makes swimming the ideal exercise for physical therapy and rehabilitation and/or for anyone seeking low impact exercise.
~ Swimming is a great cardiovascular exercise because you are moving against the water’s resistance which is over ten times that of air.
~Breaststroke Is one of the most accessible to all levels of recreational swimmers because throughout much of the stroke, the head is keep out of the water.


imgAnd… a few swimming Jokes for the younger crowd:

Q: Why did the teacher jump into the water? A: She wanted to test the water!
Q: Why did the vegetarians stop swimming? A: They didn't like meets! (source:

PRSC TENNIS: March 2015

Paso Robles Sports Club is well represented in the Central Coast Women’s Tennis League.

imgWe currently have 4 tennis teams, and they are all ranked within the top three spots of the three divisions they are competing in.

PRSC A- Team
The A- Team led by Captain Cheryl Brooks is currently in First Place! They have a strong team where a majority of them have been playing together before the club was built.

img PRSC Smashed Girls
imgPRSC Racquettes

The B+ Team- Smashed Girls lead by Captain Tina Goldman and coached by Tim Foley is currently in 2nd place. While the B+ Team-Racquettes, lead by Captain Kathleen Snyder and coached by Mariano Parris is ranked in third place. Both teams are working hard to ensure a strong finish at the end of the year.
img  The B Team is having a great year considering most of the women just started playing tennis about a year ago. They are ranked in 3rd place with only one game separating them from our sister club, Avila Bay who is ranked in 2nd place, and they have played one less match than the top two teams.
Not picture is Kirsten Dennish, Joan Burgess, and Maria McGuire

If you are a woman interested in participating in league play on the central coast, please contact Sara Dobroth at [email protected].

Paso Club Tennis Tournament

March 21st & 22nd 2015

Mixed Doubles “A” (A & A-) Combined
Mixed Doubles “B” (B & B+) Combined
Men’s Doubles “A” (A & A-) Combined
Men’s Doubles “B” (B & B+) Combined
Women’s Doubles “A” (A & A-) Combined
Women’s Doubles “B” (B & B+) Combined
Men`s Singles “A & B” Combined
Women`s Singles “A & B” Combined

Each division play completed in 1 day. Double elimination format so you are guaranteed at least two matches! Format is decided upon the amount of players on each division (Round Robin or Compass Draw). Women`s Doubles & Men`s Doubles will be played on Saturday and Mix Doubles and Singles on Sunday.

Everyone is welcome! If you need a partner we will find you one. Cost is $20 for Singles for Non Members and $15 for Members of any of the California Athletic Clubs. Doubles is $15 per person for Non Members and $10 per person for Members.

Entries close Wednesday 18th of March. Payment due at time of registration. Please contact Mariano Parris to register today at [email protected].

Win Without Winners!

imgGood doubles players know that winning matches takes more than just hitting big shots. They devise patterns and strategies knowing that tennis is primarily a game of errors. Two players on a team can cover a lot of court, so attempting to hit clean winners usually brings more heartache than pleasure. Forcing your opponents into errors should be your team’s primary goal. Be consistent, use good strategies and hit these shots to vastly improve your doubles winning percentage.

Hit Down the Middle – Why? It’s safe – your shot goes over the lower part of the net and into the middle part of the court with large margins of error. Why? It confuses your opponents – “Yours, No Wait - Mine, No Wait- Yours” is often the reaction – it causes your opponents to act indecisively and make errors. Why? It also limits your opponent’s ability to hit angles past your team.

Aim High and Low – Why? Whereas in singles you can break your opponent down by moving them side to side, with good doubles players, that doesn’t work. Focus on moving your opponents forward and backward. Most players are uncomfortable dealing two shot combinations such as hitting them with high, deep lobs followed by a short low ball or the reverse, bring them in with a short low ball and then push them back with a lob and take the offensive.

Use the soft slice – Why? Most of us don’t have the ability to blast our opponents off the court from the baseline in singles. The point even becomes more moot in doubles when you have a good net person intercepting your shot and blocking back a winning volley. Change up the pace and height of your shot, the lack of ball speed will give them little to work with and a low ball with force them to volley/hit up, leaving your team an easy chance to move forward and attack.

Use Well Placed Target Areas – Why? In doubles, the “open court” is an illusion. Good doubles teams cover the court well and minimize areas for you to hit clean winners. Accept that they will get a chance to hit the ball back so therefore make them “touch” the ball in such an awkward way that’ll force an error. Where? Right Hip (right handed players) – Why? This spot jams your opponent and will typically force a modified, short stroke and a weak reply. High over the Backhand Shoulder – Why? Maybe the toughest shot in tennis - it’s cumbersome, awkward and uses a body position that’s rarely used, and consistently draws errors. The Feet – Why? Hitting this area always forces your opponent to “hit up”, so your team should be able to move forward and finish off the point.

Use these shots and make them an integral part of your doubles game and you’ll find more and more players giving you a call to be THEIR doubles partner next time! They’ll want to play with you, not against you.

See Ya’ on the Courts, Tennis Pro Gary


imgOur cafe has been undergoing a bit of a face lift with some new items and updated favorites. We chose the name Union cafe, not only because of the road we thrive on but because "union" meaning “two or more things coming together to form one” is our Club. Tennis, Swim, and Fitness; Families and people from all over; many delicious and fresh ingredients prepared to nourish you and your family. You'll be smelling aromas of fresh bread, muffins, and granola made in house; yummy roasted veggies and juicy, baked chicken. Please stop by and check out the new menu and try something out!

Salads $8 (Half-Salads $5)
All Salads come with our house made Ciabatta bread. Add Chicken $2 Add Hard-boiled Egg $1
Dressings- House Made Balsamic, House Made Sesame, Ranch, BBQ Ranch, Salsa

img The Garden- Lettuce, Shredded Carrots, Purple Cabbage, Tomato, Cucumber, Celery, and Seasonal Veggie

img The Greek- Spinach, Orzo, Tomato, Cucumber, Kalamata Olives, Red Onion, and Feta

img The South West- Lettuce, Tomato, Black Beans, Roasted Corn, Purple Cabbage and Shredded Carrots

img The Mandarin- Lettuce, Shredded Carrots, Purple Cabbage, Snap Peas, Roasted Almonds, Green Onion and Mandarin Oranges

Sandwiches $7 (Half-Sandwich $5)
Choose: Wheat or House Made Ciabatta
Veggie- Lettuce, Cucumber, Tomato, Hummus, Sprouts Add Avo $1 Add Hard-boiled Egg $1
Turkey, Cheddar, Apple- Cold or Hot
Ham, Swiss, Grain Mustard- Cold or Hot

Warm Veggie Bowl $7
img Roasted seasonal veggies, with brown rice or pearl couscous with a creamy cashew dressing
w/ Chicken $9 w/ Baked Tofu $8

img Daily Soup Specials with side of Ciabatta $5

Chips and Salsa $2
House Made Hummus and Veggies or Pita Chips $4
Celery or Apples with Peanut Butter $3 w/ Almond Butter $4

The Other Stuff
img Pizza $9- Pepperoni or Cheese

img Nachos $7- Chips, Cheddar Cheese, Beans, Sour Cream, and Salsa

Teriyaki Bowl $5.50
Quesadilla $4- Cheddar Cheese and Tortilla add Chicken $2

img House Made Granola w/ Milk $4
w/ Almond Milk $5
w/ Yogurt $6

Breakfast Burrito- Egg, Hash Browns, Cheese with your choice of Spinach, Ham or Turkey in a Tortilla
Protein Pack- 1 Hard-Boiled Egg, 1oz Peanut Butter, ½ apple, 1oz Cheddar $5.95
2 Hard-boiled Eggs $2

For questions on Union Cafe or in-house catering, please email Lindsey at [email protected].

PRSC MASSAGE with Therapist: Megan Signorelli

imgWe are so happy to introduce our new massage therapist, Megan Signorelli! You will surely feel relaxed and rehabilitated after a one hour massage with Megan! She will be available Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday, 10 am- 6 pm. Call the front desk at 805-239-7397 to schedule your appointment now!


imgFriday, March 13th 5:30 pm-8:30 pm
Pizza, games and fun!
$25 per child 3-11 years old; $10 per sibling
$30 per child 8 weeks old-2 years old
Please RSVP by Wednesday, March 11th; Preregistration is mandatory for this event!
Email [email protected] to make your reservation for this fun night!

Cancer Well-fit


As you all know, we started our Cancer Well-fit program a little over a year ago. We have helped over 25 first-year cancer survivors with this amazing non-profit program. The program offers free, small-group 10-week training with focus on the following:
* building/restoring muscle mass/strength
* increasing flexibility and endurance
* improving balance and core strength
* improve energy level and self-esteem
*develop independent physical fitness program to continue an active lifestyle

Participants are given complimentary Full Facility membership during the program and encouraged to attend other classes when ready (such as Aqua-Fit and Pilates). Exercise during and after cancer treatments can result in increased stamina and strength, improved self-esteem, increased treatment tolerance/recovery, and increased satisfaction with life and decreased pain. Psychological changes, including a decrease in depression and fewer problems sleeping, are noted in exercisers versus non-exercisers. Also, people who exercise often will have less fatigue during and after chemotherapy and radiation. After cancer surgery, exercise plays an invaluable role in helping one return to prior strength and fitness levels quicker.

Often I hear from our CWF participants that "I thought I was the only one who had balance issues" or "I was so embarrassed that all my muscles seem gone after treatment". During the program, there is such a sense of camaraderie and support from the trainers and other participants. We work hard but have fun and encourage participants to stay after the class to socialize. If interested in more information, please contact Kathy Thomas at (805) 239-7397 or (805) 610-6486.