March Newsletter 2016

We will be closed on the 27th of March so our employees can celebrate the Easter holiday with their families.

This Friday, March 11th Kids’ Night Out- Doing the Bunny Hop!

img5-9 pm, Easter themed fun, pizza, and movies!
Pre-registration is a must! Day of registration will incur a fee of $10.

$18 one child
$30 two children
$40 three children
$48 four children

$23 one child
$35 two children
$45 three children
$53 four children


PRSC Sports Program is an activity-based day that will keep your child moving and excited! Each week includes tennis instruction, swim instruction, soccer, Fit Kids classes, yoga, obstacle courses, and a weekly adventure. All of our instructors have been background checked, and we will have certified lifeguards on pool deck ensuring your children are safe.

Monday through Friday, 8 – 4 pm, drop off starts as early as 8am. Children must be picked up by 4pm.
Session 1: March 21-25
Session 2: March 28-April1

Lunch and Snacks

A healthy lunch may be ordered from our Union Café for only $7.00. Daily snacks will be included. Each weekly camper will receive a special PRSC Sports Program t-shirt.
Please sign your child in and out each day on the sheet provided at the front desk of the club.

What to Bring

Campers should bring a backpack with bathing suit, towel, water bottle and sunscreen every day. Campers are advised to wear non-marking soled tennis shoes (no sandals or flip flops). Campers are encouraged to bring a second change of clothing.

Swim Test

All campers must complete a swim test prior to entering the pool. Campers must be able to swim one length of the pool without touching the side or the bottom. If a child is unable to swim the length of the pool they will be required to wear a life vest or stay in the shallow portion of the large pool.


Members: $45/day or $180/week (10% discount for second child)
Nonmembers: $55/day or $220/week (10% discount for second child)
Lunch: $7.00 (snack is included in the cost of camp)
Space is limited, so reserve your child’s spot today!

Completion of the full registration packet is required before the start of program. A credit card must be placed on file for all nonmembers to participate. Please go to our website, to download, print, and complete the packet. Registration packet and payment must be turned into the front desk to reserve your spot in the program(s). Please contact the front desk at 805-239-7397 or email Sara Dobroth [email protected] if you have any questions.

Fitness Corner with Dr. Andre Acebo

Chiropractor and Strength Coach
PRSC Fitness Director
Here are 5 tips for losing fat and keeping it off.

#1 Eat plenty of protein. Proteins are more satisfying, so we may eat less. They increase metabolism, as they are harder to breakdown and they preserve muscle when we are trying to lose fat.

#2 Avoid exercise/eating habits that promote fat gain. Studies have shown that people who rely on aerobic exercise for weight loss, often consume more calories than previously and end up gaining weight. The key is to reduce calorie intake. An honest food diary and body fat testing can be helpful tools to trouble shoot and monitor your progress.

#3 Include sprint interval workouts. Not only are they more effective at burning calories and preserving muscle than traditional (45-60 min) steady state cardio, they take much less time to perform (typically 20 minutes or less).

#4 Weight training is the best way to keep fat off. Maintaining muscle (which keeps metabolism high) is the key to sustained fat loss. Muscle strength also protects our joints, allows for greater activities of daily living and is what shapes and sculpts our bodies. Aim for 2-4 days a week of strength training.

#5 Keep eating to a 10-12 hour window. This variation of intermittent fasting, has led to consistent fat loss in studied populations. Scientists believe this type of time-based eating improves insulin sensitivity and may increase our fat burning capability, by not relying on a steady flow of glucose from our meals.

Our trainers can test your Body Fat and work with you on a fat burning, body shaping strength program. Call me for an assessment and I can set you up with a personal trainer that meets your needs and schedule.
Article Reference: How to lose fat and keep it off forever: 5 science based tips. Poliquin Group
Fit You,


Save the Date:


imgSATURDAY JUNE 4, 2016

Run on beautiful Priska Road through Vina Robles Vineyards

10k-9AM 5k-9:30AM 1K-10:30 (Youth 14-under)

Medals for 1st – 3rd prize in ages groups / Prizes for Top Fundraising Teams
Health Fair at Paso Robles Sports Club -9am / Music / Family Fun / Food / Free Activities

Kayle Peach Memorial Foundation’s mission is to bring awareness & education to empower families with knowledge & information about the epidemic of substance abuse in our communities.

Make A Difference

To Sponsor, Donate, Volunteer or if you have questions: Call – Sara Dobroth @ 805-239-7397.

PRSC Aquatics


imgNorth County Aquatics joins PRSC! We are so excited to have Head Coach Heather Moffitt bring her team to our pool starting in March! As the municipal pool closes to undergo renovations, our Club has opened its doors and pools to the NCA programming. Swim Team began practicing with us March 1st, at 4:15.

NCA offers advanced, technical instruction and training to swimmers, age 5-17, who demonstrate a competency in the four competitive strokes. The ideals of good sportsmanship, self discipline, hard work, goal setting and teamwork are fostered. Members participate in local, regional, and national swim meets. Please welcome the swim team members, coaches and their families!


Hasn’t the weather been amazing? It inspires us to get outside and get fit. As the weather warms, people flock to the pool. As it should be! Parent and Me classes return, swim team grows, and there is an increased interest in getting back into swim lessons as well.

Keep in mind that sharing our space becomes increasingly important. We have 2 lanes available for lap swim to our members at all times; with swim lessons, swim team, AquaFit and other classes filling the pool spaces as well. Not to mention we pride ourselves on being an open free swim to our members and their guests all day!


imgAdaptive PE, Paso Robles School District pairs with PRSC!
Special Olympics

Starting again in mid February, we began hosting a Special Olympics swim practice on Wednesdays at 4:15pm. Offering water safety, stroke skills and aquatic fitness, our coaches work in partnership with Special Olympics volunteers. The participating athletes are wonderful, kind-hearted swimmers of a variety of ages. We have also created a partnership with the Paso Robles School District and their program for special needs. These athletes range from Kindergarten through Adult Education. We have a rotating program,

Creating smaller focus groups based on age: Fridays between 10 am and 12 pm.

img img

imgADULT TECHNIQUE IS GROWING!!! Swim practice currently meets Monday's and Friday's at 9:00 am in the large pool. Join us for stroke work, breathing, increasing your distance. Fun for all levels and a good workout!

MASTERS SWIM PRACTICE with NCA: We are so excited to establish and grow a Masters Swim Program for our Adult community. We are currently looking at practice times as:
5:30 am or 6:30 pm. Please call in and provide your input on the timeframe that appeals to you for practice.

imgPARENT AND ME: We cannot wait to bring back this program as the weather warms for the little ones. Please call in for sign-ups: 9:15 am, 10:45, or 11:30am. Please specify your days of interest. Minimum of 5 per class time to open.

TIP of the MONTH:


imgSwimming is an endurance sport. Endurance athletes need a lot of fuel (calories) to train and compete. Therefore, it is important to know the best fuel and how much fuel you need to meet the demands of your events. These are great questions for your nutritionist and they are helpful resources for how to “fuel for sport.” However, another important consideration is HOW DO YOU SPEND YOUR FUEL and ARE YOU SPENDING IT WISELY? Who helps you with this?

Your “hardware” (body) makes up about 98% of your total body weight, and it consumes about 80% of your daily calories. Your coaches help you use that energy wisely by teaching you the best stroke biomechanics and race plan strategies. If you maintain your stroke biomechanics and race your plan, you will burn your energy efficiently.  Your “software” (brain) is about 2% of your body weight, but it consumes about 20% of your calories each day! What!!!! My brain burns up that much energy? Yes…it does!

So, how do you spend that precious energy (glucose) more efficiently? When you swim, faster stroke rates burn up more energy. Have you ever “gone out too fast” and maybe found an energy shortage at the end of the race? The same thing can happen in the brain. The more you task your brain (stroke rate) with decision-making, multi-tasking, worrying, and processing other emotions, the faster you burn up your energy levels. It takes more energy to shift your attention from task to task or emotion to emotion than it does to just focus on the task at hand. Think about all the demands you place on your brain every day – swimming, maybe school, career changes, relationships, money, health, schedule changes, social media, and that crazy device that we seem to have become so responsive to every ring, buzz, or vibration: our smart phones.
The more we tax our brain, the more we burn up that precious energy supply. Conserve energy by organizing your day, your mind, keeping things simple, and, just for the heck of it, take a break from that increasingly demanding electronic drain game. When you do this, you will get more done and feel less mentally exhausted. For those of you preparing for the Olympic Trials and the Games, by simplifying and organizing your sport and personal life, more effectively managing your electronic life, and learning to say “no”…just for a little while… you will be rewarded by enjoying a “software package” (brain) that will be fresh, clear, energized, and ready to compete.

img(From USA Swimming:

PRSC LAP WORKOUT: For those of you looking for some distance, here is a lap workout for you:

Your Yardage:
Beginner: 25 yards (1 length of pool)
Intermediate: 50 yards (2 lengths of pool)
Advanced100 yards (4 lengths of pool)

Warm Up: 4 x “Your Yardage of” Freestyle: Swim 4 times your yardage as stated above. Rest after each interval. 4 lengths at 25 yards Continue until you have completed 4 times with rest between distances.

Kick Board Set: 4 x “Your Yardage”: Work your way through the stokes through their kicks: Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Freestyle. If you are unfamiliar with the kicks for each stroke, consider signing up for our Adult Technique Class: Mondays and Fridays: 9 am.

imgTimed Set: 8 x “Your Yardage” sets: Using the clock, swim Freestyle to establish your time. Guideline. Try to leave at the top of the clock to establish accurate times.

Main Set: 6 x 50 (100s for Advanced), at your own pace. Try to note your approximate times.

Cool Down: Take a leisurely kickboard 50(2 lengths) or 100 (4 lengths) or slow freestyle swim.

Getting the Rust Out

imgAfter coming off a really cold December and the rains of January and February, we all might be a little rusty from lack of play lately (as of early February – the time of this writing) and I thought it might be timely to focus on some strategies to get us back in the swing of things a little quicker. Perhaps try some of these solutions and see if you can’t improve a little each time you play as March “springs” upon us.

Can’t Hit the Ball Deep From the Baseline? Make sure you “create the right space” between you and the ball while making sure you hitting arm is fairly extended and you create a long nice lever to hit through the ball. Make sure you “load up” on your outside/back leg to push on the ground and to create forward weight transfer through the ball. If your forehand is your “go to” shot as it is for most of us, make sure you get good, smooth upper body rotation by rotating your non-hitting shoulder close to your chin on your backswing and then “replacing” it with your hitting shoulder by your chin as you complete your forward swing.

Can’t Control the Short/Midcourt Ball? In this case shorten both your backswing and arm extension and wrap your low to high swing around your body with topspin to control and keep the ball deep but in the court. On balls you have to hit below your waist, think “Sink, Level and Through”. “Sink” – bend your knees and get that body down to the ball, “Level” – keep your shoulders level for control, and “Through” – hit through the ball, don’t patty cake it and give your opponent a chance for an easy passing shot.

Getting Passed After Hitting your Approach Shot or Volley? Don’t stand there and admire the greatness of your shot, you have to follow the path of both those shots and “bisect your opponent’s angle of return”. Simply that means get right in the middle of your opponents return angles. Don’t leave an open court for your opponent’s return and easy passing shots.

Too Many Serves in the Net? Extend your tossing arm and give yourself a little extra height on your toss. It’s a misunderstanding to “snap our wrist” on your serve. You actually should hit up and pronate (rotate inward) your entire forearm through the ball as if you were tossing a football and “high five” the ball at contact. Then trust your continental (hammer) grip to create spin downward into the service box.

Too Many Serves Going Long? Toss the ball a little farther out in front (typically all advanced players toss would land at least twelve inches into the court - some much more - if they would let it bounce), so your racquet face has time to close and spin the ball into the service box.

Too Many Serves Not Going In At All? Here’s a simple phrase that might help. “Don’t swing at your toss, Toss at your swing”. Simply put, your entire service motion is a lot more complex than just your toss. So, to find your natural rhythm, spend some time going through your own natural easy flowing service motion without hitting the ball. After you find that perfect rhythm, then adjust your ball toss’s height, location and timing to coincide your motion’s natural rhythm and you’ll find yourself a more consistent and better server, hitting the most important shot in the game even better than you do now.

Tennis presents numerous and different challenges each time we play, especially after coming off long lay-offs. We may periodically over think our games and try too hard to solve our problems too quickly. Try some of these simple solutions and see if your game just needs a little tweakin’ to get back into shape and not a complex overhaul.

See Ya’ on the Courts, Gary

imgSpecial Events

Book your next social event at PRSC! Birthday parties, team banquets, baby showers, wedding rehearsals; we can help you! Email [email protected] for booking and/or catering information.

What's new in the cafe?

imgHave you tried our delicious Breakfast Burritos? Made with Organic & Cage Free Eggs, Hash Browns, and cheese. These awesome burritos are only $5! Pre-order yours at the front desk so it is ready to go by the time you are done with your work out!

Have you taken advantage of our complimentary coffee for members? Just ask the front desk for a cup! Pair your coffee with one of our delicious muffins!

imgNutrient-dense snacks, such as fruits & veggies are your best choice between meals. People who skip meals throughout the day typically consume more calories than those who graze every 2-3 hours. Stop by the cafe to pick up your nutrient dense and refreshing smoothie! The perfect post workout snack!