May Newsletter 2015

A Note from the Front Desk:

imgSummer is approaching and rising temperatures will leave you begging for refreshments. Although members/guests are permitted to enter PRSC with outside food/drink, admittance of outside alcohol is strictly prohibited. All members/guests entering PRSC with an ice chest/cooler, will be asked to allow one of our helpful front desk attendants to inspect for any outside alcohol. Any outside alcohol that enters the club will be held at the front desk until your departure. The only outside alcohol permitted is UNOPENED wine which will require a corking fee of $9.00. Let’s all enjoy some fun and more importantly safe activities this summer! Thank you for your cooperation.

Don't forget to enter for a chance to win a Talley Farm Fresh Harvest Box. These boxes are filled with organic vegetables and fruits, saving you a trip to the pesky grocery store. With each towel you bring, we will give you 3 raffle tickets, bring in 2 towels and receive 6 tickets!

Our lost and found is over flowing! If yourself, or a family member has lost an article of clothing/sunglasses/head phones, make sure you ask one of our helpful front desk attendees to check our lost and found! May 4th and 5th, our lost and found will be on display on the veranda. All items not claimed by 7pm on Tuesday the 5th will be donated to Goodwill.

*New Summer Hours*

Monday – Friday: 5 am to 9 pm
Saturday: 8 am to 8:30 pm
Sunday: 8 am to 8 pm
(We reserve the right to close the club 30 minutes prior to closing time if no member is at the club)

Here are a few testimonies from the participants in the Paso Robles Sports Club Cancer Well-Fit program.

img"Paso Robles Sports Club really cares about people. Cancer Well-Fit has helped me to build strength and feel better. Julia and Kathy are amazing, they are such caring instructors. This program has encouraged me and I will tell others about it." Bob

img"Going through cancer, surgery, and treatment with all the negative side effects and pain made me feel as if my body was my enemy. For the first time in a long time, I feel like I am friends with my body again. You have taken me from patient to survivor." Pam

Tab-Aqua Boot Camp

img$59 ($89 nonmembers) for 4 weeks of Boot Camp!

May 11th- June 8th every Monday and Wednesday at 6:00-7:00 pm. No Class Memorial Day

Tab-Aqua is interval training in the pool with 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off of high intensity training. Packed full of fun with Julia Collins and Malinda Chambers as your Tab-Aqua Boot Camp Wranglers! Come join the only Tab-Aqua Boot Camp in the North County. See you there!

Call 805-239-7397 to register today!

Annual Pac 8 Boys Tennis Finals

imgat Paso Robles Sports Club May 7th & 8th

Paso Robles Sports Club will be hosting the Pac 8 Boys Tennis Final on May 7th and 8th. Please come and support the boys and watch the future of tennis in our community.

The court schedule is as follows: Thursday May 7th, courts 1-6 will be reserved from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm. Friday May 8th, courts 1, 2, 3, and 6 will be reserved from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm.


Doubles Tips for the New and Not so Old!

imgAs I played with some of our newer members in the mixed doubles on Wednesday nights that Mariano has set up, I wanted to list a few thoughts for our members early in their tennis careers and perhaps spark some old memories for us grizzled veterans to revisit. So here goes!

The Forbidden Shot
Never let a ball go down the middle of the court without someone putting a racquet on it. Anytime the ball is hit wide, both players must flow in the direction of the ball; with the hitter covering the ball and the partner playing the middle section of the court. If the opponents win the point with a great crosscourt angled shot, fine – let it go - and if they do it constantly, never play them again, because you won’t ever beat ‘em! But that shot takes a tremendous skill level and you’re much better off playing against the ball down the middle; you are in big trouble if the winning shot repeatedly goes there unmolested.

Positive Poaching!
A good poacher – when the net person cuts across the court and intercepts the opponent’s return - disrupts and puts tremendous pressure on the returner of serve. If you are not poaching enough because you have made mistakes or feel it is too hard, check your distance from the net. Most net players tend to stand too far back from the net to start the point and from this distance, it is too hard to put that poach away. When at the net, your job is to terrorize the returners and get them thinking about you. Be aggressive and go after that return. Don’t worry if you don’t succeed on every point. If you practice your timing and technique, when you poach correctly, the point is over. I ask players, "Who do you hate to play against?" Invariably they say, "That aggressive net man". Well then, doesn’t it make sense to become one?

Partner's Position Varies
One question that comes up often for newer players is, "I was told to always be side by side with my tennis partner. Is this correct?" While at times it is correct to be side by side, many times you should not be in this position with your tennis partner. You should be attacking or defending constantly and often you will not be side by side. Time and opponents determine your position relative to your tennis partner and it varies constantly. So don’t worry if you are not next to your tennis partner. The question you need to ask yourself is, "Am I in the correct position to attack or defend the opponents shot?"

Use your Air Time!
The time in doubles to improve your position on the court is when the ball is in the air. If your team is receiving the ball, you should be either moving to hit your shot or moving to attack or defend depending on the quality of your partner’s shot. Don’t stand around and be a spectator, you will enjoy the sport so much more being an active participant in the point. When moving it is important to remember that it is impossible to move correctly if you turn to watch your tennis partner hit the ball!

You tell me not to look at my tennis partner while they’re hitting, so which opponent should I look at?
The closest opponent, regardless of where they are standing, is who you look at. Both opponents by their action or non-action will tell you who is going to hit your tennis partner's shot. If you are watching the closest opponent, you will be ready to react to if they hit the shot, the more distance the ball travels to the farther player gives you more time to react. If you are watching the more distant opponent you will not have the time to react to the closest one if they hit the return.

These hints are just scratching the surface of doubles strategies, but get out there and put some into practice and watch your winning percentage rise!

See you on the courts, Gary


This May, in conjunction with the USTA, USPTA's Tennis Across America, and the Paso Robles Sports Club, is re-launching the "Try Tennis Free" campaign to get more players on the courts and into the game. Industry research shows that 65% of players who begin tennis in introductory programming continue with the sport! Last year participating facilities saw an average of 30+ new players take their courts during the month of May. Please join us on Saturday mornings at 9 am and Monday evenings at 6:30 pm for complimentary tennis fun for ALL members. During the month of May, we also welcome you to dust off your racket and hit the courts. If you are interested in finding more about our tennis offerings, please contact Mariano Parris at [email protected].

Youth Fitness at PRSC

imgAs summer is approaching, many parents are looking for ways of keeping their children physically active and fit. Here are some guidelines and suggestions.

"Children and adolescents need to participate regularly (i.e., most days of the week) in 60 minutes or more of moderate to vigorous physical activity that is developmentally appropriate, enjoyable, and varied. While aerobic activities such as swimming and bicycling are generally recommended for youth, scientific evidence and clinical impressions indicate that strength training can offer unique benefits for boys and girls provided that age appropriate training guidelines are followed.

With proper guidance and instruction, regular participation in a youth strength-training program can have favorable effects on musculoskeletal health, body composition, cardiovascular risk factors, fitness performance, and psychological well-being" - Avery D. Faigenbaum, EdD, CSCS

Young strength trainers are motivated by learning new skills, making new friends, and having fun while exercising.

Therefore, activities should center around general preparation and fitness conditioning, not sports specific practice and competition. Body weight, free weight, medicine ball exercises and plenty of play are the order of the day.

Our FitKids class (learn to move and play) is open for 5 to 9 year olds. This class is included in your membership, see schedule for summer class times. We have youth strength training and speed/agility instruction available for youth ages 7 to 18 (inquire at front desk for schedule and pricing).

Call or text me with any questions (805) 712-7769

Thank you,
Fitness Corner w/ Dr. Andre Acebo
Chiropractor and Strength Coach



New Programs at PRSC: Dolphin Program & Special Olympics Practice

We had some amazing opportunities with new programs in April. Swim Instructor Jaclyn Parson and I attended the 7th Annual Walk for Autism and Awareness Fair in San Luis Obispo on April 19th. This fun filled day of street fair and fundraising walk hosted over 700 guests. The event raised over $40,000 through the Central Coast Spectrum Center.

At PRSC, we have developed a swim lesson program specifically tailored to children with Autism and special needs.


We have lovingly nicknamed this class the Dolphin Program. Similar to our regular swim lessons, we provide exciting and fun opportunities to learn about water safety and swimming, while being aware of the individual child’s needs and sensitivities. Water therapy is a wonderful way to reach children of all ages.

Another amazing program we recently launched is our Special Olympics Athlete’s Practice, from 4:15-5:15pm on Wednesday afternoons, we meet with a group of these awesome young people to work on their swimming technique and in some cases teach the basic elements of swimming for the first time. They are a delightful group who get so much enjoyment simply from being in the water! Lead by Jaclyn Parson and assisted by me, we are reaching out to a whole other element in our community. We ARE EXCITED to see these athletes succeed! Please keep in mind we can always use additional volunteers both in and out of the water.


Other ongoing programs at PRSC

Calling all future swimmers! Swim Lesson scheduling is beginning for summer. Summer is only 1 month away. We are excited to have such excellent instructors at our Club. Working on an individual basis, in groups of two and in larger groups as we move into summer… All levels of swimmers can learn more! From infant and toddler enjoying Parent and Me class to Youth Masters Stroke Class and on into our awesome Swim Team…it’s time to sign up!

Parent and Me Swim Program: Members and guests come to participate in a fun-filled group setting where swimming and water safety are fun! This ½ hour class consists of songs, games and creating confidence in the water, and is the perfect environment for our youngest future swimmers. Our Spring Special rate continues: Members $70/8 sessions; Guests $85/8 sessions. (That’s a savings of $30!) We are wrapping up Spring Session 1 and looking to open additional timeslots. If you or your friends wish to join please call the club to sign up on our interest page. We will accommodate as many as we can! Classes will be ongoing through summer.

PARENT AND ME New Session: Begins May 4thth: Choose 2 days a week or attend all 4 days!
Monday – Thursday at 11:30am.
*New sessions opening at 10:45am-11:15am; and Saturdays at 11am
(*minimum of 3 participants to begin. Collecting interest at the front desk now! Call 805-239-7397)

imgGroup Lessons, Private and Semi Private: A great place to start is with lessons for your child and summer is fast approaching! We will be scheduling larger group lessons for children who are comfortable with a back float and putting their heads under water as summer begins. These classes are not intended for the first time swimmer. Private and Semi Privates will continue to be available throughout the Spring and into the summer months. Please contact Aquatics Director, Jodi McDowell, at [email protected] or call our Front Desk at (805) 239-7397 ext 104 to schedule your lessons. Group lessons for Youth and Adult Swim Technique classes are ongoing! Pre-registration for Spring and Summer sign-ups for Swim Lessons, Parent & Me Classes, and more coming soon!

Adult Swim Classes:

Technique Class: ($60/month for members and $80/month for guests). Please let us know if you are interested in improving your swimming or learning for the first time! Call the front desk to be added to the interest sign up sheet!

Advanced Adult Swimming: This will be an interest-based extension of the technique class. This course will allow the adult swimmer a workout-based approach, where they can come for stroke and breathing feedback while stepping through a more advanced workout, increase distance swimming and learn competitive technique where desired.

Youth Masters Class: If you have a child who has been in swim lessons but isn’t yet ready for Swim Team, we have a class for you as well. Jaclyn Parson is working with groups of children who have progressed through swim lesson sessions, but cannot yet swim 25 yards in the pool consistently, one of our requirements for our awesome Paso Robles Swim Team. If you are interested in pursuing a class like this for your child, or for more information, please contact Jaclyn Parson through the front desk or via email [email protected]


imgDoes your swimming technique need more oomph? Do you lack propulsion? Long to get a better hold and feel for the water? Everyone would love a better catch and pull technique. Not only will it make you faster, it will also make you more efficient. This is because a poor catch and pull wastes a lot of energy - get it right and you will swim at the same speed much more easily.

A good catch technique will have you caressing the water, locking on and pressing the water back behind you. Contrast this to what most swimmers do - pressing the water down at the front of the stroke rather than back. Pressing water down creates a lot of pressure on the palm because you are changing the direction of the water flow (from towards you to downwards). When you change to a good technique and start to pull the water back behind you - helping it on its way - you could well feel less pressure on the palm.

Entry Technique: As your hand enters into the water, take care to make sure it does so finger-tips first, lengthening forward in front of the same shoulder with the middle finger pointing the way to the far end of the pool. Avoid crossing over the center line, this is critical to keeping a high elbow catch and pull through later on.

As you reach forward with good body roll, make sure you do so with the palm of the hand looking at the bottom of the pool, but with the fingertips angled slightly down. This should be flexed from the wrist (not from the knuckles) we need to keep you palm flat and open, fingers closed loosely together. Avoid "putting the brakes on" by dropping the wrist and pushing forward (you'd be surprised how many swimmers do this!)

imgAt full reach and without dropping your elbow, feel like you are tipping your fingertips over the front of a barrel (again flexing at the wrist), which will start the catch. At the same time start bending the elbow and pressing back on the water with the forearm in a near-vertical position. This is what keeping your elbows high on the catch is all about. A memorable way to think about this action whilst you are swimming is to visualize a smiley face drawn on the palm of your hand. As you start the catch, tip your fingertips down and show that smiley face on your palm to the wall you just left. This is like locking your hand in place, effectively feeling-the-water. You will now be pressing the water back behind you rather than pushing it down.

Concentrate your efforts on simply pressing water back behind you with the palm of your hand still looking back behind you. Combined with good rotation, this pull through will lead to an efficient long stroke technique, but one that is not overly long. (Read more: )

Summer Camp

imgIt’s that time of year again at PRSC! Summer Sports Program for Kids 2015 sign-ups have started and camp will be held June 8th through August 21st. We have a lot of fun activities planned for the kids this year, including daily swim sessions and tennis lessons. We will also be incorporating our Fit Kids program led by Dr. Acebo during the camp week, Futsol, basketball, and much more. Our weeks will be active and fun and the kids will learn both team work and sports in a group setting. The day starts between 8 am and pick-up is between 3:30 – 4 pm. There is additional programming for your children for a fee: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday- 1.5 hour tennis clinic for $15.00 with Mariano Parris, and Tuesdays and Thursdays – Karate (ages 8-12) with Sensai Lloyd Nelson for $15.00 per day and Obstacle Agility (ages 5-7) for $15.00 per day.

Please make sure to call us early to reserve your child’s spot due to limited availability. To do so, you may stop by the front desk, call 805-239-7397, or fill out the printable registration on our website: If you have questions, please email me, Sara Dobroth, at [email protected].

Our Pricing for members will be as follows:
Daily Rate: $45.00
Weekly Rate: $180.00

Our Pricing for non-members will be as follows:
Daily Rate: $55.00
Weekly Rate: $220.00

We will also offer you a 10% sibling enrollment discount for your second child.

I am so excited for this upcoming summer and hope to see your kids here! I'll be keeping parents updated through emails about the weeks to come! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via email using the address above.

Sara Dobroth, General Manager & Summer Sports Program Directors, Maddie Berry & Hannah Paul

imgHave you tried our house made granola or a delicious sandwich on our house made Ciabatta bread? Stop by Union Café for a healthy bite!

imgIt's Taco Tuesday time! Starting May 5th, 4-6pm
$2 Tacos
$2 Coronas
$3 805 and Sierra Nevada
Call the Club and get your order in early, 805-239-7397.

Its National Physical Fitness and Sports Month! Let's get moving!

May 30th 9am-1pm

Tennis Games for all ages with Prizes!
Olympic Weightlifting Demonstrations!
Nutritious samples from our café!
Olive Oil Sampling from our friends at We Olive!
and SO much more...Schedule to follow!

This is a FREE event! Guests are FREE as well! For every guest you bring you will be entered into our raffle!