November Newsletter 2014

imgSpecial Holiday Hours:

Wednesday, November 26th: 5 am to 8 pm
Thursday, November 27th: Closed
Friday, November 28th: 8 am to 8 pm

imgHave you tried a Group Fitness Cycling Class at PRSC yet?

It is a fun, invigorating, high cardio workout for all levels!
No cycling experience needed, all levels of cyclists are welcome!
Come and check it out!!
Class Times:
Monday: 6:00 am
Wednesday: 9:00 am
Friday: 6:00 am


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Aquatics News:

imgFall Mommy and Me Classes are being offered in two and four week sessions!

Our warm pool is 85-87º year round!

Mommy and Me Class Details (yes….dads are invited):

  • 2 week program: Monday through Thursday 10:30-11am
  • 4 week Program: Tuesday and Thursday 11-11:30am
  • 8 sessions for $100 (members) or $120 (guests)

Semi Private and Private Lessons are available as well. Call to book a fall schedule that works for you!!

Swim Fun Facts: Did you know?

• The bikini swimsuit was named after a U.S. nuclear testing site in the South Pacific called Bikini Atoll.
• 65% of people in the U.S. don’t know how to swim.
• As with any other type of exercise, you need to drink water and stay hydrated while swimming. Your core body temperature can rise as the activity increases. Your body also produces sweat as it does with other physical activity, but it is not as apparent since you are already wet.

Fitness Corner with Dr. Andre Acebo

Chiropractor and Strength Coach

imgHave you heard the saying "80% of the battle is just showing up"? With fitness, this is especially true. Adherence to your exercise program is often more important than the program itself. So this month we are launching our new monthly fitness challenge.

First, let me tell you about a special person, Carey Gelos. November 14th will be two years since she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. At the age of 34, she was in great shape and made exercise a priority. Carey endured 4 months of chemotherapy, surgery, and 7 weeks of radiation helping her to be Cancer Free! She joined the club while still in treatment to help regain her strength and stamina. She has recently completed our 10-week Cancer WellFit program and now would like to take her fitness goals to the next level. Carey says, "Now, more than ever, I realize what being fit and healthy means. I have set personal goals to test my endurance, strength, and jean size. I invite everyone to challenge themselves to reach their personal goals for fitness. With healthy eating and exercise, anyone can see positive results".

Carey is such a positive role model and inspiration, that we are naming or new monthly, ongoing fitness challenge after her. The goal is to offer a program that will encourage our members to "stick with it" long enough to get the results they’re after.

Here is how it works:

  • Any member can meet with a personal trainer, at no charge, to assess their current fitness level.
  • Initial assessments will be done in small groups of 4-5 members.
  • Trainers will assess your cardio-respiratory, muscular endurance, and strength levels as well as body fat and appearance concerns and goals.
  • On the 1st Saturday of each month a trainer will be available (at no charge) to re-test or check your progress.
  • For those members that feel they need more assistance, we can offer reduced rates for private, semi-private, and package training sessions.

We are adding this service because we know that "adherence" to your program is the key to success. Don't wait for the New Year! Sign up for the "Carey Fitness Challenge" at the front desk now!

"Be the inspiration you want to see in others"


imgKids’ Club Corner:

The kids enjoyed their own special night of making vampire teeth and playing games during the Chili Cookoff!

Have you been to Kids’ Club lately? Allison, Laura, and Shelby are taking great care of the little ones allowing moms and dads to take care of themselves and get their workout in. You can even get unlimited Kids’ Club for one child for only $60 per month, $80 for 2 kids, or $100 for 3 or more kids. Our punch cards are only $75 for 30 hours…that’s only $2.50 per hour! Hours: Mon-Friday 8am-11am and 3:30pm-7pm; Saturday 8am-12pm. Give Kids’ Club a try today! All of our employees are Trustline certified and pass a background check to ensure the safety of your beautiful children!

Business Partner of the Month

imgThis month, the Paso Robles Sports Club would like to thank Bahama Bay Tans for their participation in our Membership Benefit Program by featuring them as our Business Partner for November.

Bahama Bay Tans was established in 2004 and is locally owned and operated by Paso Robles business owner Linda Martinez. Linda’s business philosophy is to provide her clients with a positive tanning experience and change the way people view tanning. Her salon offers the highest quality in tanning equipment as well as many services outside of traditional tanning beds such as the very popular Mystic Spray Tans. Mystic Spay Tans uses only 100% UV free Mystic Tanning Products to produce the best UV free tan on the market.

In addition to tanning services, Bahama Bay Tan offers waxing, Galvanic Spa Treatments, Ionic Detox Footbath, Lotions, Tattoo protection, Jewelry, Swimwear, Handbags and more.

As a Membership Business Partner, just show your club ID to receive 10% on all products and services.

Bahama Bay
1485 Creston Road
Paso Robles, CA 93446

imgMember Corner

Congratulations to Susan Atwell for completing her first half marathon at the Harvest Half Marathon Saturday, October 25th! She ran the whole way finishing in 2hrs and 13 minutes. Susan and her husband Kelly take TRX regularly and enjoy the pool with their family. Good job Susan; we are so proud of you!


Photo courtesy of Jessica Silvius Photography

On November 29th, our very own Chris Silvius and Front Desk Manager will be competing in the Lou Ferrigno NPC Competition in Santa Barbara, California! After deciding to sign up for his first competition, Chris was sidelined with shoulder surgery last year. Since then, he has dedicated himself to building the best physique he can through attention to nutrition and hours in the gym. We want to wish him our best as he continues to prepare for this major event!


A huge congratulations going out to Nycole and Nick Russell on the birth of their first child, Rylynn. She was born on August 24, 2014 and weighed 6lb 13oz and was 21” long. Mama and baby are home doing well, enjoying an extended maternity leave.

Chili Cook off

Paso Robles Sports Club had a very successful and fun night at the Chili Cook off. It was a beautiful evening with lots of wonderful chili!
Here are the top three winners of the night:

1st: Ron Seitz, 2nd: Lisa Gattuso, 3rd:  Sean Ericksen and Shelby Prescott

imgManger's Note

Dear Members,

On October 25th, Malinda Chambers hosted and taught a 1.5 hour AquaFit Master Class where all proceeds went to the Cancer WellFit program we offer at the club. Due to her diligence and inspiration, the Cancer WellFit program earned over $500! We so appreciate her dedication, and know through her hardwork, more people recovering from cancer will benefit from the program. Good job, Malinda!

Please make sure to read about Carey Gelos in this newsletter. She has been an inspiration to us all!


Sara Dobroth
General Manager

Federer’s Forehand – Good looks or good mechanics?

imgFederer’s forehand is a step above the rest on the ATP tour, but few commentators understand why. What separates Federer’s forehand from the rest of the pack is his impeccable timing and technique.

Most are quick to point out his mental toughness, but few notice that his forehand technique is actually mostly responsible for his dominance in the world of tennis.
Roger Federer is able to combine the right technical elements based on a solid foundation of world class principles to produce a modern forehand that is unmatched by his competitors.

Federer’s Eastern Grip Combined with Modern Forehand Mechanics

Federer uses a modified eastern grip, slightly between the classic old school eastern grip and the standard semi-western grip. This modified grip allows Federer to drive through the ball more and take more shots on the rise when compared to his more extreme “Western” grip counterparts.
In this pic, his right index finger knuckle is directly behind the racket!!!

In many ways, his grip is considered more conservative than others like Novak Djokovic or Andy Roddick

Unit Turn and Ball Recognition

Gone are the days of simply turning sideways and hitting off of a closed stance, or taking the racket back by moving your arm alone. In a modern forehand, players are now utilizing more angular momentum on their shots with added upper body rotation. In order to accomplish this, pro players are increasing the amount of body turn during the preparation (coming across).

As soon as Federer recognizes the incoming shot, he begins the forehand with a unit turn. The unit turn is a move where the upper and lower body turn sideways simultaneously around 45 degrees with the hips turning toward the direction of the incoming ball. This naturally brings the racket back as well, hence the term “unit turn.”(or as a block, arms attached to the body).

Federer’s Forehand Includes a Deep Shoulder Turn and Body Coil

Another element of Roger Federer’s forehand is the coiling during the preparation phase that brings his racket back and coils his upper body at the same time. This coiling works like a spring. Notice, Federer’s upper body is coiled so that part of his back is facing the net.
Federer’s Deep Shoulder Turn (turns his back to opponents).

This is a clear indication of the great amount of coil he achieves on his forehand, and unsurprisingly this element contributes a large amount of power once he swings forwards to the ball. He has more torque than any other guy on the tour.

Gravity Drop

One thing that sets Federer’s forehand apart from many of the WTA players and almost all club players is that he achieves a greater body coil than the rest. In addition, at the peak of the preparation, Federer’s racket is prepared in a way that allows him to lower the racket below the level of the ball via the help of gravity.
This serves two purposes. First, it enables a low to high swing pattern necessary to produce heavy topspin. Next, this builds fluidity into his swing, allowing him to produce a smooth downswing. He pretty much lets the racket head fall on its own, he does not force it down like lots of club players do to get spin. This makes it very natural but yet powerful.

Straight Arm and Double Bend Forehand at the Contact Point

There has been great debate in the world of tennis on the subject of Federer’s forehand and his contact point. In slow motion video, Federer sometimes uses a straight arm forehand where the racket and arm is virtually straight on contact. Other times, he uses the more traditional contact point called the “double bend” forehand. Both are common ways of hitting, however most players do just one or the other, Roger has both. He can hit a tremendous flat forehand for a winner while he can also hit a heavy ball like Rafa.
Occasionally, Federer will use a straight arm forehand, where the arm is virtually straight at contact
It is important to note, however, that contact point alone is not a cause, it’s an effect. If a proper swing occurred up to this point, the contact point should naturally come in place. Most players don’t need to consciously focus on the contact point itself.

Federer’s Windshield Wiper Forehand

Another important concept behind Roger Federer’s forehand is his follow through. The follow through is important because it shapes the arc and path of the ball once the ball leaves the racket. In the modern forehand, a relatively new follow through called the “windshield wiper” forehand follow through is now popular amongst pros and many high level players alike. This follow through is one where the racket swings across the body on the “same side” like the blades of a windshield wiper inside a car.

This type of follow through increases the rotation and spin of the shot, because the ball is virtually being “peeled” from low to high (brushing the ball) in a rapid succession using a high level of racket head speed, when compared to the classic over the shoulder follow through.

Can Roger Federer’s Forehand Be A Good Model For You?

There are many more technical elements that make up the Federer forehand, but the basics have been covered. Even though many players won’t have a chance of hitting their forehand exactly like Federer, there are still important fundamental commonalities behind his shot that can be modeled by players at all levels. So feel free to copy Roger as much as you can.

Mariano Parris
Tennis Director: cell 501-463-1321

Tips for a Successful Match

imgWe all spend a lot of our time on the court on technique and stroke production, but mental toughness can play a big part in your success on the court as well. It can help a player who is feeling out matched win. Without it, a skilled player can fall apart and lose. Next time you're on the court, follow these mental tips to help you stay calm and beat your opponent.

Use the Warm-Up Strategically

From the first shot of a match, a player has to be ready to react quickly. So before the match, take five minutes to work up a little sweat. Skip or jog around the court, shuffle, do grapevines or try butt kicks, whatever you want to get your blood going before you hit your first ball. Then spend your time diligently during warm-ups hitting ground strokes, volleys, overheads and serves, hit all the strokes you may be required to hit during the match. You don’t want to have to hit a shot at a crucial time of the match that you haven’t hit today, this week or this month yet!

Give Yourself Time to Adjust

Most players don't play the same in a warm-up as they do in a match. Be patient and give yourself a little time to adjust to their “real” game. Don’t fret if your opponent dominated the first game or two if you were tactically playing the player you saw in warm-ups. There's a long way to go in the match. Use your mental strength and toughness to pull things together to get your strategy, timing and ball hitting in synch to take back control of the match.

Focus on the Basics First

You need to get your body and head into the game before you pull out those specialty shots. Focus on your ground strokes and hitting the ball cross court about 2 to 5 feet over the net. Spin that first serve in more, return serve back in to the middle of the court. Just get and keep the ball in play! Get your body rhythm and balance in synch, which hopefully you focused on in the warm-up. Nerves and bad footwork can ruin the shot in early stages of matches so relax, breathe, focus and when you’re feeling right, go after it!

Find Weaknesses

You're a couple of games into the first set and your ground strokes and serves are getting grooved. Now it's time to pay more attention to your opponent—particularly his or her weaknesses you may have noticed in warm-up. Look to exploit the weakness with your strengths and play with wide margins of error, hit to and attack their weaker side. Force them into attempting hurried and ill-conceived shots off of your steady play.

We all love the physicality of tennis, but a strong, focused and well conceived mental plan will greatly increase our enjoyment of the game and add immeasurably to our chances of winning.

See Ya’ on the Courts, Gary