November Newsletter 2016


This Saturday, November 5th

Beer tasting with Firestone Brewery and Chili Feed 1:30pm-3:30pm



Cal Poly Pro-Am Fundraiser!

Hosted by Paso Robles Sports Club
November 5, 2016, 12 pm


Pro-Am Fundraiser for Cal Poly Men's and Women’s Tennis. For the first time Cal Poly is bringing this popular event to the North County. Members and “soon-to-be members” are invited to a unique opportunity to play doubles with and against the Cal Poly team members and coaches. Join us for a day of lively tennis; receive tips, and test your skills against some of the top D1 players in the nation. All proceeds will go towards travel and equipment expenses for the upcoming Cal Poly tennis season! Chili feed to follow play.

*Event open to ANY and ALL players regardless of age or level *

First come first serve...only 21 spots available! If you want to donate but not play… we will invite an elite-level high school tennis player to play for you.

*Call the Club NOW to reserve your SPOT!
805-239-7397 ext 103 or
email Amy Barber (PRSC Tennis Pro) at [email protected].
Cost: Recommended $200.00 donation per player (tax deductible).
All monies donated benefit Cal Poly tennis.

Fitness Corner with Dr. Andre Acebo

imgChiropractor and Strength Coach
PRSC Fitness Director

Your Health & Fitness Training Guidelines

1. Positive Mental Attitude: Decrease stress, take time to relax, choose happiness.
2. Sleep and Injury Rest: Sleep 7- 8 hours per night; our bodies heal, repair, and grow with rest.
3. Nutrition: Our body is designed for whole foods, like vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains and a protein source (including fish, chicken, turkey, beef and eggs). Water: Drink 50 to 60% of your body weight in ounces per day. 70-90% of our body is water.
4. Exercise: Weight training, 3-4 times per week. Cardiovascular training, 2-3 times per week. Focus on intense, short bouts lasting around 20 minutes. Stretch daily.
5. Maintain a healthy spine and posture. The spine is the center of all functional movement. It is prone to degenerative changes and is a primary source of pain and disability. The nervous system, which controls all other body functions, is housed within the spinal column. Chiropractic care, which includes spinal manipulation/mobilization, soft tissue work, and corrective exercises such as postural balancing and core stability training can also be very helpful.

Maintaining and improving our health and fitness is the "best medicine" and "insurance". You can’t buy it, you have to work at it, consistently, over the long haul. But you’re worth it! Call me with any questions, or if you need help with setting up an exercise plan. Our trainers can work with you one on one or with a few of your friends in a small group setting. For back pain, or postural dysfunction concerns, I'm happy to consult with you as well.
Dr. Andre Acebo D.C
Fitness Director PRSC
USA Weightlifting - Senior Coach
NASM - Corrective Exercise Specialist
CrossFit & CrossFit Kids Trainer
[email protected] or (805) 712-7769


AquaTherapy is a special small group training we will be offering with our very own Keri Keefer, Personal Trainer (NASM & Post Rehab Conditioning Specialist) and Massage Practitioner.

AquaTherapy is great for seniors, individuals with joint problems, and individuals recovering from injury or inflammation.
Starting December!
Email [email protected] for more information.

Aquatics at PRSC

Greetings Paso Robles Sports Club Members,

imgAs we wave goodbye to the hot summer months, I would like to remind you as members of Paso Robles Sports Club there are lots of Aquatic programs available to you in our very warm pools; we have fantastic Private / Semi Private Instructors for all ages provided by – Debrorah Nottenkamper, Jaclyn Hearne, Patricia Juarez, Amanda Curry, Heather Moffitt, & Amanda Wilson.

We also have awesome Aqua Aerobics each day for your daily desire to enter the water and our instructors are – Malinda Chambers, Kami Burns, Julia Collins, & Kurry Wannagat.

Did you know that Paso Robles Sports Club has a Dolphin Explorer Program available to those special needs children at an affordable rate taught by our Private/Semi Private instructors? And, Paso Robles Sports Club has the North County Aquatics Master’s Program for the adult swimmer or Swim Team for all levels and abilities. We hope even though it will be a little chilly out, you will still try one of our many aquatic programs this fall.

As we come into the colder months we wanted to remind you that, for your safety, we do not open the pools until the outdoor temperature is 40 degrees celsius or greater. The deck can get icy and therefore very slippery.


Turkey Trot Tennis Tournament at Paso Robles Sports Club
November 19, 2016, 11am

Mixed Doubles “A” (A & A-) Combined
Mixed Doubles “B” (B & B+) Combined

Each division play completed in 1 day. Double elimination format so you are guaranteed at least two matches! Format is decided upon the amount of players on each division (Round Robin or Compass Draw). Junior players are welcome to compete!
Everyone is welcome! If you need a partner we will find you one.
Cost is $10 per person ($15 for nonmembers) to play.
Winners of each flight bring home a turkey.
Lindsey’s stuffed turkey sandwiches served after play for only $5.00!
Entries close at 5 pm on Friday the 18th of November. Payment due at time of registration.
Please contact Sara Dobroth to register today at [email protected].

Back by Popular Demand! The Holiday Bazaar

Saturday, December 3rd, 2016 10:00am-3:00pm

We are looking for crafters and vendors to sell their items at the Bazaar. We will accept only one artist/crafter in each product category, so please sign up as soon as possible. Space is limited as well!

Santa will be at the Paso Robles Holiday Bazaar to purchase gifts for the Christmas Season! He will be taking photos with children and finding out what they would like for Christmas. Hot chocolate, cookies, ornament making, and a crafting station will be set up for the kids.

Children are also encouraged to sell items with their parents. Feel free to bring a pop-up tent if you would like, space outside is less limited than indoors. Event will be held outside if weather permits. Larger space allowances are available for the outside booths. You may purchase a single booth or a double booth, the prices are as follows:
- $40.00 for a 10’ wide by 6’ deep booth with table provided, $30.00 without table.
- $75.00 for a 20’ wide by 6’ deep booth with two tables provided, $60.00 without tables.

Booths must stay up for the entire length of the Bazaar, break down not to start before 3:00pm. Set up can start as early as 8:00am.

Please call or email our events coordinator Ranay with your questions, 805-239-7397 [email protected]
An event waiver must be signed to sell at the Bazaar. Thank You!

Get ready for our very first Cookie Swap!

Friday, December 16th!
Details coming soon!

Tennis at PRSC

imgHow to Hit a World Class Volley

If you are kind enough to read my articles once in a while, you may notice I typically shy away from describing and covering the technical aspects of trying hit that little yellow ball correctly. I feel those are skills are best taught and learned out on the courts. That’s where you are actively engaged in the dynamics of movement, correct body sequencing and shot making. This is where interpretive analysis – either by yourself or our teaching pros - Mariano and Amy - can best be utilized to benefit your game. That experience cannot be duplicated elsewhere and learning strokes by simply just reading somebody’s writings about how to do it is typically ineffective.

That being said, the skill I see players under appreciating, is the correct way to volley and since it’s probably the least technical skill shot we have to learn and a critical part of doubles, I’m going to give it a go. Perhaps gain a little better understanding of how to volley with these quick hints and see if your new volley technique leads you to a new level of enjoyment and higher winning percentage in your game.

The Grip
The grip of choice for the volley has generally been the continental grip (at our club’s website, you can review my September 2016 article that will go into detail about this grip). When positioned correctly, this grip is allows the face of the racquet to be slightly open at contact allowing the first move of the ball off of your strings to be up (and hopefully over the net!) on both your forehand and backhand volleys. Since 90% of missed volleys go into the net – not wide or long, you must give in and give this grip a try. This grip also eliminates the need to change grips for a forehand or backhand volley in the quick/hurried time frame when volleys are utilized.

Preparation and Hitting
Ideally in preparation for our volleys, we should set our net-ready position with the feet slightly more than shoulder-width apart, the knees flexed, your weight on the balls of the feet and utilize the split step - a small hop with both feet landing simultaneously. Generally, you should begin your split step sometime around when your opponent starts the forward motion of the racquet during their swing. The benefit of the split step move it that it engages both your feet and your mind in prepping for your volley and will have a huge beneficial impact on your volleying skills.

Ideally, the length of the volley backswing is only the distance the racquet travels while we turn our shoulders – never behind either your hitting shoulder on your forehand or non-hitting shoulder on your backhand - while you’re lining up the racquet face to the level of the incoming ball. On the forehand volley, perhaps use the imagery of your hands being loosely tied together about a foot apart to help visualize this compact, balanced, level, shoulder turn. On the backhand volley, don’t forget that added assistance can provided by the non-dominant hand on the racquet's throat, which can help position and stabilize your racquet.
The best volleyers understand the importance of moving their body forward and into the shot, allowing this movement to control the pace of the volley and not have it dictated by a wild, hurried, long back and/or a long forward swing. The only forward motion on a standard volley is the uncoiling of the shoulders back towards the ball while bringing the racquet forward to the contact point enabling you to handle and utilize the speed of the incoming ball effectively.

The general rule is to step forward with the non-dominant foot on a forehand and with the dominant foot on a backhand (give that a thought for a second or two!) as you’re moving through the ball. It usually makes sense to time the impact so that the racquet meets the ball before the racquet passes your front shoulder on the forehand (this is so you don’t hit the ball so far out “in front” that you start to collapse on your shot and drive it into the net). And typically just in front of the hitting shoulder on the backhand with that slightly open racquet face – enabling you to help control the pace and depth of your shot. (That’s why you have to turn your shoulders on your volleys and not play this shot with your body “parallel” to the net!).

By using these techniques, you should find a more, simple controlled collision of your racquet with the ball which will lessen your errors, give you more precise direction of your shot and enable you to control the net to you and your partner’s decided advantage. Most of you know I’m a big statistics guy – know this – the team/player that volleys first wins 70% of those points. THAT’S HUGE in our game!
Spend more time on upping your skill level with your volley and have your phone start ringing with players calling wanting you as their doubles partner!
See Ya’ On The Courts, Gary

Group Fitness

imgGet your little ones moving with
Kids Zumba!
Mondays at 4pm
Ages 5-11