October Newsletter 2017


Due to staff training there will be a modified Group Fitness schedule Thursday and Friday October 19th and 20th.

We appreciate your patience!

Thursday, October 19th Friday, October 20th
4 pm- Karate 6 am- Cycle
6:15 pm- Aquafit 9 am- Yoga
  10:15 am- Barre


Central Coast Women’s Tennis League October Match Days

imgTuesday, October 10th
Wednesday, October 11th
Tuesday, October 24th
Wednesday, October 25th
Tuesday, October 31th


imgHere comes Fall!
Our members and employees are LOVING our effective massage and aromatherapy treatments!

Does your body feel a little fried from all of summer’s crazy activities and weather? Taking care of our immune system and our nervous system is more important when the seasons change. Calm and cool your body with myofascial release massage and Aromatherapy: Relax your muscles, nourish your nervous system, and boost immunity with refreshing essential oils.

Want a quick treatment?
Feel refreshed, moisturized and headache-free with our 30-minute Scalp and Feet treatment!
Relieves headaches, jaw and neck pain, and is great for tired 'flip flop' feet.

We have a bunch of new treatments coming this month! From waxing to facials, and new signature aromatherapy treatments to leave you feeling fully pampered, and at very reasonable prices.

You've pushed yourself all summer to be your best, now it's time for a soothing retreat before the stress of the holidays overwhelms. You deserve it!

Call Keri Keefer, Spa Director
831.402.6632 to schedule an appointment

Or email [email protected]


Affinity Waxing

Lindsey Taylor is back! Appointments start 10/16/2017! Book your appointment now!

Women’s Services
Brows $18
The Affinity Brow $30- brow shaping and wax with fill in using powder and/or pencil
Lip $11
Brow & Lip $29
½ Arm $25 & up*
Under Arm $20 & up*
½ leg (below knee) $30 & up*
Full Leg $40 & up*
Full Leg with Bikini line $80 & up*
Bikini line (bathing suit line) $30 & up*
Brazilian $65 & up*

Men’s Treatments
Eyebrow clean up $9 - unibrow maintenance
Back $25 & up
Chest $25 & up
Bodybuilder’s prep- Contact Lindsey for a consultation

*First appointments may be priced higher. See your esthetician for details.

Fitness Corner with Dr. Andre Acebo

imgChiropractor and Strength Coach
PRSC Fitness Director

The future of Group Exercise at our club

After more than 3 years of planning, building and most of all- patiently waiting- the new fitness building is nearly complete! Now we are in the fun phase of hiring more instructors and trainers, finalizing equipment and developing new classes; including our signature "FACTORY" class.

The Factory is a full body, muscular endurance class that features functional movements, taught in a high intensity interval training style (HIIT). Participants can expect to push, pull, squat, lunge, sprint, crawl, and challenge themselves during this camaraderie-filled hour. We have allocated a large part of our budget to buy new and different pieces of equipment for this type of functional training. Along with a large, open space, indoor turf and training area, we will be able to easily accommodate 30 or more member athletes. I say athletes because that's how we train our members! Life is our sport!

We will continue to refine and add to our current class schedule. Including, next level TRX, Pilates, Kickboxing, and more.

Here's some of what our members are saying now,

"I absolutely love Pilates because it helped me strengthen my core and keeps on challenging me. It's great for every fitness level!", Doreen

"My favorite thing about TRX is that along with being a full-body workout, it also helps with coordination, because almost all the strap exercises rely on your own center of gravity to support the movement", Kasey

"Lloyd's Goju class (karate) showcases a mindfulness in self defense that will engage the entire family...His unique approach speaks to beginners and long time students", Chad

"The Factory class has been transformative for me. Although it is a challenging and competitive class, the atmosphere is extremely supportive. I've seen a tremendous improvement in my fitness and my strength. I love this class!", Angie

So, get off the couch, break away from the work grind, put the kids to bed...just find a way and get over to the club!

"Fitness is a way of life",

Dr. Andre Acebo D.C

Fitness Director PRSC
USA Weightlifting - Senior Coach
NASM - Corrective Exercise Specialist
Titleist Performance Institute Certified
CrossFit Kids Trainer
[email protected] or (805) 712-7769


Congratulations to PRSC's Competitive Weightlifting Team!


The team competed September 9th in Monrovia, California and came home with personal records and medals!
Lara Wilson finished with 134 lb Snatch and 176 Clean & Jerk (1st in her class)
Becky Daugherty finished with 80 lb Snatch and 130 Clean & Jerk (1st in her class)
Demi Onings finished with 79.2 lb Snatch and 101.2 lb Clean and Jerk (1st in her class)
Lindsey Taylor finished with 90.2 lb Snatch and 114 lb Clean & Jerk (2nd in her class)
Marcel Acebo finished with 180.4 lb Snatch and 220 lb Clean & Jerk
The team is coached by Andre "Doc" Acebo. For more information on Olympic Weightlifting and how it can help you, contact Doc at [email protected]

On The Courts!

imgDon’t Even Think About It!!
In doubles, you need to be quick in your decision making. Having some “go to” shots in a given situation helps eliminates second guessing your shot selection – poor shot selection is a major issue of losing points in our game - and allows you to become a more self-assured player, knowing these shots are the correct response 90% of the time. Sure you’ll miss some, but you can live with the misses knowing you made the right choice.

Here are some smart plays for some common situations in doubles that help keep your opponents guessing. There’s also an alternative shot choice, but, when done right and at the right time, it will also yield good results.

Set-Up: Your opponent stays back after a weak/short second serve
9 out of 10 times: Hit an approach shot deep and as close to the middle of the court as possible, while not allowing the net person to pick off the ball and “pinch” the middle of the court as you approach the net. The idea is to eliminate as much angle for your opponent’s return as possible. A crosscourt passing shot becomes extremely difficult to hit with the very little available angles while you and your partner are now both at the net. Clogging the middle a bit on our approach will also enable you to pick off most shots through the center of the court where the return will most likely be for an easy volley winner.

10th time: Rip it out wide. This will force your opponent out into the alley, rob them of time and you can put away the return winner into the spot they just vacated.

Set-Up: Your opponents are playing “one up-one back” and you get a high ball to volley
9 out of 10 times: Drill the ball at the opposing net player. Going right at your closest opponent gives them very little time to react. Even if you don’t get an outright winner on the first volley (I’m guessing you will), the typical weak reply will set you up for an even easier winning second volley. If you hit the ball back to the baseliner, they have way more time to react to your shot and have more choices of shots, no matter how well you hit it.

10th time: Hit the volley deep down the middle or angle it out wide to the baseliner. If you’re a bit out of balance or a bit late and can’t rip it at the closer opponent, going down the middle gives your opponent few options/angles for a passing shot and going out wide with a sharp angle puts them on the run for an out of synch, weak reply or may even win you the point outright.

Set-Up: Your team is stuck at the baseline and your opponents are both at the net.
9 out of 10 times: Work the middle out. With this positioning, your team is in a very defensive situation and it’s very difficult to win the point with one big shot. If you work the middle of the court, your opponents won’t have any big angles for winners. You can try to bring them together in the middle, perhaps have them guessing who should hit the shot, and then pass them or force an error hitting out wide.
10th time: Go for the alley. If you’ve played several points in this scenario and they’re cheating to the middle in anticipation of the same patterns again, to keep them honest, rip a ball down the alley or even cross court. If you make it, great! Even if you don’t, you’ll show your opponents you’re willing to try it and will certainly affect their positioning in the future – typically opening up the middle for higher percentage winners from your team later in the match.

Going with the established, high percentage shots patterns can add immeasurably to your success in doubles. Practice these shot choices, conquer the techniques to hit them well so you can feel comfortable going for them in real matches, and see your winning percentages rise up!

See Ya’ on the Courts, Gary

Free Doubles Mixer

imgoin us for Doubles Tennis &
Stay to Eat and Socialize after Play

Friday, October 20th, 6:30 pm
This is a free event

Please bring your favorite dish to share
Or our Cafe Manager, Caitlin can prepare a dish for you for just $10.00. Please email her at [email protected].

If you enjoy wine, it will be available at Happy Hour pricing. Mariano will be setting up match play.

Let us know that you are coming, call Mariano Parris at the club, 805-239-7397
or email: [email protected] 2975 Union Rd, Paso Robles, CA 93446

Fun doubles play and free guests; so please bring a guest!