October Newsletter 2018


Staff on the Move


Mariano and his family will be moving to Palo Alto! Mariano’s last day as our Tennis Director here will be the 20th of October BUT the good news is he will be around on some Sundays for lessons!
Join us Thursday, October 18th 6pm for a Tri Tip potluck on the patio! Please let Sara know if you can make it and if you would like to bring something!

We are excited to say that Amy Barber will be our acting Tennis Director. She will be assisting us to hire additional tennis pros to provide an incredible tennis experience for our members and the North County.

Mariano- this isn’t a goodbye but a see you later… You’ve brought a passion for tennis and helping people for the past 5 years at PRSC. Taking timid but interested people and making them athletes and competitive players has been a gift to watch. We will miss you, Tammy, and Makenna so much!

Sweet, loving, caring, loyal, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, LOUD, generous… a few words to describe Malinda Chambers!! Malinda is taking her talents to thrive in beautiful Centennial, Colorado at Lifetime Fitness! Malinda started at PRSC as a Zumba instructor in August of 2012. For the past 6 years you may have seen Malinda teaching, training, or greeting members.

Malinda, we have been blessed to have you in the California Athletic Clubs family for so long. While we will miss your laugh and beautiful smile here at the club, we are so proud of you and cannot wait to see what your future holds! Colorado is lucky to have you! Join us to wish Malinda a fond farewell Saturday, October 27th at 6pm for a potluck at the Factory!

Halloween Party at PRSC!


Saturday, October 27th 4:00pm-6pm

Tricks and Treats on the patio!

Come in costume!


Group Fitness

Modified Group Fitness Schedule for Halloween, Wednesday, October 31,2018!
6a Factory Effect
815a Factory Effect
915a Barre
930a Cardio Blast
1030a AquaFit
12p Tai Chi
530p TRX




Kick Boxing with Keri Keefer has moved to Wednesdays at 6:30pm!
Join us for this kick butt class in the upstairs group fitness room!


Cycle Tuesdays with Brittany Monteiro! 9:30am in the upstairs group fitness room!



Fitness Corner with Dr. Andre Acebo
Chiropractor and Strength Coach



But first some before and after photos and few words from Brooke.

The day I walked into Paso Robles Sports Club and was introduced to Keri, was the day my life changed forever. I started working with Keri about a year ago, in that year she has guided and supported me through my weight loss journey. I have lost 95 lbs and feel amazing! I owe it all to her! She made the workouts fun, challenging, and geared to my individual body. The diet plans she provided were always easy to follow and very realistic for my busy lifestyle. The best part, her constant motivating support! She is always available to answer any questions I have, and I have a lot!!! I would highly recommend her for anyone wanting to lose weight or achieve any health goals!! Did I mention she’s also my massage therapist? Keri is the best!!
Brooke H. —PRSC member

Holiday SURVIVAL GUIDE package:


* Initial assessment to set goals and navigate hurdles to ensure success = $100

* individualized food plan with supplemental workouts, access support anytime through text and email. = $100

* 8 sessions @ 2x per week with Keri

Total cost $680

Awesome for members who would like to lose weight or maintain weight throughout the holidays while navigating holiday food and travel stress.
And, you don’t have to suffer!
With creative food ideas, fun workouts, lots of support, and consistency, you CAN achieve AMAZING results!

START NOW BEFORE the holidays, and avoid the winter pudge!

Brooke started her journey in September of 2017, and look where she is today.
She lost nearly 100lbs with Keri, and SURVIVED!
Yes, living well, stronger than she’s ever been, and she made it through parties, travel, weddings, birthday cakes, and all of the other distractions and temptations that life throws at you!
You can, too!

I'd also like to mention Lindsey's food prep service is, affordable, healthy, and super tasty !!

There you have it! Give Keri and Lindsey a call today!

To your health and fitness,
Dr. Andre Acebo

Fitness Director PRSC
Strength Coach

•NASM - Corrective Exercise Specialist
•Titleist Performance Institute Certified,
Golf Fitness
•USA Weightlifting - Advanced Sports
Performance Coach
•CrossFit Kids Trainer
[email protected] or (805) 712-7769






Watch The Ball?

How Elite Tennis Players Focus On The Contact Point
Perhaps the most used/overused term in tennis and in all of sports is: “Watch the ball!” “Well, duh coach… how am I supposed to hit the ball if I don’t watch it?”

Well… a considerable amount of time and multiple studies reveals that elite players not only seem to follow the ball longer than other players but also possess a characteristic posture of the upper body: at impact, their head and eyes are turned in the direction of the hitting zone.

This 'fixation' of the contact zone is the trademark of elite players. If you’ve ever taken time to watch Federer or Nadal play, you’ll notice something dramatically different on how they “watch the ball”.

Federer and Nadal not only keep their eye on the ball up to the moment of impact, but after impact as well. Their head remains still and in the direction of the contact zone, long after the ball has left their racquet’s strings.

The most noteworthy finding of these studies was that elite players were able to maintain consistent control; a consistency illustrated by the best in the world, who keep their eyes on the ball on every shot with a significant fixation stage after impact. Federer and Nadal demonstrate that it is possible and even beneficial to play tennis with the eyes not always focused on the ball. So… watching the ball throughout its entire flight is not the visual strategy used by elite players. The studies confirm the notion about the possibility and benefits of focusing much more on the contact zone during the stroke stage of when the strings meet the ball.

The vast majority of photos in the study show players hitting with their eyes focused ahead of the ball at contact. Players were often seen to lift their eyes and pull their head up before the ball even reaches the racket, even professionals such as Clement is doing in the adjacent photo. They turn their head immediately as if they want to follow the beginning of the ball trajectory or the movement of their opponent. Typically not hitting the ball with the power, direction or consistency the elite players do.

So… next time you’re on the court, try this subtle change to your strokes and see if this strategy has a beneficial impact on your game. If the best of the best can afford to keep their eyes focused on the contact zone a bit longer and still have time to prepare for the next incoming shot coming back at the incredible speeds they hit the ball, we can certainly give it a try at the speeds we at the club hit it.

See Ya’ on the Court, Gary




Our 2018-2019 Fall/Winter Swim Team season is now registering!! Not quite ready for swim team or looking for more practice? Book one of our private lessons and or join our Masters Swim Team!

Currently North County Aquatics swim team has 56 families on our team making memories in the pool. This upcoming year, we look to continue our NCA traditions, and make new memories for all of our wonderful families, from the newest of our Duck Pond members to the most seasoned NCA veterans. We encourage all NCA members to participate in Swim Team activities regardless of level of experience, and we encourage club members to come and see the swim team making waves. Learn to swim with our supportive and fun-loving coaches, develop swimming skills with our organized practices, and/or have a blast with all the swim team members in our beautiful pool.

We are just a little over four weeks away from our annual Swim-a-thon being held on October 20th from 11:30-3:00pm. Come Join the fun! We want all club members to attend our Swim-A-Thon Swim Meet. At this event, we will have swim events for NCA swimmers, 50/50 drawing, auction items, bake sale and a hot lunch - chili dogs, chips, lemonade for only $5. All proceeds from this event will go to NCA swim team.


NCA Swim Team

Pre-Competitive Swim Team Duck Pond 2-3/ Little Dragons - Fall 2018
Register Today!

Classes meet on Monday - Thursday
Member: $80 per month (4 days per week) 2-3 days a week options available
Non-Member: $90 per month (4 days per week) 2-3 days a week options

DUCK POND 2-3 (Pre-Swim Team) AGE 4 - 8 4-4:30pm / 4:30-5:00PM
Prerequisite: Swimmers must be able to swim unassisted for ½ length of duck pond. Swimmers will learn basic swimming skills of all four strokes. Team activity skills and group swim safety is introduced. Instruction will be conducted in and out of the water.

LITTLE DRAGONS (Novice Swim Team) AGE 6 - 10 4:30-5pm
Swimmers must pass the prerequisite for swim team: *25 yards of freestyle with side breathing *25 yards of back swimming *Streamline off wall for 5 yards. This group will prepare swimmers for the competitive swim team. This class will incorporate on-deck coaching with minimal in-water instruction.

Competitive Swim Team
Must do an assessment to join the year round competitive team.
Assessments: M-Th 4:15pm, no apt. necessary

Private Lessons

We have numerous instructors open to take private lessons. Contact Heather Moffitt @ [email protected] Cell #805-286-6982 to schedule an instructor.