October Newsletter 2019

Boos and Brews


Saturday, October 26th | 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM | 21+ Only.
Join us on Saturday, October 26th for a night full of Boos and Brews.
All of your guest fees are waived, so bring your friends and dress up for a fun-filled night!
Child care is available for the night with Kid Night Out happening over at The Factory!
Doors open at 6:00 PM! Hope to see you there!
If you have any questions email Azlynne at [email protected].


Kids Night Out!


Saturday, October 26th | 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Parents! Send your kids to our Halloween themed Kids Night Out! Enjoy a night filled with dinner, crafts, costume contests, and obstacle courses. Email Azlynne at [email protected] to register!

Let us know what kinds of events you would like to see more of around the club! Email Azlynne at [email protected].



Tomorrow, October 5th, the Club will be hosting our first ever USA Weightlifting sanctioned event. If you are interested in watching our athletes, please arrive at the Factory at 9 am!



Earn free dues! Refer a new member to the club and receive a $5 credit to your account every month for the length of time the new member stays a member!

Fall Family Scavenger Hunt!


Looking for something for you and the family to do together at the Sports Club? Try our fall themed scavenger hunt! The scavenger hunt list will be posted on the 5th of October on our social media pages and printed out at the front desk!
For more information, email Azlynne at [email protected].


The Tennis Hub


We are officially transitioning out of summer and into fall, therefore, we have a few new announcements and things to look forward to. Before I do, I want to acknowledge the success of our junior tennis programs this summer as all levels grew throughout the summer on the court, with their commitment, and their attendance. We have been able to see classes grow since the beginning of school as players have found tennis to be such a fun sport. It is not too late to join in the fun, but please let me know if you plan to attend class so that we can keep our pro/student ratio optimal. With that said, we are preparing for additional growth and the hiring of a few instructors. Leanne Masterson will be the first to join our PRSC tennis staff. Leane will be joining us this fall in efforts to increase junior tennis participation. Leanne enjoys working with young children and will bring back our "10 and Under tennis games" class. This class is simply a lighthearted introduction to tennis with an emphasis on games and fun. This is not a fundamentals lesson but simply a gateway introduction to our regular junior program where we focus on developmental skills that lead to being able to play sets and matches. We will be making this class free to our members and $10 for non-members. In the past this class has been "drop in" welcome and that will no longer be the case. Each week we will be making this an RSVP only class. If you are interested in this, please contact me at [email protected]

The official start for the 10 and Under Tennis class will be October 12th.

I am very excited to announce that we are bringing back the Cal Poly Women's Tennis Team this year. On Saturday, October 26th we will be hosting the Third Annual Pro-Am and Clinic with the Women's Tennis Team. Each year the event has grown and last year had not only men and women but a large high school core in attendance. This is a fundraising event that helps our nationally recognized teams reach the next level by closing the funding gap between Cal Poly and fully funded programs such as Stanford, Cal, and UCSB. The official flyer for the event will be attached.

Next, I would like to acknowledge Gary Armadio and the job he has done by helping me renew interest in men's doubles here at PRSC. We now have a nice core of men playing and would love to add even more. If you want to get out with some of our male members to play some doubles please contact Gary Armadio at [email protected] I am hopeful that our men's program will continue to grow and that very soon we will be able to field a USTA team.

The strength of our women's program is no secret. We kicked off the new Central Coast Women's League season with 6 teams this year. We have one B, two B+, two A-, and one A Team. In short, this means we have more than 70 members competing on teams on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Most have been playing for several seasons, but it is a pleasure to welcome several new players that have taken their games from a beginners level to now actually competing on a competitive team.We will continue to update the board in the Tennis Hub area so all players can plan their hits and know when and where teams will compete.

See you all at the courts,

Four Ways To Change Up Your Serve


We've talked a great deal about the serve being the most important shot of our game and the necessity to practice it more than most of us do (especially the second serve) if we want to dominate your matches.

Changing up your service can be the critical difference and while there are many variations you can use to change up your serve, the aim is the same: keep your opponent guessing, making it harder to return the ball accurately and consistently. If you're not quite sure how to go about changing up your serve, take a gander at these four options and discover how they might improve your game.

Placement - Placement may be the most important way to mix up your serve. With good placement, you can pull your opponent wide of the court, you can jam them with a body serve or direct the serve to their weaker side, all options are capable of eliciting a shorter, weaker reply enabling you to control the point right away. If you're a doubles specialist, think about hitting your serve in the deuce court down the "T" to your right-handed opponent's backhand. Hitting an "inside out" backhand return x-court back the serve is an extremely difficult shot to pull off consistently and will usually draw an error or set up an easy poach winner for your partner off the weak return.

Speed - Being able to hit a hard serve is certainly an advantage, however recognize that speed is only a benefit if you can hit the ball in the service box on a consistent basis. If you can't hit your "big" serve in nearly 60% of the time, pull it back at bit and get it in the box. Also, work on the speed of your second serve so you aren't hitting substantially slower second serves enabling your opponent to jump all over it and put you in an immediate defensive mode. Remember, placement/consistency over speed/power is always the priority.

Spins - Now, there's flat serves, slice serves, topspin and kick serves to name a few. Trying to utilize spins can be a bit of a challenge, different spins may require slightly different toss locations and even slight modifications to your grip. The benefit of hitting different spins is it will keep your opponents off balance and difficult for them to get any sort of rhythm on your serve. Think of a baseball pitcher who has command of a fastball, curve ball, slider and a screwball in his arsenal. You don't have to become a master of them all, but experiment a bit - talk to our great pros Devin and Amy about them during your clinics and lessons - and see if you can make different spins a weapon of your own.

Location - Is a somewhat overlooked way to keep your opponents off balance, but is the simplest one to implement. Moving along the baseline to different locations enables you to create different angles that your serve will come at the receiver. For instance, standing out wider than you usually do, could give you a greater angle to pull your opponent off the court, creating a wide open space to hit your second shot into. Serving closer to the hash mark at the center of the baseline could make it easier for you to hit a down the "T" serve, helping eliminate any sharp angles of your opponent's return. This will reduce the amount of movement required to get to and hit your second shot, perhaps even allowing you time to "run around" and crush your favorite shot for a Winner!

The ultimate point of changing up your serve it to present different looks to your opponents. Even less talented players than you might start anticipating and correctly reading that same old serve of yours if you don't change it up once in a while. Give these options a try and see your if serve doesn't become a bigger weapon than it already is!

See Ya' on the Courts, Gary
USPTA Elite Professional


Submerge Yourself in the Swimming Lifestyle


Far beyond a survival skill, swimming is the premier way to build and maintain cardiovascular health in a low-impact exercise environment. Even if it's your first dip in the pool, Paso Robles Sports Club offers a variety of swimming lessons and programs for improving and perfecting your form. Build strength. Build confidence. And Build a skill that'll last a lifetime. Choose from Private to Semi Private Lessons; Group Lessons; Swim Team; Master's Programs; and Aqua Aerobics classes for all ages and abilities. We've got solutions for every age and skill level.

Learn To Swim

Our Learn to Swim programs are the perfect introduction to water safety and efficient movement in the pool. Swimming programs are available for infants through adults, because it's never too early or too late to learn to swim.

Classes for Kids

Mommy & Me — Infants learn basic water skills such as blowing bubbles, breath control and
submersion. Ages: 6 mos-3 yrs. Jacqlyn Hearne #831-884-3080 [email protected]
Private/Semi Private Lessons – 8 pack = 8 x 30 minutes. Heather Moffitt #805-286-6982
[email protected]

Private & Semi-Private Swimming Lessons
Achieve your goals faster and more efficiently with private swimming lessons. No matter your current skill level, your success is our success. Heather Moffitt 805-286-6982
Why Take Private Lessons?

  • Set Your Own Schedule — Schedule lessons around your busy life.
  • Train to Your Specific Needs — Your success is our #1 priority.
  • Reach Your Goals Faster — Advance as quickly as you're comfortable, training at your own pace.
  • Feel More Secure in the Water — You alone enjoy the support of a certified aquatics professional.
  • Share Lessons to Save Money — Lessons are more fun with a friend. Class limit: 3

Swim School through NCA Swim Team
School-age children learn fundamental swimming and water safety skills that last a lifetime. Ages:4-18 yrs. Heather Moffitt #805-286-6982 [email protected]

Stroke Refinement
Hone your swim skills for easy, efficient movement through the water. Perfect the four competitive swim strokes -- Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly. Programs available for school-aged children and adults.

North County Aquatics Swim Team
School-age children learn fundamental swimming and water safety skills that last a lifetime. Ages:4-18 yrs. Heather Moffitt 805-286-6982


Classes for Adults

Adult Swim School - Level 1 — Build confidence in the water by learning swimming fundamentals like breathing, floating and kicking. Learn freestyle and backstrokes, side breathing, correct body position and more. Heather Moffitt #805-286-6982

Adult Master's Swim - Level 2 Advanced — Monday/Wednesday 5:45pm-7pm & Tuesday/Thursday 5:30am-7:00am & some Saturdays 8am to 10am. Contact Heather Moffitt #805-286-6982

Family Aqua Fit Classes
Family Aqua Fit is a great way to be active in a fun environment with your children! Class is Thursdays at 6:00 pm

Aqua Fit
Aqua Fit is a great low-impact fitness class included with your membership! Join the class for a fun workout that will help you get stronger while causing little impact on your joints. It is especially wonderful as a cross training exercise for all of our tennis players!
Classes are available Monday through Friday at 10:30am, Tuesdays at 6:00pm, and Saturdays at 10 am. Saturday's class is a Super Class and lasts 1.5 hours.