September Newsletter 2014

img3 Shots You Need for Doubles
3 You Don't

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons that people fail in their quest to play great doubles is that they have the wrong shots.

There are certain shots I often see people trying to hit when they play doubles that are just not the best shots they could play. And maybe worse still, they spend a whole load of time (and money) trying to improve those shots.

You Don't Need a Big Serve

The biggest problem with the big fast serve is this: It reduces the time you have to get ready for the return.

Players on the receiving end of your serve get the chance to block or tee off at the ball. They retain their court position and are ready to play another shot if needed.

You Do Need a Good Spin Serve

A good spin serve does everything a hard flat serve doesn’t. It gives you more time to get in to the net or ready for the next shot (hopefully a volley).

You Don't Need Big Topspin Ground Strokes

This is a funny one because this is a shot you definitely need for singles.

But for doubles, the concept of hitting high looping shots from the back of the court is a no-no. Here's why: Shots traveling deep to the back of the court with topspin become a nice easy volley either for the opposite net player, who can poach it, or for the oncoming volleyer.

You Do Need to Chip and Charge

Having a slice shot on both wings (especially the backhand) will prove invaluable. You can play a slice without rotating your upper body, which does several great things for you.

It means you can deal with a fast oncoming ball in less time (no rotation needed). You can also play it while moving forward (again no rotation needed), so getting to the net quicker becomes easier.

You Don't Need to Overpower the Overheads

It shouldn't take you long to realize that many of the people that frequently lob are, in fact, very good at returning the flat smash. They do it because they are good at it and because they know you will try to over hit and often miss. The best strategy here is to take your time, get ready and turn sideways, and always follow through.

You Do Need to Place the Overhead

When you are faced with a lob and your opponents are at the baseline waiting for your return, what you need is a slice or angled overhead landing inside the service line.

It really is just a matter of solid tennis strategy, intelligent play and knowing what to do….and not trying too hard.

I would love to teach you more about the game of tennis. Call me, Tennis Director Mariano Parris, at 805-239-7397 or email me at [email protected]

Eat up!

imgSince the skin is the largest organ in the body it would be affected by what we eat, right? Just like any other organ! So why not eat foods that benefit us? Let's be honest, we all probably need a little more of these items in our life anyhow. ;)

For Dry Skin (Eczema prone):

Omega-3 Essential Fats…Yes, there is such a thing as good fat. This isn't 1982, put the non-fat yogurt and Tab away. Foods high in Omega-3 like Salmon, Tuna, Mackrel, nuts and seeds are perfect for you. Also, make sure to drink lots of water. A good rule is to divide your body weight (lbs) in half to calculate the total number of ounces you need to drink every day. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, you should drink 75 ounces of water a day.

For Wrinkle Prevention and Aging skin:

Vitamin C is crucial for collagen reproduction! Collagen is the stuff that fills those lines! So to naturally replace collagen, foods like peppers, oranges, dark greens, berries and potatoes (with the skins- without the sour cream and bacon ;)) are all high in vitamin C.

Oily Skin:

Since your sebaceous glands (fancy term for oil glands) are over active you want to counter act it and not feed them. Avoiding processed foods and deep fried would be number one. Number two, sugar and dairy. Add more raw veggies and fruits like cucumbers, grapefruits and greens. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water! Also, make sure whatever topical products you are do not contain have alcohol. You think you are helping by applying the products, but all you are achieving is drying out your skin which sends a signal to your sebaceous glands (now you know what those are!) to make more oil. Such a vicious cycle!
Mangia, mangia!
Lindsey Taylor, Esthetician

Fitness Corner with Dr. Andre Acebo

imgChiropractor & Strength Coach
PRSC Fitness Director

As kids are going back to school, I am sure we'll see many of you returning to the gym. I thought we should take the time to go over some basic training principles; specificity, overload, and progression.

This concept has to do with "you get what you train for". It's important to know your goals and how to achieve them. For example, you won't build muscle on the treadmill, and muscle is the key to fat loss! If you're a woman who is worried about building too much muscle, you're not alone, but the fact is it is extremely difficult to do. Not lifting heavy weights for fear of getting too manly is like not learning to drive for fear of being a NASCAR driver! Getting in shape means shaping your body. Along with our skeletal structure, it is our muscles that give us our shape...and you can't shape what you don't have!

This concept has to do with training at a greater intensity than you’re accustomed to. There are several ways to increase intensity. You can increase opportunity for overload by adding resistance, doing more sets, increasing repetitions, decreasing rest periods, or increase training frequency. Also adding more exercises, especially complex multi-joint movements or any combination of the above training variables can produce overload.

This concept is what allows for long-term training benefits. The key to progression is having your workouts be systematic and gradual. Remember, there are only three responses to training: no improvement, improvement, or injury!

With balanced goals, careful program design, proper lifting form, and consistency, you can achieve your fitness aspirations. Oh, and don't forget "abs are made in the kitchen!"

Please feel free to contact me with any of your fitness, postural, or rehabilitation needs. My cell phone is 805-712-7769 or email is [email protected]

Serving you,

Cafe News


September is here, along with school, crazy schedules, and sports. Being a Talley Farms distribution site eliminates one extra stop. Did you know we have a weekly raffle for a Talley Farms produce box? Drop your name in by Thursday evening. We draw a winner every Friday morning. Once you try their produce, you’ll wonder why you didn’t sign up sooner!

Looking for a healthy chocolately snack? Try our in-house Date Nut Bars. Guilt-free indulgence!

Healthy Eating,
Terry Acebo
Cafe Manager

3 Attack Shots We All Should Use

imgAs Roger Federer completes his successful summer run with his new efficient attacking game, I thought it might be fun to investigate how to catch an opponent off guard and win some easy points using similar methods. These attacks are effective, because they happen so quickly. The speed makes it difficult for your opponent to respond to the shot. Your opponent will have much less time to react and may not be ready to defend your offensive position.

These tactics can provide big benefits for your game:

Attack 1: This attack works best for baseliners, which most people are these days. Try mixing in the serve and volley play every once in a while. This works great because your opponent might be getting a little lazy on the return of serve just pushing it back into play knowing you’re camped out on the baseline. This is your signal to start sneaking in a serve-and-volley play. This is a good way to catch your opponent off guard and walk away with an easy point. By the time they realize you came to the net to hit a volley, it's too late for them to do anything about it.

Attack 2: Another way you can effectively attack your opponent is to sneak into the net when they are chasing a deep ground stroke back into the corner. Your opponent has had to hustle to the corner and possibly take a few steps back to hit the ball since it was hit so deep. You should come to the net as they move to the ball. Many times they don't even notice you have moved forward. Since your opponent probably will have to hit a weak defensive ground stroke as a reply, you can knock the ball into the open court with an easy volley winner. Try hitting this shot with heavy topspin to the backhand side (or their weaker side). As soon as you realize you’ve executed a good, deep shot, close into the net quickly.

Attack 3: In an era where baseline tennis is dominating; the drop shot can be an effective attack. The drop shot might not sound like an attack. But remember, it's all about catching your opponent off guard and surprising them with an unexpected shot. The drop shot becomes painfully effective against tennis players who like to stand behind the baseline to hit most of their shots. If you catch your opponent far back and they hit a fairly short shot make them pay with a good drop shot. When they're far behind the baseline, they have further to travel to get to a drop shot and most club players are comfortable moving side to side along the baseline, but not nearly as much running towards the net.

These tactics are especially effective for those who play most of your games from the baseline. Attacking your opponent when they least expect is a huge advantage. If Federer can change his game at the ripe old age of 33 and tail end of his career, that should give us all hope we too can give our game a little updating and help ourselves become better all-around players.

See Ya’ on the Courts, Gary


Referral Special for September

imgRefer a friend during the month of September, and we will credit your club account $50.00! Please make sure to have them tell us you had referred them to the club. Also, if you have a friend or family member who has never experienced Paso Robles Sports Club, please email Sara Dobroth, at [email protected], and she will personally invite them to experience a complimentary week at the club!


Message from the General Manager

Dear Members,
Thank you for choosing the Paso Robles Sports Club for your fitness needs! Your Club staff looks forward to helping you create a strategy to get your workouts in!

I would like to announce Jodi McDowell has accepted the position of Aquatics Director for the club. She comes with a great health club background, has a passion for kids, swimming, and fitness. She looks forward to building a healthy aquatics program where the safety of your children and the happiness of our members are her top priority. If you would like more information about our year-round swim lesson programming, please contact Jodi at [email protected] or 805-239-7397. We are blessed to have her join our management team!

In Good Health!
Sara Dobroth
General Manager

Paso Robles Bearcats Girls Tennis

imgDue to construction at the Paso Robles High School, we have been asked to host both the Varsity and JV Girl’s Tennis home matches at our club. Please come and watch the action as our Bearcat girls attempt to go undefeated! The matches will be played at 3:30 - 6 pm on the following days:
September 16th: Varsity vs. San Luis Obispo High School
September 18th: Junior Varsity vs. St. Joseph
September 23rd: Junior Varsity vs. Arroyo Grande High School
September 25th: Varsity vs. Mission Prep
September 30th: Junior Varsity vs. Pioneer Valley
October 2nd: Varsity vs. Righetti High School
October 7th: Varsity vs. Atascadero High School
October 9th: Junior Varsity vs. San Luis Obispo High School
October 14th: Varsity vs. St. Joseph High School
October 16th: Varsity vs. Arroyo Grande High School
October 21st: Junior Varsity vs. Mission Prep High School
October 23rd: Varsity vs. Pioneer Valley High School

Women’s Tennis League 

imgThe following days in September, we will be hosting our Central Coast Women’s Tennis League matches on courts 3, 4, 5, and 6 between 8:30 am and approximately 11 am:
Wednesday, September 24th
Tuesday, September 9th
Tuesday, September 30th
Come out and support our women’s leagues teams!