September Newsletter 2018


Meal Prep


Whether you want a balanced, ready-to-go, portion controlled meal or a macro specific meal prep, we have it all! A la carte options and ready-to-blend smoothie packs are available as well!

Email Lindsey at [email protected] for more information!

*Tilapia, Broccoli, and Etto Pasta
*Curried Lentils, Lemony Kale, and Roasted Sweet Potatoes
*White Bean Chicken Chili


Join us for the

Albert C Steele Memorial Scholarship Tennis Tournament

at Paso Robles Sports Club!
When: September 22, 2018
Time: 8:30 am warm-up, 9 am play starts
Cost: Suggested donation of $50 per player. Includes play, t-shirt, lunch, snacks, prizes

50/50 Raffle and Silent Auction

Sign up by calling: 805-239-7397 or visit the Club (please indicate shirt size when registering)

Fitness Corner with Dr. Andre Acebo

Chiropractor and Strength Coach

Factory-Fat Loss Challenge

This is an 8 week competition with plenty of support!
CASH prizes to the Top 2 finishers and a credit to your club account for 3rd place!
The cost of this awesome is only $199 ($20 of which is the "buy-in" to the "Winners Pot")
Cost of the program includes:

  • Individualized, daily macro-nutrient and caloric needs assessment.
  • Maximum, safe, fat loss amount determined.
  • Weekly Check-ins, Measuring Weight, Circumference & Body Fat %.
  • Individualized 8 week, 5 days/week workout plan.
  • Weekly Email... Nutrition videos, blogs, articles.
  • Facebook Group Support

Optional Support Services include...
Meal Prep Service (Lindsay Taylor, Cafe Director)
Personalized dietary assistance
Personal Training also available
(The above services costs and availability may vary, see me for details)

Initial weigh-ins from Sept. 17th thru 23rd.
Starts Sept. 24th...
Final weigh-ins on Sept 19th & 20th (Details of winning criteria to follow)

The current "World Cup Fat Loss Competition", which is coming to an end in early September, has nearly $400 in prize money!

Don't delay, sign-up starts with a quick text or email to me!!

To your health and fitness,
Dr. Andre Acebo

Fitness Director PRSC
Strength Coach

•NASM - Corrective Exercise Specialist
•Titleist Performance Institute Certified,
Golf Fitness
•USA Weightlifting - Advanced Sports
Performance Coach •CrossFit Kids Trainer [email protected] or (805) 712-7769

Spa & Therapy


Member appreciation sale!

Take 15% off all spa menu items over $20 during October! Excludes packages, gift
certificates and add-ons.

October Sale

We all deserve a little appreciation!

Book your spa or therapy session for the month of October and receive 15% off of any spa menu item over $20. Indulge in a relaxing massage, pampering facial or a body wax treatment. Treat a friend who’s not a member! Yes! Even non-members can enjoy this special offer! Non- members also receive a full access day pass on the day of their treatment, too! Tell a friend-- they’ll thank you for it!

Certain exclusions apply. Offer not good for any menu item under $20. Packages, add-ons and gift certificates are also not included in this special. Offer only valid during October 2018.

Call Or email Keri Keefer, Spa Director to book your appointment today!
[email protected] or 831.402.6632
Book now to be sure you get in on this sweet deal!



Brow $9/$18/$30
Lip: $11
Brow and lip: $27
½ arm: $25 and up
Under arm: $20 and up
½ leg: $30 and up
Full leg: $40 and up
Full leg with bikini: $80 and up
Bikini line: $30 and up
Brazilian: $65 and up
Back: $25 and up
Chest: $25 and up
Body-builders prep: (by consult)

* Full Face $$65 and up
* Jr Face $35

*EXPRESS FACIAL             ~ $40

30 MIN/ $50 *SCALP AND FEET / $50
60 MIN/ $75 *3 PACK OF 60 MIN MASSAGES/ $202.50
90 MIN/ $100


Tennis Corner

Looking for a tennis racket?

Let me help you! And before you wonder, I don’t make any commission with Tennis Warehouse. You can trust my opinion because it is neutral as I have your best interest in mind.

I'm writing this because there are quite a few members who buy a racket and end up unhappy and stuck with it. I can help you through the process by giving you a list of rackets appropriate for your game, and you can take a set of 4 rackets from Tennis Warehouse and try them out for a week. I can watch you play, you can use them in practice matches and, if needed, borrow at no cost another set of 4 rackets and keep learning what the best racket is for you. Obviously, choosing a racket goes beyond the color; it is relative to weight, head and grip size, string, and string tension. Sometimes using a demo racket with the wrong type of strings and the wrong grip size can make you feel like is a bad racket for you, but it might not be. It's hard finding a demo racket that has the exact specification for your game. I’m happy to help you find the one. For a lot of people finding the correct racket is so important that they will never want to change rackets again, which is often good because rackets don’t get old and last a long time. However, after 10 years there is a good chance that there might be a new racket for you, similar but a little better for you, because as we age our games change.

There are rackets that promote our games toward more top spin; in fact there are some that have a more open string pattern (15 mains by 19 crosses) that create more bite on the ball and give your shots a lot more spin. However, if you hit flat it will make your ball fly a long way too. Some rackets are geared towards flat hitters because they have a thin frame and create more drive through the ball. Also, they have a closed string pattern (18x20) where the squares on the strings are very small making you feel like your racket is a wooden board. Light rackets will give you more racket head speed and could give the right person more spin, but a heavier racket could help you hit a harder shot and a heavier ball. A heavy ball is combination of spin and speed.

There’s a misconception, or actually quite a few of them...
Let’s visit some:

  • “A light racket is good for my tennis elbow”- Totally not true. The right racket could be or should be actually heavier than the one you got tennis elbow with. Obviously the racket that is too heavy for you can also cause injuries just as much as a light one would.
  • “Stringing with natural gut or synthetic strings can help my tennis elbow”- Well, yes just as long as you lower your tension. I see a lot of players switch from Polyester strings to softer strings but raise the tension and wind up making the impact harder on their inflamed tendons.
  • “A smaller grip will help my tennis elbow”- Not really, actually the smaller the grip the more it allows you bend your wrist and inflame the tendons further. The bigger the grip the more firmness it will provide as long as the grip is not too big.

There is a lot of marketing when it comes to tennis rackets, but the truth is that rackets have been the same for the last 20 years. Very little has changed, and all rackets are pretty much made out of the same materials. Rackets might have a silver or titanium color to them but the truth is, they never had any. About 20 years ago a racket came out with a microchip attached to the throat that was supposed to control the flexibility of the racket. It costs $450, and I personally saw the chip fall out; it was just a sticker glued to the racket, but it was advertised as an intelligent racket.

Nowadays, Roger Federer’s racket retails for $269 plus tax, and it’s exactly like the one Chris Evert used in 1984 and the one Sampras used his whole career. The only difference is that the new racket is a 97’ square inch head and the old one was an 85’ square inch head. Other than that, it is the exact same racket, probably made by the same machine. It's hard to justify the new price. The racket is fantastic but there are very few people capable of playing with because is super heavy. The cool thing is that it is very close to the actual racket Federer uses.

Currently, Nadal’s racket is also similar to the one they sell and that makes it available for anyone to get a good feel of what is like to play with a pro racket. Professional players customize the weight by adding it to the racket, and they change to a custom grip size. The good thing is the fact that Rafa’s racket suits a broad range of players even though it is heavy, and Roger’s racket is unplayable to a lot of people.

Come talk to me, share with me in which direction do you want your tennis game to go to and I`ll make sure I assist you finding a racket you will be happy playing with for a long time and that will take your game to the next level.
Mariano Parris
Tennis Director
Paso Robles Sports Club
501-463-1321 cell
[email protected]

How Lifting the Ball Improves Your Consistency

Do you hit lots of forehands or backhands into the net or leave them short in your opponent’s court? If that’s the case, you may have a misunderstanding of your groundstrokes. You may be imagining and trying to hit a horizontal shot off your racket and looking to just barely clear the net. The actual foundation of a good groundstroke is a higher shot with good net clearance, from which we work our way down to our desired height.

Why Aiming Low Is Not A Good Idea
The reason you’re hitting the balls very low and imagining an almost horizontal shot is because you think those are good shots. They’re not – except perhaps when you really want to attack on a short ball and take time away from your opponent. The reason why low shots are not a good idea is very simple – you margin of error is too small – especially from where most of us play the game – at or slightly inside the baseline. You’re going to hit the net way too often. Even if you don’t, lots of your shots will land short and then bounce right into the strike zone of your opponent. You will cause much more pressure to your opponent by looking to hit a deep ball with some moderate pace rather than looking to hit very fast shots that land short. Even the pros play quite high over the net on rally balls – Djokovich and Nadal are great examples that show it is nearly impossible to consistently master hitting very low over the net at high speed – otherwise, someone would have figured it out by now.

Hitting long and hitting in the net obviously both result in you losing the point, but hitting long is a much better mistake in the long term than hitting in the net. That’s because you are much closer to the target that you were aiming at when you hit long than when you hit into the net. The result is that you get good feedback on how to adjust for the next shot or point since you will be much closer to your target when hitting high and even slightly long. If you hit into the net you could be 30-35 feet short from the target.

How to Develop a Lifting Element in Your Groundstrokes
Perhaps using this simple but effective technique will help you develop the habit of “lifting” the ball over the net. It’s called “riding the ball”. It goes like this: while hitting your groundstrokes, as the incoming shot drops to the court and bounces in front of you, you lower your hips, bend your knees and drop down slightly with the bounce and “shadow” the flight of the incoming ball; as it bounces up, you again “shadow” the flight of the ball and rise up with the bounce as you prepare to strike it. This simple movement will engage your legs more dynamically which helps lift the ball over the net. When you create that greater clearance over the net, additionally you will develop more depth on your shot and an extra benefit will be, because you’re utilizing your larger and stronger muscle groups in your legs more to lift the ball you can experience much more controllable power (and we all want that!).

So… remember, you may need to change your shot strategy a little and start working your way down from a higher ball, say 6-8 feet above the net, instead of working our way up from a nearly horizontal shot that barely clears the net. If you start with high shots above the net and work your way down you will naturally implement a “lifting” element into your swings and that will give you that extra consistency even when you decide to play lower and faster when the opportunity arises.

See Ya’ On The Courts,
(If you’re so inclined, take a peek at this link to You Tube Video about “lifting the ball”)




Submerge Yourself in the Swimming Lifestyle.

Far beyond a survival skill, swimming is the premier way to build and maintain cardiovascular health in a low-impact exercise environment. Even if it's your first dip in the pool, Paso Robles Sports Club offers a variety of swimming lessons and programs for improving and perfecting your form. Build strength. Build confidence. Build a skill that'll last a lifetime. Choose from Private to Semi Private Lessons; Group Lessons; Swim Team; Master’s Programs; and Aqua Aerobics classes for all ages and abilities. We've got solutions for every age and skill level.

Learn To Swim

Our Learn to Swim programs are the perfect introduction to water safety and efficient movement in the pool. Swimming programs are available for infants through adults, because it's never too early or too late to learn to swim.


Classes for Kids

Mommy & Me — Infants learn basic water skills such as blowing bubbles, breath control and submersion. Ages: 6 mos-3 yrs. Jacqlyn Hearne #831-884-3080 [email protected]
Private/Semi Private Lessons – 8 pack = 8 x 30 minutes. Heather Moffitt #805-286-6982 [email protected]


Private & Semi-Private Swimming Lessons

Achieve your goals faster and more efficiently with private swimming lessons. No matter your current skill level, your success is our success. Heather Moffitt 805-286-6982

Why Take Private Lessons?

  • Set Your Own Schedule — Schedule lessons around your busy life.
  • Train to Your Specific Needs — Your success is our #1 priority.
  • Reach Your Goals Faster — Advance as quickly as you're comfortable, training at your own pace.
  • Feel More Secure in the Water — You alone enjoy the support of a certified aquatics professional.
  • Share Lessons to Save Money — Lessons are more fun with a friend. Class limit: 3

Swim School through NCA Swim Team— School-age children learn fundamental swimming and water safety skills that last a lifetime. Ages:4-18 yrs. Heather Moffitt #805-286-6982 [email protected]

Stroke Refinement

Hone your swim skills for easy, efficient movement through the water. Perfect the four competitive swim strokes -- Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly. Programs available for school-aged children and adults.

North County Aquatics Swim Team— School-age children learn fundamental swimming and water safety skills that last a lifetime. Ages:4-18 yrs. Heather Moffitt 805-286-6982

Classes for Adults

Adult Swim School - Level 1 — Build confidence in the water by learning swimming fundamentals like breathing, floating and kicking. Learn freestyle and backstrokes, side breathing, correct body position and more. Heather Moffitt #805-286-6982
Adult Master’s Swim - Level 2 & Advanced — Monday/Wednesday 5:45pm-7pm & Tuesday/Thursday 5:30am-7:00am & some Saturdays 8am to 10am. Contact Heather Moffitt #805-286-6982

Family Aqua Fit Classes

Family AquaFit is a great way to be active in a fun environment with your children!

Class is Thursdays at 6:00 pm


Aqua Fit

Aqua Fit is a great low-impact fitness class included with your membership! Join the class for a fun workout that will help you get stronger while causing little impact on your joints. It is especially wonderful as a cross training exercise for all of our tennis players!

Classes are available Monday through Friday at 10:30am, Tuesdays at 6:00 pm, and Saturdays at 10 am. Saturday’s class is a Super Class and lasts 1.5 hours.

Pool Hours

Monday - Friday
5:00 am – 9:00 pm (Busiest Time Frames: 4 pm-6:15 pm )
8:00 am - 8:30 pm (Busiest Time Frames: 8 am to 12 pm)
8:00 am - 7:00 pm